How To Clean Hair In The Bathroom?

In this article, we will be discussing the various methods you can use in order to clean hair from your bathroom.

One of the most annoying things that a person can see in a bathroom is hair. Be it just a single strand of hair lying around on a random tile or be it a collection of them stuck in the drain. The disgust that fills your body when you see such a site is unexplainable. But we all know that the solution to clearing them out of your sight lies in cleaning your bathroom properly. You can either get them professionally cleaned, or fix a day in your calendar to make your bathroom shine again. In this blog, we will be discussing the various methods you can use in order to clean hair from your bathroom.

Using a vacuum cleaner

This is a good product to clean random hair stuck in your bathroom. It is obviously a revolutionary product that will do all the work for you, without you having to touch that hair yourself. Before going ahead and vacuuming your bathroom floor,  you need to make sure that the whole bathroom is very dry. It will work best only and only when your bathroom floor is properly dry. The hair could get attached to the floor along with water and make it difficult for you to detach it from the tile. Once your bathroom floor is completely dry, go ahead and vacuum your floor.

A major problem that arises is that many people do not own a vacuum cleaner.  Also,  a vacuum cleaner is not always the best option to clean hair from the drain. Check out the other methods to see what suits you best.

Using a sticky roller

A sticky roller is also a very good product when it comes to cleaning lint or hair. It is easy to use and will stick any dirt on to itself. Definitely broom or mop your bathroom floor before using it as we want it to take away the hair and not just the dust. You can easily find one online such as Scotch-Brite

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Use it as you would use a broom. Start from one corner of the room moving towards the centre and then reach the other corners of the room. This technique works best because it helps to contain the hair and not let them disperse to other places.


Dry mop

It is just like mopping regularly,  the only difference is that instead of using a wet mop you use a completely dry mop this time. It is a great method for people who do not own a sticky roller or a vacuum cleaner. This method requires the least number of resources and is one of the easiest to execute. Basically go around mopping the floor as you normally would, just collecting all the hair as a go along. This will require you to pick up all the hair with your hand once you are done collecting them. You may go ahead and use gloves in order to protect your hands.