Best Gadgets For Online Classes in India

With the increase in pandemic disease, there has been an enormous increase in online classes. Even before then people had been constantly preferring online classes, especially the one who was trying to learn something while they were working. So for people who have been constantly working and for students who are learning all the time, these online classes are a boon. Even though they are simple, you might require certain equipment to make the online classes more comfortable and better. Because learning under uncomfortable situations may make the lessons unbearable. These online classes require you to sit in front of the screen for hours. So if you are not comfortable, then attending these classes might be a waste of time and money. So there are a few items that need to be used, to make the online class exciting and clear. Read below to understand about them and how to use them. 


Headsets are an essential requirement for online classes. Sometimes while listening to an online class you might face certain situations like improper hearing because of internal and external disturbances. Increase of online classes there are two types of people involved, one is the person teaching them and the other is the one learning. Using a microphone or headset will allow the person who is teaching to enter their voice. In the same way, the person who is hearing the audio will also be able to hear the content properly and even if there are any external disturbances they won’t be affected if they are using a high-quality headphone. Even the smallest of sounds can be heard using a high-quality headset. Using the headset will prevent you from disturbing the others in the room and also protect you from external sound. While buying a headset, make sure that it is of high quality and has special eardrum protection technology. This will protect yourself from getting affected by extreme noises. Also, after using the head for over 2 hours get some rest. This is to protect your ears from damage. There are two types of earphones present in the market. The first one is the normal earphones with microphones that can be used for mobile phones and line games. They are also suitable for teaching classes as they can record voice. The second type is called the headphone and they are suitable for listening classes and songs. They are used, musicians. Philips SBCHL140 On-Ear Headphones (Grey) Philips is a well-known company, and they have established themselves as a branded product in electronic items. The Philips has been under existence from 1891 and they are well known for their products like the bulbs, razors and other kitchen appliances. They have recently entered the field of headphones. Their headphones are of top quality and durable. The sound is intelligible and can be used for both music and online classes. They have a separate research and development team that has been producing a wide range of models. These models are technologically innovative and better than the previous model. Their recent model is Philips SBCHL140 On-Ear Headphones (Grey). These headphones are of lightweight and can be used for many requirements. They come along with a perfect 30 mm speaker driver and can be used for producing high sounds. They also have special bass beat vents that can be used for hearing sounds with good air movement. The headband is soft and they do not create pleasure on the head. The band is made up of steel material and can last for a lifetime despite bending it in different directions. The cable connection is reinforced so it can last for a longer period getting no damage.

Wireless speaker

If you don’t want to use the headphones due to the comfort and other reasons, then the next best solution is using a speaker to hear the lectures or tutorials. The speakers are more useful if two or more people are planning on listening to the tutorial together. There are two types of speaker models available in the market. One is the normal speaker that can be connected to the computer through the USB cable. The next is the Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is the latest model wireless speaker that is used to amplify the sound and provide a clear tutorial. These speakers can be used if you have a separate place to hear the tutorials without disturbing others. The sound can be heard and these speakers are connected to the laptop computer and mobile through Bluetooth. Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Black. Philips is a famous company that is well known for its electronic items. Bluetooth speakers have been revolutionising the market for the past few years and hence Philips also created its own design of Bluetooth speakers using its research and development team. They have designed other devices like razors and headsets with high durability. So this company is trusted by many people all over the country. The products can be serviced in the local service centre all the time.

The Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Black speaker, is modern and used by most of the people because of its compact size. This speaker is widely used for parties and online tutorials. They are small and portable. They are lightweight and available in attractive colours, adding decor to your house. They are built on wireless technology and can be connected with your iPhones, iPods and other devices with the Bluetooth technology. They can play the audio file at the high sound and they remain the same until the last part of the battery is over. They allow the input signal from 300mv to 1000mv. They can also be connected through a wire to other devices. The Bluetooth range is 10 meters. These speakers come along with USB cables for charging and can run up to 5-6 hours of time. These Bluetooth speakers are a better choice if you do not want to cause problems for your ear. The amplification is perfect and the sound can be easily heard through these speakers. They are available on online websites like Amazon.

Mobile/tab holder

It will be difficult for you to hold the tablet or the mobile phone in your hand while listening to the online class or while watching a movie. So the best solution for this situation is to use a holder so that the mobile/tablet can be placed on the table and the lecture can be watched peacefully. They won’t fall. These types of holders were released a few years back, but there was a constant problem faced by the users. These holders were not durable, and they fell off suddenly. This resulted in breakage of the mobile/tablet and sometimes the entire set was wasted. So rectifying this mistake, they designed a different type of holder with magnetic technology. This can hold the phone stronger and they are more powerful. This technique also allows you to use one holder for multiple mobiles and tablets. If you are attending class through a mobile or tablet, then this gadget is necessary. SKYVIK TRUHOLD Air Vent Magnetic Mobile Holder Skyvik is a famous company that is well known for manufacturing gadgets related to mobile phones. From mobile DSLR kits to holders, the products they manufacture are popular and used by youngsters all over the country. The company is well known for its quality and durability. They have their very own technical team that is experienced in creating innovative designs the mobile owners can use to facilitate their usage. Because of this product, you can watch the classes anywhere, and anytime on mobile and tablets. Their recent product SKYVIK TRUHOLD Airvent Magnetic Mobile Holder is famous and has been preferred by most of the people because of their design and use. This product contains two unique items. One is the metal sheet that can be pasted on the back of the mobile phone and the other is the magnetic holder that can be attached to the mobile phone through the metal sheet. This product comes along with four fresh metal sheets so it can be used in four different items including tabs. If you are using a mobile phone with a cover, then you can place the metal sheet under the cover rather than sticking it to the mobile phone and use the magnetic holder. If you do not want to stick the metal sheet directly to the mobile phone, you can also use the two protective covers that are given to avoid direct sticking. The holder comprises high-quality magnet material and they cannot be easily removed. The magnet is powerful enough to be used on moving cars and other vehicles. This holder also allows you to protect the mobile phone in all the directions, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. But make sure you do not move away from the magnetic metal sheet. 

Bluetooth pen and slate

While attending online classes, sometimes you might be required to do some online work, which might be much more difficult with a simple mouse and keyboard. So making it easier, you can always use the pen and pad that can be connected to the system. This pen and slate system was introduced to assist the graphic designers and other people who are involved in creating paintings and drawings on the computer. So purchasing these Bluetooth pens will allow you to perform well in online classes. There are a variety of models and types available in this notepad and pen model. Previously people used the model that was connected to a computer through a USB wire. But later, with the development of technology, people started using the latest model Bluetooth pen and pad. This allows you to use them for all the devices and they are portable. Now you can create your designs and do your work online from anywhere and anytime. Wacom CTL-6100WL/E0-CX Intuos Medium Bluetooth Pen Tablet (Pistachio) Wacom is a company well known for producing pen tablets and displays many users use that all over the world. They have been manufacturing and releasing an alternative model every year with innovative designs that make the usage easier. Their chief aim is comfort and durability. Their products have allowed people to think differently and increase their creative capacity. Their products can be ordered directly from their website or through online websites like Amazon.


Some time is online classes or not just class as it might also require you to save certain files that can be used for further reading. In such situations, you can use the USB pen drive to save the files and carry it everywhere. They can also be used for transferring the information from one system to another. The usage of Pendrive has increased during the last decade and they are small and portable. There are a variety of Pen drives available in the market. While purchasing a pen drive, it is essential to purchasing it from a good brand. Sometimes pen drives secondary storage, but for most of the time, people use it as a primary storage device. So the Pendrive you are using should function properly with no default failure. If you are using the pen drive for storing images and other video files, then you might require a high GB pen drive like 8 – 64GB. If not, you can use the normal 2-4 GB pen drive. Strontium Pollex 8GB USB Pen Drive (Black/Red) Strontium technology is one of the famous flash drives and a personal computer company that is well known for its high-quality products and durability. The company was founded in the year 2002 in Singapore and had expanded its territories to multiple areas. They have a research and development team that has been involved in manufacturing a variety of products with different Technology. Their recent product is the Strontium Pollex 8GB USB Pen Drive (Black/Red). This pen drive is available in a beautiful black-red colour. They are compact and can store up to 8GB worth of data. This pen drive comes along with the perfect warranty and can store data from many computers and laptops. They can be connected to mobile phones and tablets using the USB wire connector. This pen drive is available in most of the shops and also on online websites like Amazon.


The next most important thing that is required for an online class is a proper set of chairs that can be used for sitting comfortably. The online classes can continue for about nearly 2 to 3 hours a day, which is long. So listening to the online classes for a lengthy period required proper comfort, which can be provided by the chair. Using an uncomfortable chair might cause spinal problems and other issues, including obesity. So while purchasing a chair, make sure they are comfortable and suitable for sitting on it for long hours. There are a variety of chairs available in the market, but only certain brands have gained popularity because of the comfort they provide. AmazonBasics Low Back Computer Chair (Black) Even though there are a lot of products that are being sold on Amazon only certain products are being approved by Amazon and constantly supported. These products are believed to have good durability and the latest innovative technology. Similarly, Amazon has also released an AmazonBasics Low Back Computer Chair (Black). This particular chair is comfortable and of top quality. The height of the chair can be adjusted according to your requirement. It can hold up to a weight of 225 pounds. The chair also offers 360-degree rotation and free movement in all the directions. This comfortable chair is available in a sleek black colour and promoted by Amazon. They are comfortable and now you can sit and listen to the lecture for hours with no disturbance.

There are a variety of models available in the market, but most of the people prefer the above-given products. It is not compulsory to purchase these items, but using them will enhance your online class experience and make it comfortable. While purchasing these items make sure they are original and comfortable according to your requirements. Enjoy your online class experience with the latest technology-based products. Happy shopping.