Best Hair Mask For Dry And Damaged Hair

Dry and damaged locks are a problem faced by several women owing to multiple reasons. But it is not possible for everyone to get a hair spa done every single day now, is it? But what if we tell you that you don’t have to go to the parlor every single day to bring back life to your hair!? Your dead and damaged locks can get the right amount of TLC from the comfort of your home when one uses the right kind of hair mask for that gorgeous mane. Just like how a face mask can do wonders to your skin, the right type of hair mask can help in hydrating the hair strands, repairing them, and making them more manageable in the process. Before we dive into the different types of hair masks available for dry and damaged hair, let us first understand the root causes for the same.

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TONI and GUY Nourish Reconstruction Hair Mask

You are washing your hair too frequently

While washing the hair at least twice a week is very important to get rid of all the dirt and gunk from the strands, washing the hair daily does more harm than good to the life of the hair. Frequent washes end up stripping all the moisture and natural oils from the hair while making it look dull and lifeless. The hair is also more prone to further damage and breakage if washed on an extremely frequent basis. 

You are not using a conditioner or a serum post-wash

Shampoo serves the purpose of cleaning your hair and scalp, but it also strips of some amount of moisture and naturally present essential oils from the hair. Using a good quality conditioner post washing your hair helps to put back the previously removed moisture. Also, one must remember that your hair tips deserve and require an extra dose of TLC, and applying a generous amount of hair care products like conditioners and serums can restore the damage and reduce the possibility and occurrence of split ends, making it look more healthy. 

Excessive heat styling

Irrespective of your love for that gorgeous looking blow-dried hair or that easy to manage perfectly straightened hair, using too much of heat while styling your hair results in long term damage and is a major reason for dry and dull-looking hair. If using heat on the mane is imperative, one should always ensure the usage of a thermal protectant, commonly known as a heat protectant spray, before styling of hair. Doing so would drastically help reduce the damage that would have otherwise taken place. 

Use of hard water for washing the hair

Several cities have hard water, which is basically water having an extreme amount of iron content that is not suitable for washing of hair and skin. Frequent washing of the strands in such water proves to be horrible for the hair and makes it dry and lackluster. 

Washing hair using hot water

After a long and tiring day, a hot water shower can work wonders in relaxing you, but is it the same for your hair? Definitely not. Hot water washes are definitely a strict no-no for hair since it results in dry hair which lacks shine. The best option is using lukewarm water, but if a person can handle it, then rinsing your hair in cold water can also work very well for the strands and help smoothen out the roughened hair surface. 

Low water intake

Low water intake shows on your skin and hair as well as your overall health. Regular water can also be supplemented with fruit-infused water or coconut water. Green tea can also be counted. Proper water intake helps flush out toxins from the body while giving a healthy glow to your skin and hair. 

Let your hair air-dry itself

While letting long and thick hair air dry itself seems like a task, and blow drying those roots to perfection seems like the best way out, one must always choose to air dry whenever possible. Also, if there is no choice or time, one can always opt for cool air over hot hair for drying. 

Avoid wrapping your hair in a towel

Most of us wrap our hair in a towel that ends up stripping moisture from those lovely locks while making them more susceptible to damage and breakage. Using an old T-shirt is definitely a gentler way out for this problem. 

To help transform those problematic locks, listed below are three hair masks suitable for dry and damaged hair followed by some small tricks that can help get your money’s worth out of your hair mask. So, read on to know more!

StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Mask.

The StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Mask is a beautiful product that can also substitute for a conditioner to provide instant nourishment to dry and damaged locks. The product comes with a unique blend of oils that hydrates the hair and works best on dry hair. It also helps in detangling of hair while making it soft and manageable. The antimicrobial properties of Rose oil get rid of dandruff, while vitamin B5 treats damaged hair shafts. The product is also free of parabens, sulfates or mineral oils, and such other harmful chemicals. 

Packaging: Priced at Rs. 669 for a 300 ml tub, the mask is contained in a circular screw-top plastic jar that is sturdy enough but might not be convenient for traveling purposes. 

Texture: The mask feels like any other conditioner with the possibility of having a slightly thicker consistency than any other brand. It is white in color and easy to access. The mask also feels very light and spreads quickly. Applying too much of this product on the hair could result in weighing down the hair and make it feel flat. 

Ingredients: This mask contains the goodness of Moroccan argan oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Rose oil, Lavender oil, and derivatives of Coconut oil, amongst other things.

OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment.

OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment helps restore instant shine and softness while also aiding in strengthening the hair. Using this product instead of your regular conditioner proves to be extremely beneficial for restoring moisture and luster to your otherwise lifeless hair and gives a very healthy bounce to the mane. Packed with the goodness derived from the Southwest Region of Morocco in the form of argan oil, this hair treatment helps protect the hair from heat styling and UV damage, thus leaving the hair softer, silkier, and more manageable. 

Packaging: The product comes in a circular screw-top plastic container and is priced at Rs. 725 for a 250 ml quantity of the product. The jar is quite sturdy but might get a little bulky for travel purposes. 

Texture: The product is quite a thick white cream with a beautiful fragrance. The product shows its true miracle once the hair has dried off. As claimed by the brand as well, the product works best when used with the shampoo from the same range. 

Ingredients: The product is enriched with the goodness of Moroccan Argan Oil, antioxidants, and Vitamin E, which penetrates deep into the scalp to leave the hair feeling soft, supple, and incredibly luminous. 

TONI and GUY Nourish Reconstruction Hair Mask.

The first step to hair repair is to provide it with ample moisture and necessary nourishment even after a hoard of products have left behind their negative mark on your locks, and the TONI and GUY Nourish Reconstruction Hair Mask promises to do precisely that. This deep conditioning formula has the power to turn dry and brittle hair into incredibly soft and nourished with a smooth texture and lustrous finish. While paying extra care to the tips of the hair, the mask promises that you would flaunt a shiny and healthy, gorgeous looking mane.

Packaging: Priced at about 800 Rs. for a 200 ml tub, the product is packed in a circular plastic screw top tub wherein the cap sits tightly and prevents messy product spillage. The jar is quite sturdy but might get a little bulky for travel purposes. 

Texture: The product has a pretty thick consistency and is light enough to spread easily, which eases down the process of applying the mask on fine hair. The formula penetrates deep into the scalp while providing moisture to every single strand once applied correctly. 

Now, while we spend so much money on a single product, we want to extract the best possible results and justify the money that has been paid. Following two simple things can potentially make the hair mask perform in a better way.

  • Apply to freshly shampooed, damp hair.

Slathering a generous amount of the hair mask on freshly washed and towel-dried hair and then massaging it after that helps the product to penetrate better. Let the product sit for about 10 minutes before using a hairdryer on its mildest heat setting while running a wide-toothed comb to help distribute the heat equally. This heat would help the hair absorb the hair mask faster, making it a lot more smoother after wash. 

  • Overnight Method.

Dampen your hair and wring out excess water, followed by towel drying the hair. Lather on the hair mask, give it a good massage and then go off to sleep. Wash of the product the next morning using a mild shampoo to get beautiful and soft tresses that you can’t help but keep touching.