bedroom sampleAh. Finally, we’re talking of the room that helps you rest, the room you want to go to when your day is over, in which room you sleep, we will be covering that room. The bedroom. First priority is to recognize the needs of the person whose bedroom it is. Is it of a teenager? An adult or a kid? Would you need bunk beds? Would you need pink themed fairies and hearts ? or would you need cars and superhero themes?


bed sampleThere are a variety of beds to choose from. You have various sizes – king size, queen size, etc. Bunk bed, foldable beds, beds that come out like drawers, etc. what kind of mattresses? what kinds of bed sheets ? should the bed have hidden drawers or storage ? should the bed have legs or should it be covered till the floor? do you need a headboard? You can even DIY it! It all boils down to what kind of bed? The following link provides you with the answers to all such questions that arise in your mind.


closet sampleCloset is the second place you will walk into in the morning. Walk in closet? Do you have space for it? What will you do with the clothes? Hang them or fold them in a shelf ? Do you want a different closet for shoes ? or will you adjust them in a shelf there? Do you want drawers that will contain your jewellery or watches or sunglasses? Do you want to hang your jewellery? Do you want a mirror? Should it be small or huge?  Closets need to be user-friendly and organized so that every morning you feel like wearing good clothes. The quantity of clothes and size of wardrobe is irrespective. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny wardrobe, you can always make it look beautifully organized. Moreover, instead of clothes, there are many other things also which are harboured in a closet like shoes, ties, jewellery, watches, purses, etc. One more choice that you need to make is whether you want it attached to the bathroom so that you can dress just out of the shower.

All these questions will be answered by you and we will assist you in it.

Seating area

bedroom seating area sampleDo you want a small cozy space near the window? A small cozy place where you can drink tea or coffee and read a book while relaxing ? or do you want some comfortable chairs ? what kind of chairs? huge cozy ones or small formal ones? Or do you want one setti? Or do you want a mattress on the floor which can double up as a seating place? What is your idea of relaxing? include that element in your bedroom. There are so many choices. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your seating area. With our assistance, you might be able to find the correct one for you.


tvDo you even want a TV in your bedroom? that is the first question. The questions that follow are that what type? what size? 32 inch? 40 inch? Or just one full-blown up TV of 40 inches? Would you want to underground such that it emerges on the click of a remote control button? wouldn’t that be so cool? Would you require soundbars? if yes, where will they go? How will you manage all the wires without making them look messy?


wall sampleDo you want them subtle or do you want them loud? Do you want a huge picture frame or small ones making a collage? Or do you want some amazing paintings to adore the walls? It’s all up to you. Should the walls have Windows? What kind of Curtains or covers?

The following link will assist you in making the right choices.


What kind of lights do you want? We all obviously prefer LEDs. But then again, do you want smart LEDs? Which change colour on the click of a button from your phone. And even can change dimness or intensity of light.

Do you want lamps ? should they be attached to the wall along the bed? Or do you want them on the nightstand ?

Do you want a huge lamp as a statement piece ? or do you want some lights hanging from the ceiling. Do you want fairy lights adoring the walls?

For kids’ room, you can attach those shine in the dark stars on the ceiling. They give a great night sleep to your children as they give the allusion of a starry night.

Night stands

night stand sampleHow big should they be? Do you want stands on both sides of the bed? Or someplace else? Do you want it to have drawers? Or just simple glass tops? Should they contain any lights or lamps? Do you want a quick dressing table in your bedroom? one with a few urgent accessories or appliances. One with a huge or small mirror so that you can glance in it one last time before you leave.

We will help you decide this on the basis of our other blog linked below. You may refer to it for suggestions and information as to how you should style your night stands.


Do you want one ? should it cover the whole room or should it be smaller? Should it cover the seating area? Should it be below the bed?


This advice is for privileged people only, who have lots of funds. Some people find water as a relaxing element. You can have tough glass floors which have water and lights under them. When needed, you could open one of the glass windows and soak your feet and relax at the moment. One could even get fishes into them. This could be your very own personal spa. The spa fishes which are supposed to take away the dirt from your feet while making you feel relaxed would be a great choice. However, do this only if you’re sure that someone will always take care of them.


This was our gist of all the blogs that contain information on how you can beautify your bedroom.