Best Bluetooth Earphones, Earbuds in India (Wireless) – Buyer’s Guide!

There are a variety of earpod models available in the market. Before choosing a perfect design, you must make a comparison between the features. So before comparing these features, understanding the concept is necessary. So read below to understand in detail.

There are a variety of earphones and earpods available in the market. Most people nowadays prefer wearing the wireless technology-based product because it allows them to perform multiple jobs simultaneously before worrying about the primary device like the mobile phone or laptop. They are easier to carry around, and they can be easily stored in a small box. When it comes to wireless technology, there are two models available: one will be the headphones and the other model is the earpieces or pods that are more famous among the youngsters these days. The headphones are used for a compelling musical application, but they are still more extensive, and carrying them around is a bit difficult. But AirPods and other earpieces are easy to carry around, and they also can provide clear sounds. Even though they are based upon available Technology designs, they still can cancel the external noise effectively. People exposed to high levels of external noise like the DJ and other professional musicians will go for the closed designs for effective noise cancellation. If you are a jogger or an active exerciser, you will understand these products’ requirements in detail. The professionals also use them for talking efficiently on calls with the people. They are also used while traveling in a car or while working in the office. This type of earpieces is widely used in the call centers, especially those with an efficient microphone. Before purchasing this product, you must understand their requirements and what features need to be considered before making a final decision. 

Our Top Pick Bluetooth Earbuds In India

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Boult Audio AirBass Propods True Wireless in-Ear Earphones 

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic (Black)

CRAYOTALK Mini K1 Universal Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece

Redmi Earbuds S 


When it comes to the concept of an earpiece, there are many products available at varying prices. So before purchasing the product, designed on a budget because they are available for both low and high prices, price increases the quality of the sound produced, and the brand will also be improved. The high priced products also come along with a variety of features, including assistance control. So before making a final choice, be confident about the budget so that you are searching it will be more comfortable. 


Even though these pieces are mine, your product is still valuable to a certain extent. So while purchasing them, you have to take proper care regarding the brand because a good brand will allow you to enjoy a reasonable price and warranty. Buying the product from a good brand means it has a good quality and will last forever. The brand of the product is essential, and it will also allow you to limit your search to a certain extent. Certain brands efficiently increase the price of the product because of their name. But sometimes these brand processes are worth it considering the type of products they offer. 

Noise cancellation

When you are purchasing a wireless Bluetooth technology, this noise cancellation technology will be taken into account. Having external noises is a common problem when you are listening to music or talking in the earpiece. During such situations having an earpiece with noise cancellation technology allows you to enjoy a peaceful environment without getting disturbed while working or relaxing. So this technology is essential for the earbuds. Since it is an open design, the noise cancellation technique will be provided from the product’s outer part. 


The next important thing you need to consider is the frequency of the sound produced and how clear they are. For example, when you consider the frequency concept, all the sound must be produced within the range of 20 hertz to 20000 hertz. During such situations, when there is any noise other than this particular range, it will not be audible. The product should have the ability to produce the sound within this specific range without any extra bass. Also, the sound produced should be clear without any distortion in the middle. If there is any kind of distortion or interruption in the music flow, the person will be disturbed. It’s not just for music, but the same thing should also be applied for voice calls. 


Most of these wireless technology-based products come along with the integrated microphones that allow you to take calls. The microphone should have the ability to absorb many sounds so that the voice will be clear on the other side. If there is an issue with the quality of absorption in the microphone, then the entire concept will be a waste. So while purchasing the product, make sure that the music output and intake are perfect at all levels. The microphone presence will allow you to enjoy talking to people while exercising and while traveling outside. 


The next important feature you need to take care of is the type of devices that will support your earpiece. Sometimes using an apple airport will prevent you from using it for other devices like Android and Windows. The best option is to choose the device that supports the Android system so that you can use it for everything. If the earpiece’s internal codec is Android based, then the models will have the ability to support almost all the devices. 

Battery life

The most important feature you need to consider while purchasing an earpod is to note its battery life. Some earpods come with a long battery life of 10- 24 hours. Certain brands also come along with what charging technology allows you to enjoy long hours of playback, even if the product is charged only for 10 minutes. So this charging capacity and battery life are essential. They are especially useful when you are traveling for a long time. 


The next important feature is control points. Some of the models come with a feather touch technology that allows you to connect and maintain the volume just by a simple touch. Some designs have small buttons that are also efficient. The earpods should also have the ability to connect with the external smart devices like the Alexa and google voice assistant for effective functioning. The earpods should automatically have the ability to connect to external devices like the mobile when they are removed from the case. Manual connection for every single time will be disturbing and not suitable for fast operations. Along with these features, the outlook and design should be perfect. These features are necessary when you are purchasing a product at a reasonable price. Given below are some of the products that we believe would be suitable for your requirement. If you are not satisfied with the suggestions, you can go for your design but sometimes choosing them will be more comfortable. All these products are available in shops and on websites like Amazon

Best Bluetooth earphones wireless in India

Boult Audio AirBass Propods True Wireless in-Ear Earphones with Touch Controls, Fast Charging with Type C Port & Playtime Up to 24 Hours with Case, Latest Bluetooth 5.0 for Low Latency (White)

Boult is a high-quality consumer product that is well known for producing a wide range of audio devices. The company has been well known for manufacturing products that are of high quality with no distortion. The quality of their products is what made them famous. The company speakers have been well known for their innovative designs that are famous all over the world. They provide their products with a good warranty, and their designs have been improving a lot because of the people’s requirements. Their recent product is the Boult Audio AirBass Propods True Wireless in-Ear Earphones with Touch Controls, Fast Charging with Type C Port & Playtime Up to 24 Hours with Case, Latest Bluetooth 5.0 for Low Latency (White).  

This particular propod is available in a beautiful design of white that is perfectly designed. Now you can use this wireless design for hearing music and talking while jogging and while doing other activities. The design is lightweight and suitable to be used continuously during your office hours. They can be carried everywhere safely in a specially designed container that is strong enough to protect them from external pressure. People of all ages use this design, and they are more suitable for youngsters. Some of the high-level features produced by this design include, 

Waterproof – One common issue people normally have with the airport is their exposure to sweat and water. To protect it from the external disturbances, this particular propod is made up of waterproof material that prevents it from getting damaged when exposed to sweat. 

Easy operation – The main advantage of this particular design is that they contain easy touch control operations. Anyone can access these operations easily without even having digital knowledge. Because of their lightweight technology, you will feel free while working out wearing this propod. The sound produced is of high clarity without any distortion. They can also be used for gaming purposes as the clarity of the sound is good. 

This particular earpod pair can be used as a pair for listening to music and can also be used separately as a monopod for music and calls simultaneously. The charge can last up to 20 – 24 hours of time. 

They can be connected to your device immediately after opening through the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The transmission of the voices is smooth and efficient, with no distortion. The moment the case is opened, the connection will be automatically made except for the first time since you need to enter the details. They are made up of high-quality earbuds that prevent you from hearing that noise from the outside environment. This particular technology can be purchased easily from the shops and from the online websites like Amazon, and they are suitable for both Android and Apple devices. 

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic (Black)

One plus is a brand that is well known for producing high-quality products in the digital world. The company is well known in the market for manufacturing brands with the fastest charging ability and good quality. One of the commonly produced products by this particular company includes mobile phones and accessories related to mobile phones. One such accessory is the Bluetooth based earphones that are made up of wireless technology. They also have normal earbuds but recently, understanding the microphone requirement, they have released the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic (Black). 

This particular model is available in various colors, and most people prefer using them because of their high quality. They are comfortable to hang around the neck and can perform all kinds of activities in a short time. Now you can listen to music and talk on your phone without worrying about removing the mobile. This particular design is more suitable for joggers and people who feel uncomfortable using mobile for talking. Now you can drive safely anywhere without any disturbance. 

Fast charging – One of the main features people prefer this technology is their ability to perform fast charging. All you need is ten minutes of charging time for using them continuously for ten hours. This technology allows you to enjoy Long battery power without worrying about charging them now and then. 

Easy operation – They also come with a variety of functions that can be used for fast operation. The maintenance of this technology is easy and is used by the housewives while cooking. The buttons are easy to operate and suitable for joggers. When the entire product is charged fully, the charge can last up to 20 hours. It comes with the magnetic control Technology and allows you to quickly pair it with external devices. 

The quality of the music produced is perfect, without any distortion. Similarly, the microphone also absorbs the sound to a certain extent that allows you to enjoy a free speech flow. The earbuds fit in the ear perfectly and are suitable for jogging without any disturbance. The professionals also use them for call centers and other requirements. 

This particular product is suitable when you are going on a trip or long travels. The charge will last forever, and you can also recharge it quickly using the warp charge technology. The product is ergonomically designed to fit your neck perfectly and not fall off. It can cancel the noises to a certain extent. This particular product is available for sales on shops and on online websites like Amazon. The price of this specific product is reasonable and comes with a good warranty. 

CRAYOTALK Mini K1 Universal Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece, Smart Call Answering Earphone Support All Android Device for Running Workout Gym Truck Driver Noise Cancelling for All Smartphones

Crayotalk is a company that is well known for producing a wide range of audio speakers and earphones that is well known among the people. When it comes to the concept of wireless headphones, there are very few designs available in the market that are popular. While the earpods have been creating a huge difference in the current market with their crazy features and clarity, certain people prefer using earpiece technology. One recent product of Crayotalk is CRAYOTALK Mini K1 Universal Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece, Smart Call Answering Earphone Support All Android Device for Running Workout Gym Truck Driver Noise Cancelling for All Smartphones. 

This particular model has created a massive hype in the market with its high-quality earpiece made with the latest silicon technology model. The product is suitable for all types of android phones with high-quality Bluetooth technology. This technology will allow you to drive freely in both cars and two-wheelers. The earpiece is ideal for wearing helmets on top of it, and they are more preferred by the Bikers and by people who work out. They are widely used in the professional field for working and attending calls simultaneously without interrupting anything. This particular earpiece can be connected to your mobile through the modern Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect with the phone calls. 

Microphone – The microphone present in the phone is powerful and can absorb a lot of sound without distortion. They can absorb the HD quality sound and are highly sensitive to the external sound. They allow you to work freely at work without getting disturbed by anything. This microphone can be used for all types of android devices and also for windows and IOS devices. They can be connected with your laptop if necessary. 

Earbud – The earpiece is made up of a high silicone earpiece that can fit well within your ear and produce high-quality sound without any distortion. This particular earpiece is lightweight, and today can be carried everywhere. They are built specifically to match the year’s geometrical proportions so that the fit will be perfect. This headset can be connected to the mobile phone and other digital devices through Bluetooth Technology. They are comfortable and can be worn everywhere, including jogging and other recreational activities. They do not damage the ear canal and other fatigue points within the ear, so you can wear it without worrying about your ear’s sensational aspects. This particular product can be purchased through shops and online websites like Amazon. They are available for a low price, and they are preferred most by the people because of their stylish look and comfort. If you are comfortable, you can choose this design. 

Redmi Earbuds S (with Gaming Mode), Up to 12 Hours of Playback Time, IPX4 Sweat & Splash Proof, DSP ENC for Calls

Redmi or Xiaomi is a company that has gained a lot of names in the area of mobile phones and laptops. The company has recently started producing a wide range of products, including Earpods and other wireless enhancements that can be used with mobile phones. This particular company is well known for its unique designs and high-quality products. The company has created a lot of designs and models in the field of wireless earbud technology. One of their recent products is the Redmi Earbuds S (with Gaming Mode), Up to 12 Hours of Playback Time, IPX4 Sweat & Splash Proof, DSP ENC for Calls. 

This particular design earbud is preferred by people worldwide because of their beautiful design and quality. Now you can go everywhere without the problem of carrying the phone in your hand or holding it against your ear. They are used by professionals all over the world and also for workout sessions. This particular beautiful earpiece made up of beautiful black color is suitable for professional purposes for attending phone calls and also for gaming purposes. This particular earpod comes along with a variety of features. 

Sound – The sound delivered by this earpod is perfect with clear sound technology. They are also suitable for gaming and other related purposes. You can use the product for nearly 12 hours with continuous playback without any distortion and utmost clarity. They are of ultralightweight that allows you to enjoy wearing them without any conscience. The moment the earbuds are removed from the case, they can automatically connect with the application without any manual intervention. They can be used separately or together, depending upon the requirement.  

Connecting features – This particular earbud is suitable for carrying around everywhere. The charge can last for a long time, and the pairing concept is made easy. It comes with a splash-proof technology. So now you can work out for hours without affecting the quality of the earbud. The earbud comes with a multi-button technology that allows you to operate easily and control the device. 

This particular product is better for exercise and common gaming technology. The earpods can be connected with the external voice recognition devices like the Alexa and Google voice assistant. This product can be purchased from the brand shops and online websites like Amazon. You can purchase them for a low price and with a good warranty.