bathroom sampleYou are looking for an article that describes how you should give your bathroom a makeover? We have many of them. This page is kind of an index of all of them.

A classy bathroom not only inspires you to live a better lifestyle, but it also makes an impression on your guests too. Let’s discuss its contents. Below is kind of a checklist of things you should decide about before starting with the makeover.

Toilet Seat

toilet seat sampleYou can have a regular toilet seat white in colour, a jet and a toilet paper holder. Or you could go bold, by either having a seat which hangs in the air or one with a different bright colour, you could have a smart seat – they change temperature according to the weather outside. They’re fantastic for winters.

There are specialised lights these days that go into your toilet and give it a dim light which is useful if you want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The logic behind this is that when in the middle of the night you go and switch on the light of your bathroom, it kills your sleep or is too harsh in intensity. These dim lights will make your seat visible without putting too much pressure on your eyes.

The following link will take you to a blog that gives you more information on all of this.


bathtub sampleYou can choose from various sizes. You could also go for bold colours instead of plain old white ( not that it is bad, you could go for white too. There are reasons as to why people buy white ).

You could go for an underground bathtub if you want, you could have a vertically cylindrical underground bathtub – it is excellent for small bathrooms. You could go for the regular shower with bathtub situation.

You could get, just a shower booth. There are smart showers these days that spray water from different streams and different nozzles according to the amount and pressure you set.

Attached closet

attached closet sampleHow would you consider an attached closet? You could always just wear a robe and go to wherever your closet is, but this also is an option – to have an attached closet. We have another blog on closets; you can refer to it.


water basin sampleMake this the luxury area. If you want plants in your bathroom, this should be the place. We like the idea of entering a bathroom which has a corridor of basins first, and then the actual toilet and shower or bathtub, etc. you can choose from a variety of faucets. Of you want to go fancy, you can get the sensor touch faucets. You can have small succulents on the basin.

We love the idea of storage below the basin. You can keep your appliances like hairdryer, straightener, curling iron, etc. in there. You can keep your makeup there. The basins should be like your makeup area. The lighting should be good too.

For more detailed information and ideas, refer to our blog. We will cover what you should do if you have small to large bathrooms.

Soaking rug

bathroom rug sampleThis one is a must. It should be placed outside of your bathing area so that you don’t mess up the whole bathroom. This is where your robe should be the closest to you. This is where you put the robe and use a towel.


bathrobe sampleThey come in many sizes and colours. But mostly what matters is the material. It should be absorbent.


bathroom shelves sampleYou must have shelves In your bathroom; if you don’t prefer the shelves, maybe a cabinet is a good idea. But there has to be a place from where you can easily access the products you need while bathing. Follow our blogs to know more about all the tricks.


bathroom floor sample You can go highly extra and get a 3-D wallpaper type floor.

Underground water spa

spa sampleIf you want to go even more extra, have a robust, unbreakable glass floor under which there is a very shallow water pool. You could have spa fishes in them. The kind of fishes that clean the dirt while massaging your feet. This step could be stated as being highly extra. You could have your spa!

But before making such choices, be smart and responsible. Will you be able to take care of them?


bathroom phone sampleMany people have seen this in hotels. But since we are doing extra things, you could have phones in your bathroom. It might be of no use in general regular days. But might be very helpful in case of an emergency.


ac sampleIn places like India, wherein summers it is challenging to stay in a bathroom, many people attach fans as a solution. It is an excellent idea as it protects you from the scorching heat and gives the design of a modern, logical bathroom.

You should have a fan or AC connection in the basin area, especially if you’re going to do your makeup and hair there.

Fragrance source

fragrance sampleThis is a must-have. You could hang a simple odonil in the bathroom, or get a sprayer attached. The sprayers are highly popular these days as they just need to be set on a particular setting and they will automatically spray room freshener after some time intervals.

Or you could keep a bottle of room freshener. So that anyone who has created some odour can spray it whenever needed.


A bathroom needs to be simple and stylish. Above were the links and short tips as to what things you need to be careful with while decorating your bathroom. Follow our blog for more house décor tips and tricks.