Best Memory Foam Mattress In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you looking for the best memory foam mattress to help you sleep the most relaxed sleep? This guide will take you through all the critical points of a memory foam mattress, what to expect, and what to choose as the best memory foam mattress in India!

Have you been contemplating on what best memory foam mattress to buy? A good night’s sleep is a luxury that everyone loves, and memory foam mattresses can help you get one of the most luxurious nights of sleep of your life. The market place is full of countless product mattresses, one of the best-being memory foam. But still, a myriad of people pair their memory foam experience with something they would have likely avoided. Speaking about memory foam, it is essential to know that the product has been in the business for about two decades now. What initially came to be known as memory foam was a combination of uncomfortably soft and viciously hot foam. Luckily, the quality has improved manifold, and today, memory foam mattresses are used for orthopedics and in locations of scorching temperatures to get the best cool and comfortable sleep experience. 

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Emma Mattress - Comfort King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Livpure Naturale Ayurvedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Here is how technology redefined memory foam

Also known as temper and viscoelastic poly foam, memory foam is technically a polyurethane product. The different property that sets this foam mattress apart from others is its viscoelastic properties. Made with compounds other than just foam, viscoelastic foam is a combination of viscous, thick properties for support and yet elastic and shape conforming for a comfortable sleep experience. But the best part is the modern-day added compounds that have transformed this otherwise too soft and hot mattress into a breathable and firm enough material of the perfect bedding. The mattress allows the weight of your body to distribute equally around the mattress surface, reduces pressure points on hips and shoulders while sleeping, and has foam retention ability to fit the individual sleeper perfectly. The airflow materials that made all the difference in memory foam mattresses help air circulation and ample heat distribution help to not sweat while resting. 

Types of memory foam mattresses

Traditional memory foam mattress

Known as the traditional foam mattress as this was what most people associate with memory foam mattresses, the conventional mattress has a closed-cell design. Incredibly insulating and body heat capturing, use these mattresses only if you live in an unusually cold place. Conventionally, these mattresses do not have any cooling gel or added compounds for a night of better sleep.

Gel memory foam mattress:

The gel foam mattresses add the goodness of memory foam mattress to a calm, comfortable sleep. Your body will not overheat during sleeping, and you will not sweat excessively because the gel foam will distribute the body heat and lower the temperature. Hence, this is recommended as the best memory foam mattresses in India, keeping the tropical climate in view.

Open-cell memory foam mattress

One of the best memory foam mattresses you will come around, open-call memory foam mattresses are made of excellent breathable material that allows steady air circulation for a cooling effect. The open-cell pattern also allows for a fair bodyweight distribution; hence is suitable for people who have trouble sleeping in their desired sleeping positions.

Benefits of buying a memory foam mattress

Exceptional support

Conventionally, memory foam mattresses are thought to be excruciatingly soft, with no support whatsoever. But now, foam mattresses are made with high-density foam, which provides ample support yet does not render it too firm. When combined with a firm base layer, the viscoelastic material, otherwise not too supporting, can exceptionally carry and conform to the sleeper’s comfort, creating the perfect soft to firm balance. If layers such as copper or gel beads are added, not only does the support increase but so does the relative ease of sleeping. 

Orthopedic uses

Memory foam mattresses presently excel at their sleeping comfort, providing doctors with the capability to recommend them for orthopedic uses. Anyone who suffers from heightened joint aches can comfortably find their sleep haven with a memory foam mattress. The material allows the perfect sinking into a luxurious feeling and provides the support that a pained body will be requiring. 

Relieves pressure points

It is the most annoying to wake up in the middle of what could be a deep sleep to realize that your hips or shoulders have gone sore from carrying the brunt of the weight as you slept. A memory foam mattress does not allow pressure points to build up and provides an equal bodyweight distribution. This, however, takes the pressure off your joints and helps you sleep without a second’s discomfort. Secondly, the layers are set to allow for ease of motion isolation not to disturb your sleeping partner. 

What to consider before you buy the mattress?

You can never be too prepared to make a life-altering change, such as getting a new bed mattress that might redefine your sleep. But, with these tips to remember, you can be prepared enough. We have come up with two more points that could help a bit in your buying guide:

Layer density and thickness

Look for the layer densities that will support your body weight the best. Also remember that thicker layers are suitable for heftier people, while thinner mattresses are usually comfortable for thin people. 

Adjustment period

Do look for a free adjustment period of at least 30 days to make sure the mattress is comfortable.

Here are a few recommended best memory foam mattresses for you

Emma Mattress - Comfort King Size Memory Foam Mattress

The award-winning Emma mattress is made with Airgocell foam, which allows for the best air circulation and the mattress layers provide for just the right sleeping alignment you will require. If you have struggled with fume odors from mattresses or can not sleep on a synthetic material, it will help to know that the Emma mattresses are made from organic and vegan materials. These materials ensure that no allergies are triggered, and mostly, the vegan materials provide that you get no bed acne. The zipped cover you can remove, paired with the 100 days free trial and 20 years warranty, are features to kill for.



Livpure Naturale Ayurvedic Memory Foam Mattress

You can never go wrong with the perfect combination of Ayurveda and technology, and Livpure strikes just the right balance. Its six to eight-inch thick mattresses are made with a natural memory foam rather than synthetic material. The top cover of the mattress is infused with sandalwood and lavender for a rejuvenating experience, and natural sourcing reduces carbon footprint. The bacteria and dirt repelling bed is an authentic experience to sleep on. 



Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

You can not experience the utmost comfort sleeping if you have not yet invested in Wakefit’s dual-surface mattress. The high-density memory foam is perfect for orthopedic patients and provides the right support for ensuring a pain-free night. The mattress is therapeutic, as you will instantly feel relaxed and calm as you come in touch with its soft bedding. It comes with optimal air inflow to lower the temperature and reduce heat buildup, hence the best memory foam mattresses in India. It is one of the most recommended mattresses by doctors to decrease back pain.