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Best Laptops Under 40,000Rs In India

There are a variety of laptop designs and models available in the market. Most of the people might get confused seeing multiple models in the market and finally will decide on a product that will appeal to them the most, based on design. But in reality, the design is not the major factor while purchasing a laptop. So read the passage below to understand more and make the right choice while purchasing.

There are a variety of models and designs available in the market. Initially, people used to have a dilemma to choose between a computer and a laptop. But nowadays, a majority of people have stopped using computers, and they have been using laptops on a wide range because of their portability and various other features. But choosing a laptop is not an easy choice. There are a variety of features that need to be included while choosing a laptop. One of the most important features is choosing the proper internal parts like processor, storage, and display.

So before choosing a laptop, it is essential for you to understand these features as they are the heart and the brain of the laptop. A laptop is like a computer. Most people look at the outer design and other extra features like Touchpad, thumbprint opening, and screen display while purchasing a laptop, but they are not as important as the internal configuration. So to understand more about the internal configuration, read the passage given below. Even though the laptop is a product of software engineers, it is still used by normal people, and hence understanding the concepts will allow you to make the wise choice for your company or individual usage. Sometimes understanding your requirement and the internal configuration of the laptop will allow you to save a lot of money. Now let us see about this internal setup.

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As the price of the laptop increases, you will find more models belonging to top brands. Purchasing a laptop from a well-known brand will allow you to establish enormous confidence in the laptop’s quality. While purchasing a laptop the brand is important as you will have constant service from that particular brand when there is a problem. Also, the warranty of the laptop will act as insurance and maintain the quality of the laptop. At 40,000, you will have many models, but you also find that these branded laptops have an increased price difference when compared to other non branded laptops with the same features. In such situations, you will be tempted to choose a laptop model of the low brand but be assured that the quality will not last forever. So despite the price difference, purchase a branded laptop with amazing features.


The most important concept that needs to be noted while purchasing a laptop is storage.  The storage is important for an efficient laptop, especially if it concerns the concept of applications. When you install an application, the details of the application and its administrative details will be stored in the permanent storage or disk drive. There are two types of storage devices available in the market. One is the temporary storage device called the Random Access Memory or RAM.  Both storage memories are essential for the proper running of a laptop. Even if any of these storage devices is full, then the speed of the laptop will be reduced. The function of certain applications will also be interrupted when there is not enough storage space available.

RAM Storage

When you are purchasing a laptop, make sure it has a good Random Access Memory, so you can experience good speed among the applications. Temporary memory stores the running details of the application until it stops or until the laptop is switched off.  For proper functioning of the applications, it is required for you to have a RAM memory of at least 4GB. If you are purchasing the laptop for installing certain advanced applications, then it is essential to have a RAM memory of at least 8  to 16 GB.  Most of the laptops available at a price range of rupees 40000 will have a good RAM memory of at least 4 GB. You can also purchase laptops with advanced storage space like 8  to 16 GB.

Disk drive

While RAM takes care of the temporary memory, the permanent memory is taken care of by the disc drives. They are mainly used for storing the information permanently. From the operating system to the smallest application present in a new laptop, every single detail that is required for running the application will be stored in the disk drive. There are two types of disk drives available in the market. One is the solid-state drive, and the other is the hard disk drive. The solid-state drive is simple and accessing the information from this disk is easy as the information is stored in the form of flash memory bits. The information can be retrieved easily with no waste of time. If you are purchasing a laptop with a good SSD, then the best option would be to choose a model with a storage capacity of 500 GB. The SSD can last for a lifetime and your data will be safe as it is strong.

If you are planning to purchase a hard disk drive, then go for a model with the memory of 1TB or more. The hard disk drive takes more time to process the command and extract the data when compared to the SSD. Also, they require proper protection on even the size so that even when the laptop is damaged the information stored isn’t deleted. But technically this drive is weaker than the SSD. If you are looking forward to purchasing a laptop for hacking and other programming purposes, then having an SSD drive will be more useful. When you are purchasing a laptop of the price range of 40000, you will be able to choose between the SSD or HDD. You will have laptops with 500 GB of SSD or laptops with 1TB of HDD. So make a wise choice according to your requirement.


A processor is responsible for all the activities that take place within a laptop. From saving a simple file to hacking, all the activities should pass through the processor before they are performed.  The processor is an important part of the computer. Without it, it is impossible for the computer to perform any activity. There are a variety of processors available in the market. Depending upon the price range and model you are choosing, you will be provided with a processor. If the budget is low, you will be offered a basic Intel Pentium based processor and if it is a decent budget, you will have the eligibility to use laptops with advanced Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. The basic processor does not have multiple cores and hence they perform a slow activity and the response time taken will be slower than the others. But when you use an advanced model i3 or i7 Processor, then you see that it can withstand heavy applications and functioning. Also, these processors have an advanced feature of multiple cores. So now if you have multiple programs running at the same time, you can divide the workload into two different Cores and process the output sooner. When you are purchasing a laptop for 40000 rupees, you will be offered with some Hi-Tech processors like core i3 or i5 processor.

Graphics card

The next important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a laptop is the graphics card. The graphics card converts the codes and binary equations within the computer into an image form so that they can be displayed on the screen. The graphic cards convert, but they have nothing to do with the clarity of the screen. So while purchasing a laptop make sure that the screen has high-quality HD resolution and integrated graphics card. These integrated cards are more than enough for normal purposes, but if you are performing video or audio related activities with the computer or laptop, then you might be required to purchase an extra graphics card like NVIDIA and AMD. Most of these cards have a 2GB memory and they can be used for providing simple information on the screen with no interaction. They also make sure that the conversation is fast so that you do not have to wait for the processing time. Most of the laptops that come within the price range of 40,000 will have a graphics card. If you want an extra card you can purchase it separately and attach it or you can purchase a laptop model with the attached card.

Screen resolution

When you purchase a laptop for a budget of 40000 you will. One of the most important things that every common man will expect is to have an empty screen with good size. Most of the laptops in this budget will have a good screen size from 13 to 15 inches and resolving the laptops is always of HD quality. Along with that, make sure you can adjust the color and brightness of the laptop. Screen resolution plays an important role during the laptop purchase.


The next important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a laptop is the size of the battery. While purchasing a laptop, make sure that the battery absorbs low power and recharges quickly. This will save you a lot of time and the battery should also last for at least 8 to 10 hours so you can take the laptop away for meetings without carrying the battery around. The battery should also be of high quality and should not break down in the middle of the usage.  The wire quality should also be good, and they should be properly insulated. Most of the batteries that come for the price range of 40000 will have good backup and will last up to 10 hours. Some models come with a supercharged battery that will allow you to charge at least 60% within the first 30 minutes of charging.

The keyboard within the laptop should be ergonomically placed and the keys like shift, control, alt, and enter are placed in a selected pattern so that it is easier to control. The ports present in the laptop should connect to various external storage devices like pen drives and hard disks. The laptop should also have a pre-installed rating system version. Also, the laptop should have a proper slot for connecting the headphones and the web camera should be clear with a good pixel rating. Most of these external options are given in abundance for the laptops that cost rupees 40000 and above.

There are a variety of models and designs that are available in the market for the price of rupees 40000. But before choosing them you must have done complete research about the models and how they will be useful for you. It is also  better to understand the customer reviews given on certain websites so that you know about the issues with that product before purchasing it. The best websites to learn about the features of a particular laptop and look at their customer reviews are online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can compare the features of the laptop and then purchase them in the online portal medium itself. You can also select a particular model from the online website and purchase it directly from the shop. Given below are some designs available in the market that have a huge appreciation from the customers. If you are interested, you can purchase them or you can select your own laptop.