Best Water Heaters in India – Choosing the Best Option for your Home!

If you are planning to buy best water heaters in India then it depends on many factors that can help you to choose the best option according to your requirements and need. While choosing the best option for your residence, there are many things that you need to keep it in mind i.e. size and quality of the heater that will help you to get hot water or your use. So, if you are confused and willing to buy a quality water heater for your personal use then you have come to the right place. This review article will help you to understand the working and mechanism of different water heaters available in India. To get the most suitable heater, we’d highly recommend you to read the whole article so that you can buy the best deal.

For beginners, it is quiet crucial to make sure that you are choosing the right size, functioning of the water heater and capacity of the water heater that can easily be manageable for your household tasks that involves water. Buying best water heaters in India isn’t a tough task if you read the article below. In this article, thorough research has been made with great care to help the audience purchase the most suited water heater. Among many major factors to buy water heaters, you need to be sure about your washroom/kitchen spacing, budgeting for the purchase and installment of the equipment, size, heating capacity and shape of the water heater model.

Our Top Pick Water Heaters For Indian Bathrooms

Product Name

Product Image

Product Buy Link

Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater (White)

Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater (White)

V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser(White)

Morphy Richards Salvo 6-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater, White

Bajaj Calenta 6-Litre Water Heater (White/Blue)

Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater (White)

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater (Multicolor)

Introduction of Water Heaters:

Before purchasing best water heater, it is our foremost obligation to know a little about the history of water heaters and their working. As you know that there are several ways to heat water but the water heaters that we are discussing here requires a thermodynamic process to heat water. In short, the heater requires an energy source to heat the water for domestic use. Their mechanism is quite simple and easy. Just because of their easiness in daily routine of life, we also call them Instant water heaters. The working behind these heaters is instantaneous and unlike old water geysers, the time duration to use hot water is in fractions of few minutes; which is actually a good thing for the consumer.

There are many versions of these water heaters available in the market but we will cover the best of all (that are being sold in India) for your convenience. To understand more about these water heaters, you need to stick to the article for your own benefit. Hence, make sure that you are covering every aspect of this article. As you know that in modern world of technology, having an electronic dishwasher, washing machines and other electronic supplies, it is very important to buy a tank-less water heater for the audience.

How does a Water Heater Work?

In order to understand the working of the water heater, you need to be very cautious while reading the details in this article because one would never want to face any kind of displeasure in life while purchasing the most vital utility item for daily household use. Thus, you need to make sure that you are fully understanding the working of water heater for better learning and answering the queries that can be asked on daily basis. As you all are aware that water coming to your home is process being followed by a journey of traveling through water pipes from the main supply.

If you are in India, weather can be either cold or hot depending upon the region you are living in. Hence, there is a dire need to buy best water heater in India to use hot water in winter. You need to make sure that the water heater is good enough to provide hot water for shower, dishwashing or for washing clothes.


Water heaters have different sizes and shapes and the most common one is the one with metallic tank/drum that works with gas and stores hot water for long duration. Somehow, times are changing and people are prone to use newer technology of water heaters that can allow you to access hot water instantly. This type of water heaters are also called instant electric heaters and they can be very useful as compare to the old designs and technology.

Best Water Heaters in India Are Listed Below:

Before going further, below is the list of Top Selling water heaters in India (that has been thoroughly researched) for readers so that they can easily select the required water heater depending upon their budget and use.

  • Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater (White)
  • Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater (White)
  • V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser(White)
  • Morphy Richards Salvo 6-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater, White
  • Bajaj Calenta 6-Litre Water Heater (White/Blue)
  • Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater (White)
  • AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater (Multicolor)

Now, you must be confused about the selection of most suitable water heating equipment? There’s no need to worry because every product will be explained in detail so that you can select your desired instant water heater without spending too much time and money. Keep reading the article so that you can get an idea of every product that suits best to your budget and use.

Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater (White):

This instant water heater is among the top best sellers in India so far and the reason behind its success is its diverse manufacturing. This heater can instantly heat up to 3 litres of water that is actually a good quantity for a small family or single person use.

As you can assess from the manufacturers name Bajaj, the company has been in good books of nation since decades because of providing good quality products at economical rates. Although, rates of several items may vary depending upon the technology and quality but most of the times, Bajaj has proved itself to be a great product manufacturer. Thus, water heaters from Bajaj is a plus for those who admire their services from day one.


Bajaj Flora 3 litre instant water heater holds the ability to offer all the exclusive features of a quality water heater at lower rates as compare to other water heating appliances. It comes with triple safety system that allows the device to use advanced thermostatic features to control the cut-off heating and boiling temperature of water. This technology helps the product to avoid any kind of accident that can turn out to be a huge casualty.

Triple Safety System


Rust Proof Body / Casing


Suitable for multiple portions/high rise buildings


Advance Heating system that lasts longer


Elegant Shape and Design


Neon indicators for Power and heat stabilizers



1 litre & 3 Litre

Colour/Design of Bajaj Flora 3 Litre Water Heater:

Colour and design of water heater should be your top priority because good looks matter a lot. Your aesthetic sense should be in its peak while choosing the apt water heating device. Make sure that the colour and design suits well with the colour scheme of your walls. Too much contrast isn’t good sometimes and white colour is highly commendable with Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater.


Obviously you don’t want to put a dent on your monthly budget so that the heater may be purchased. This isn’t the case when it comes to buy a water geyser, it is not mandatory that you only have to pay higher amount to get the best deal. This brand of water heater is among the best sellers and you can click here to view the latest price on Amazon.

Bajaj Flora is the beauty of your washroom because of its elegant style and unique design that outshines it from other products. Below, few Pros and Cons of this product are mentioned to make it even easier for you to choose the best deal.

Shape and Attributes:

Bajaj Flora 3 litre water heater is manufactured with great care and advanced technology that lasts longer than normal brands of same capacity. Its weight is around 4.4 Kg and the storage unit of water offers to store quantity of 3 litres. If you are living with your partner in a small apartment then there is no need to spend extra amount because Bajaj Flora is the only answer to your solution. It provides instant hot water in winters that will help you to enjoy a warm and cosy bath.

While summing up, the thing that matters the most is utility along with visual appealing features. Bajaj Flora has both of them and that is why this model stands out in many ways. Multiple safety measures are ensured after its installation to avoid any mishap. The heating technology present inside the outer shell of the appliance is designed in a way that it automatically starts heating water on instant basis and the quality of the product is longer than other water heating items in market. Once the device is on, the neon indicators will automatically start telling the user about current status of Bajaj Flora water heater. Every single function (Except opening the tap water) of this heater is automatic and users are being told to avoid interrupting manual/forced interference in the functions of water heater.



Racold Pronto Water Heater (3 Litres) holds the capacity to heat 3 litres of water which is actually a good quantity based on minimal usage of water at home. This water heater falls under the category of small storage unit because of its ability to store water. 

The tank fixed inside the body comes with the technology that allows water to reach to a certain boiling point instantly. Moreover, the appliance is assembled in a way that it cuts off the overheating process to avoid any damage or accident. Hence, safety measures are also very well taken care of in this device.

Appearance and Construction:

The white body/casing of Racold Pronot is designed in a way that it easily blends with any kind of interior and it doesn’t require too much space after installation. It should be mounted vertically to work efficiently. It comes with a technology that saves Energy from extra consumption and during in working mode, it consumes 3000 watts energy. If you are interested to buy Racold Pronto Water Heater in India then click here to buy now on Amazon.

Specifications of Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater in India:

Specifications of this household appliance are very reliable if you use it properly, chances are that you can actually utilize the benefits of this appliance for longer duration. So, if you already have purchased this device then make sure that there is User Manual of installation. All the instructions along with specifications of it are also mentioned in the manual.

Heater Type

Instant Water Heater


3 & 6 Litres


3000 Watts



If you still think that you will not be able choose the water heater in India than make sure that you are visiting this Amazon link to find required assistance.

Safety Measures:

As it has already been discussed earlier, this water heater is designed in a way that it offers 3 levels of safety measures against elevated high temperature & pressure with cut-out technology that also stops back flow of water in the heater to avoid water syphoning.


Not to mention but an instant water heater is considered among highly efficient home appliances because of its instant result. However, it is also suggested that you can get better and efficient results by following few simple techniques. First of all, you should install the appliance at a location that is a little spacey instead of congested area. Placing matters a lot because the whole process of heating water consists of thermoelectric reaction. Hence, a lot of care and strategic placement is a must while fixing the water heater.

Condensing Technology:

Among many salient features, one of the most vibrant plus point of this home appliance is its efficient condensing technology. This technology prevents gas from escaping the unit and it can be reused to produce more heat resulting in instant hot water. This is one of the executive features and if your household has high flow rate of using instant water heater than it is highly recommended to buy this appliance.


Below are some well observed PROS and CONS of this appliance provided by multiple users, and now they have also become its prominent features.




Asking questions is the most basic human nature and when it comes to buy products online, the curiosity and cautiousness is doubled. To provide extra customer satisfaction to the readers and buyers, these are some basic FAQs randomly asked (from interested buyers) on daily basis to expedite the journey of purchasing the most suitable water heater in India.

Washing, Bathing and random small routine tasks that require washing of hands.

Yes, this service is available and turns out to be satisfactory.

So, after knowing all the positive aspects of best water heater in India, I am sure that you are tempted to know the price of Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater (White). We got you covered here and you can check the prices and discounts by clicking the link here.

If you are looking to buy best water heaters in India then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you an honest review of V-Guard gas geyser that will help you to make your decision without getting confused. So, keep reading and do follow all the steps so that can make the most out of this post. Buying a water heater that too via internet is indeed a hectic and cumbersome task but it isn’t anymore.

As you are fully aware of the fact the electricity cost along with other utilities is continuously increasing and there is no stopping to that. Under such circumstances, buying a home appliance that is affordable and cost-effective is literally a daunting task. As you know that necessity is the mother of invention, hence, the production of SafeFloPlus Gas Geysers. Gas geysers are the new thing in market although they aren’t newly introduced but they are trending world widely; not just India.

Appearance and Construction:

Safefloplus Gas Geyser is designed in a way that it leaves a very soothing impact to people. It doesn’t matter what’s the background, the white colour is elegant and leaves a soothing effect to eyes. The design is very elegant and it serves the purpose when it comes to appearance. Besides, the material used to make this home appliance is durable and it can stand the weather conditions easily. However, you need to be very cautious while installing this appliance. Proper area should be defined and it shouldn’t be completely open or wholesome congested. Proper spacing and passage of air is a must to avoid any mishap.

When it comes to winter, we all agree to a point that a hot water bath is the need of our body & it’s a true muscle relaxant. Whether you are tired due to stressful work in office or because of studies, instant hot water bath can really be a delight. To get what you deserve under such tiring conditions, here is something really important that you need for your body and mind; a highly recommended and reliable hot water gas geyser Safeflo plus from none other than V-Guard. Yes, I am absolute about this life hack. Plus, buying this gas geyser will help you to save a lot of money that can be utilized in other ways instead of just paying hefty unjustified bills.

Above all, these gas geysers are a great choice if you are a part of joint family because this durable home appliance is literally very economical with an outstanding recovery rate. Their installation is easy and it is not even very technical. Once after installation of this gas geyser, it’s just like a plug and play thing. You just have to run the tap water and you will get instant hot water without waiting for a single minute. Yes, it is that quick and I am sure it’s tempting enough to buy one right now. Well, you can always check the prices out by clicking this Amazon link here.


Before going into detail, I’d like to share some major properties of V-Guard SafeFloPlus Gas Geyser. So, keep reading because this can actually be fruitful for you in many ways.


V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser(White)

Over heat Cut-off technology


Colour of the Appliance


Power Source


Weight Per Unit

5.95 KG


500 X 400 X 250mm

Capacity to hold water

6.0 litres

SS Burners and Copper HeatExchanger


Overheat Protection


Ultra-Low Pressure Technology


Hence, you can say that the specifications of this gas geyser are tremendous and they are pretty affordable. Check prices here to place your order. I am sure that you can easily purchase this device without putting any strains on your monthly budget. The price is competitive, quality is commendable, design and installation process is easy and above all, it works on LPG which allows you to save a huge amount along with instant hot water. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? So why waste time on expensive products when you can easily buy this product in just few clicks here?

Also, V-Guard SafeFloPlus Gas Geyser is fully equipped with latest technology and advanced features that will completely left you in awe. The quality of Bunsen burners is extremely good and they last longer than other brands of geysers. Its power can go up to 60 W max which is actually a very good thing when it comes to save electricity. This home appliance has built-in ignition system along with low condensation technology which allows less wastage of LPG.

Morphy Richards Salvo 6-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater:

Selection of electric and gas-powered water heater relies on multiple factors and sometimes it becomes difficult for the user to choose the perfect water heater. Usually, electric water is preferred by many because of its low cost and economical nature. 

For an apartment of two or less than five, an electric water heater is the best option but it can be difficult if water usage is continuous. Under such cases, a storage unit is highly desirable and Morphy Richards Salvo is the solution. This water heaters has the capacity of holding 6 litres of water without any issues. 

A water heater with a facility to store water as well is indeed the most lucrative offer one can actually find online. It is highly recommended to visit the link here to buy your desired water heater from Amazon at affordable rates.

Appearance and Manufacturing:

While buying a quality water heater from India, the major factor among all the buying strategies is appearance and quality of the appliance. After thorough investigation and physical observation, it has been concluded that this heater is quite durable and long lasting (if used properly). It is highly recommended to read the manual before installation of the item because this will help you to avoid any displeasure. You can also consult a plumber to install it.

Heater Type

Storage Unit


6 Litres


2000 Watts


White & Silver

Product Dimension

37.2 cms X 26 cms X 26 cms


Analog / Non Digital

Specifications of Morphy Richards Salvo 6-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater in India:

As you have already went through the salient features of this appliance, you need to be aware of the fact that this device also holds the rating of 8 Bar Pressure certification. Which means, it is ISI certified and all the safety measures have been checked before making it available for public. Moreover, this device is also holds 5 Star rating as per the recent guidelines of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). Thus, buying this product will not only help you to get instant hot water but it will also be a huge cost cutting in your monthly budget; which indeed is a good thing.

Safety Measures:

Water heating products manufactured with low quality material usually prone to be malfunctioned during rush hours. This is why it is highly recommended to buy Morphis Richards Salvo. This product is designed efficiently with glass line coating that allows the tank to not get oxidized with time. This strategy will not only increase the life of appliance but it will also provide hot water for longer duration. Moreover, the advance sensors in the appliance will keep it regulated that the electric charge doesn’t go off the allocated limitations and heat sensors will keep the boiling point in line.


Morphy Richards Salvo 6 litre is very efficient when it comes to heat and store water. As described above, this home appliance is really helpful for a family containing more than 5 people because it holds the capacity of storing water after heating it. Not just storing it but the efficient technology allows it to contain hot water for longer time duration. Hence, it doesn’t matter how cold it is, if you have installed Moprhy Richards Salvo 6 litre water heater, your life will be easier than ever. Prices of this durable home appliance can be checked on Amazon by clicking here.

Glass-lined Incoloy Technology:

While buying a quality water heater from Amazon, a lot of people are concerned about the quality and technology used to manufacture the required product. Well, when it comes to Murphy Richards Salvo, a lot of advance features have been used to manufacture the end product that produces extraordinary results. For instance, technology of glass-lined incoloy is used. These are actually Nickel-Iron Chromium alloys that are used to resist corrosion since a lot of water is involved in the whole process. Thus, these alloys play a vital role to keep water hot and prolong the sustainability of this home appliance.


There are multiple pros and cons of Murphy Richards Salvo 6 litre home appliance and few of them are mentioned below depending upon their usage, made and feedback given by the users:



Bajaj Calenta 6-Litre Water Heater (White/Blue):

While buying a water heater, that too on internet, most of the users are expecting or planning to purchase a home appliance that is flawless. By flawless, it means that the product is reliable, cost-effective, requires low-maintenance and saves energy. To be honest, if you are pursuing same features for a water heater then Bajaj Calenta 6 litre Water Heater is the real deal in market. A device that doesn’t require extra care, can easily be installed on wall, doesn’t require a lot of space, holds the ability to store 6 litres of hot water; yes, you can easily get this in one product and to purchase one for your personal use, you have come to the right place. Just follow the link to Amazon here and place your order with exclusive offers.

Before upselling the exclusive features of this diverse home appliance, it’d be really great to throw a shadow on every detail of this product. So, do read the whole post because it will help you to understand the working and manufacturing of this product in detail; which indeed is vital to go through before finalizing the product and payment.

You need to install Bajaj Calenta 6 litre Water Heater for a splendid experience of continuous hot water supply 24/7 (depending upon your usage). The main point that takes the trophy away from other appliances is the brand name “Bajaj”; the most trusted and reliable brand in India – hence the products. This water heater comes up with a feature of adjustable temperature safety measures that allows the thermostat to regulate the heating levels according to user’s desire and needs.

Appearance and Manufacturing:

This Bajaj Water Heater Geyser in India holds the ability to stun the seekers of quality water heaters in numerous ways. Bajaj Calenta is actually an amalgam of innovation, leading-edge technology and appealing design with commendable aesthetics. To keep the device working for longer duration, it is designed in a way that steel is used along with lined glass that makes the product corrosion proof. Not only top-notch technology but the material used is durable enough that it automatically increases the longevity and working of this water heater.

You can get this home appliance in White and Blue Colour which automatically makes it appealing and gives an elegant look. Plus, the outer body is manufactured with great care and quality material that it is shock and rust proof. The stellar design and shape allows the users to mount it vertically on desired wall; be it indoor or outdoor (obviously under a shade from direct impact of continuous sunlight or other weather conditions). Thus, mounting this appliance will not only play a vital role to be a handy water heater with 6 litres of hot water storage unit but it will also be a catalyst to your home’s décor.

Specifications of Bajaj Calenta 6 Litre Water Heater in India:

Below are some salient features of Bajaj Water Heater in India that are widely praised nationwide and holds a good repute as compare to other water heating products.

Salient Features:

8 Bar Pressure, Adjustable Heat Thermostat to maintain temperature of appliance, Glass lined 6 litres of water tank, Magnesium Anode for longevity of product, Plastic Casing

Heater Type:

Electric Heater with 6 litres of Water Storage tank

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating:

5 Stars

Warranty & Price

Can be confirmed by visiting the Amazon Page of the appliance by clicking here


2000 Watts


White / Blue

Water Heating Mechanism of Bajaj Water Heater:

As mentioned above, this water heater by Bajaj consumes 2000 watts of energy to heat water. To provide non-stop and long lasting water with less consumption of resources, this product is designed and equipped with incoloy heating alloy bars that are constructed to keep the water for long. Due to water heating on regular basis, the material and elements used to build the water heater are prone to deteriorate with passage of time. To avoid such chemical reactions, magnesium anode present in water storage tank plays a vital role. These anodes helps to avoid electrochemical reactions which is also called Cathodic Protection.


Efficiency of Bajaj Calenta 6 litres Water Heater is outstanding and there are as such no drawbacks of this device that created someone’s life a living hell unlike other cheap water heating products. By the reviews and observation of this product, it is pretty evident that Bajaja didn’t leave any stone unturned while launching this exclusive home appliance for people in India.

While summing up, it is highly suggested that you should try this home appliance for once because it will totally change your perspective of using instant water heaters in India.

Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater (White):

If you are looking for a water heating appliance that can store large amount of hot water for daily use then keep reading because this post will thoroughly guide you buy the best deal on Amazon India. As you know that the economy is declining with a continuous pace and under such circumstances, it has become quite difficult for a salaried person to afford all the expenses on monthly basis. Under these circumstances, it is highly suggested to buy Bajaj New Shakti GL 15 litre Vertical Storage Water Heater. Bajaj holds a repute of manufacturing extremely good quality products and this home appliance is an amalgam of quality and advanced technology.

This product has a very good mechanism of heating water and storing it as well. Imagine being able to get hot water on instant basis along with saving it in a water storage unit. Rest assured, Bajaj has designed an awe-inspiring water heating product that allows the user to consume hot water in extreme cold conditions. It is quite easy to install this appliance because company is also providing a manual book for people with basic knowledge of technicalities (required to mount this device). Cost and warranty of this product can easily be checked by the Amazon link mentioned here.

Design & Mechanism of Bajaj New Shakti GL 15 litre Water Heater:

Like other water heating products, this device should also be mounted vertically to let its functions runs properly. This water heater measures total area of 360 X 362 X 550 mm in dimension and it holds the capacity of 15 litres of water for regular use. Because of advanced technology i.e. 0.7 MPA along with its working pressure, it is suggested that this device should be used for high-rise buildings and rooftops.

When it comes to its outer body which is also known as casing of the system, it is to be noted that the plastic used to cover the interior of the product is highly efficient and it holds the capacity to withstand continuous sunlight or rain. Thus, you don’t have to worry about its quality because of its advanced quality assurance features. The plastic is also strong enough that it holds the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions or direct impacts with other solid stuff in nature.

Moreover, the newly introduced feature of Neon will keep you updated about the boiling pointing of water. Hence, this product is similar to all-in-one item that holds the ability to consume less energy, lesser space, quality plastic to sustain heat and rain (if exposed in open atmosphere).

Water Heating Technology and Performance Evaluation of Bajaj New Shakti GL 15 litre:

No wonder, the design, material quality and the way this water heater has been engineered, most of the people in India prefer to buy this product. It consumes less energy and produces hot water that can go up to 15 litres in water storage unit (in fractions of minutes). Multiple safety systems and rules are employed in this appliance because of its non-stop use in a big family. For instance, water can’t exceed a certain boiling water limit which is set by the owner of the product. Moreover, it has also been reported and personally observed that once you store water after heating it, water won’t affect the quality or as you say, interior of the product because it has been designed with good quality plastic. Therefore, buying Bajaj New Shakti GL 25 Litres Water Heater, you are now bound to buy this device by clicking the link here.

Features of Bajaj New Shakti GL 15 / 25 Litres Water Heater in India:

Salient of Features:

Plastic Body that holds the ability to sustain high impacts and extreme weather conditions.

Heater Type:




Storage of Water:

15 litres & 25 litres

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Ranking:

5 Star Ranking


White / Blue

Cost / Warranty:

It varies, visit Amazon India by clicking here

Safety Systems:

Multiple Safety Systems to avoid any accident

Interior Technology:

Interior is glass lined coated to avoid corrosion and rusting.


Whether it is 15 litres of Bajaj New Shakti GL or 25 litres, the performance indicators remains the same because of the technology and engineering used in these home appliances. Their price may vary but as far as the product is from Bajaj, pricing would be economical and there won’t be any dent on your monthly budget because of higher rates. If you are looking to buy one, click here to check prices on Amazon India where you can easily place your order at affordable rates.



AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater (Multicolor):

Winter is few months away and pre-planning everything beforehand is indeed a relief because it helps an individual to sort out things properly. Same is the case with finding a reliable and cost-effective water heater that can help you to spend winters without any difficulty or displeasure. This article has been exclusively dedicated to those users who are pursuing a quality water heater with storage tank (having the capacity to preserve 15+ litres of hot water). If you are reading this, you are at the right part of internet at absolutely right time. Miracles do happen and in your case, it just did because this post will explain all the salient features of a water heating device that allows you to use hot water.

Who doesn’t like hot and warm water in chilly winters? I am sure no one disagree with me because a shot shower is the best thing one can imagine. Looking for hot showers and bath? Expecting to have hot water at your disposal on instant basis? Tired of paying bills and looking forward to buy a product that consumes less electricity to boil water? Well, this post is one stop shop for you.

Hence, if you are willing to install a quality product then it is highly recommended to have the perfect heating solution for your home/apartment. You should try AO Smith HSE-SDS 15 litres 2000 Watt Water Heater. This device is mounted vertically so you don’t have to put a lot of effort while installing it except a few technicalities. Moreover, this device offers instant hot water along with storage capacity of 15 to 25 litres of water. So, if you are living with a family of 5 – 10 people or you are residing in a shared place, this home appliance is the perfect answer of your problems.

Low electricity consumption, higher outcome / result, prolonged preservation of hot water, elegant design. This home appliance by A.O. Smith is the best choice and the water heater comes along with a better warranty claims. You need to visit Amazon to confirm cost and warranty of this appliance by clicking here.


It doesn’t matter how picky you are, there is always a need of considering pros and cons of an appliance before its purchase. Same is the case with HSE-SDS water heater in India. Below are some major points that should be kept in mind while making your final selection for water heater.



Advanced Technology


Superior Quality Material


Expert Service Provided


Energy Saver


Warranties / Cost

Unconfirmed. Must visit Amazon to confirm the prices and related offers because these offers varies time to time.

Heater Type



15 – 25 litres

BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) Ratings:

5 Star


2000 watts

Key Features and Specifications of AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater:

As clear by the brands name AO Smith, the company always plan and execute the best products in market and this water heater is one of them. Once after purchasing it, you will be able to save thousands of rupees and time resulting low-cost hot water on instant basis. Given the situation of economy, this isn’t a bad deal at all because at the end, everyone wants a win-win deal. Nothing can beat the idea of investing an amount by purchasing this high performance water heater that will not only save your time and money but store water as well.

Design & Attributes:

The design of this water heater is very unique and holds the required technology and capacity to offer maximum protection to the internal infrastructure of the heater. To avoid corrosion, special elements are used to retain the product for longer duration. Thus, you will be able to get a peaceful shower or long bath with this water heater that requires only 2000 watts of energy.

Above all, the water heating technology used for the manufacturing of this water heating device is extraordinary. Its water storage capacity has been enabled via 8 bar pressure that is enough for multiple portions of a house. Moreover, the assembling items of the heater are highly reliable and holds the ability to sustain all kind of Indian weather conditions.

 Lastly, AO Smith HSE SDS 15 litres 2000 Watt Vertical Water Heater isn’t just a random device but a perfectly balanced and engineered product that can help its buyers to achieve all the required results without any interruption. Do check latest prices at Amazon so that you can place your order for this product right now.



Tips to Buy Best Water Heaters in India Online:

To purchase best water heater in India, you need to be very cautious because there are plethora of brands that are offering such appliances and you need to be very careful about quality, price and durability of the product. Thus, this buying guide will guide you to find the best deal of water heaters online.

Steps to Keep in Mind while purchasing an instant water heater:

  • Size of the product
  • Efficiency
  • Consumption of Gas and Electricity
  • Colour/Design
  • Cost and Warranty


For those who proclaim that size doesn’t matter; well, it actually does while you planning to buy a water heater for your domestic utilization. There are different sizes available but the most reliable one is 26.5 cms X 26.5 cms X 44 cms. Kindly visit the link to get detailed information on this product. You don’t have to buy a large product for small washroom or minimal usage because it will eventually start consuming space and you can’t get much benefit from it. Always choose the water heater that doesn’t look odd after installation.


Efficiency of your installed water heater can beat all odds of being an efficient water heating device by using proper technique and expert opinion while installation the product. There are multiple factors that are involved to get efficient results from an instant water geyser. Few of them are climate of the area, proper installation with quality items to assemble the product, precautionary safety measures and consumption of gas etc.

Consumption of Gas and Electricity:

Energy efficiency of a water heater is determined by its energy factor i.e. EF and it depends on the quantity of hot water being produced per unit of electricity/gas used for whole day. Higher the Energy Factor, more the efficiency of the product and vice versa.

To choose the best deal, make sure that you are being considerate to calculate the efficiency of the heater and its cost per annum. If it exceeds your budget, don’t buy the product and simple go for other related recommended items. This will not only help you to save electricity but a large amount of gas as well.

How an Instant Water Heater Works?

If you are willing to buy this heater, it is highly recommended to understand the mechanism of this product. This type of water heater is also known as Tankless water heater or instant water heater because they don’t require a drum to heat water through gas. Electricity is used in an efficient way to heat the water. Hence, this product is highly efficient because it saves you a lot of money and time.

These water heaters are capable of heating water instantly without using storage tank. Whenever you open the tap to get warm water, the gas burner automatically generates a spark with the electronic element and flame is produced that starts heating water abruptly. Although, it offers quick supply of hot water but the flow rate is a bit low. Around 3000 wattage of energy is required along with 230 volts electric supply.

FAQs about Gas Geysers in India:

There are always queries regarding the quality and working of the product while purchasing via internet. Same is the case with gas geysers in India. People are prone to ask very basic and technical questions for their satisfaction. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are being asked every now & then to buy best gas geysers in India.


The process is very simple. It requires a Tank to store water for heating purpose, Combustion (to ignite Gas) and air flow the heat water instantly.

Well, this may seem a little unfortunate but such issues arise when you are using the gas geyser inappropriately. To get this issue resolved, you need to call the mechanic to fix it simply change the thermocouple and get it repaired. It can be done fairly in fractions of minutes by simply removing the assembly of burner with great care and replacing the thermocouple when it’s not too hot. However, it is highly suggested to hire a plumber for the fixation purposes.

Yes, this water geyser is equipped with automatic ignition system.

Rated heat load for this gas water geyser is 12 Kw and dry battery used for the ignition process is 1.5VX2 nos.

In the end, it is pretty clear that the idea behind manufacturing best gas geyser in India that too in the form of electric water heaters is to offer the comfort at economical rates. Along with hot water therapy bath, the idea behind its manufacturing is to ensure the completion of multiple domestic tasks without any trouble.