Living Room

Living Room

living room sampleThe living room is the room that makes an impression on any visitor. Generally, living rooms are the rooms that you enter first. They are where the entry door is located, and usually, they are the ones where the garden doors are attached too.

In this blog, we cover all the links of other blogs that will make your living room a paradise.

Below is a checklist of things you should keep in mind while decorating your living room

How to style windows in your living room?

windows sampleRefer to the blog in order to know which window suits which type of room. Should you have various smaller windows or one large one?

Colour Scheme

home color sampleMost people go along and just place different pieces in the drawing-room that they find attractive. That’s where it makes a difference. A color-coded, the proper color is chosen living room gives the vibes of an interior designed by a professional. The following link takes you to a blog that will explain very well how you should color code your living room.

Seating area

home seating area sampleShould you have a sofa or a couch? Multiple chairs or stools? There is so much to choose from; you can get all creative and have ample of fun with this. What kind of cushions do you want ? do you want them at all ? do you need a convertible, multi-purpose sofa? That converts into a bigger couch on making a few amendments and even into a full-blown mattress according to your needs.

The following blog contains not only recommendations as to what you should try, but it also explains what kind of sofa or couch or chairs or stool or setti would be appropriate for you.


television sampleWhat size? What type? How sleek? Should you install speakers separately? Where should it go? On a stand or attached to the wall? Soundbars or speakers? Soundbars near the television or near the sofa? What size of tv do you need? 32 inch, 40 inches or do you want to go full-blown size of 65 inches? Do you want it connected to the internet? Do you want Netflix, amazon prime, etc. on it? What quality? HD or 4K? There are so many questions to be answered.

The following blog answers all your questions. We have a guide as to how you should choose your idiot box, and it’s speakers.

Carpets and Rugs

carpet sampleShould you do them at all? Many small rugs ? or one huge carpet ? should you carpet the floor below the sofa or not? The following blog explains what you should do according to the size of your living room to make it look the best.

Statement Pieces

Many small intricate ones ? or big and bold but a few only. All this largely depends on the vibe you’re going for. There is also lots of potential with DIY statement pieces for your living room. Should you have cookie jars? Should you have a pool table?

We have attached specific recommendations for your living room in the following blog. You may check it out for full-on research on how to choose your statement pieces and what you should put in your living room.

What to do with the walls?

wall sampleWhat kind of paint do you want on them? You have the option of painting them beautifully. You may also make it a display album by putting photo frames over them, which contain pictures of memorable times. Or you could hang paintings. It all depends on your style.

Click on the below link for a full-fledged blog on what you should do with the living room walls. A collage? A painting ? or just paint?


lighting sampleWhat kind of lighting should you have? Should you have bulbs? Lamps? If lamps, then what kind of lamps? Huge or small? Fairy lights? Lights attached to the ceiling? Lights that can change color? or lights that can change the intensity of brightness? Smart LEDs can change color and brightness according to your instructions on your smartphone.

You may refer to the link we provide to know more about the topic.


curtains sampleWhat kind of curtains should you hang? Should they touch the floor or not?

Click on the link below to get full-fledged knowledge in this area.

Centre Table

home table sampleGlass top? Transparent? Wooden or not? What size? Should you even have one? Round or square or hexagonal? What shape ? should it have a single support pillar or four legs ? should it have just one top shelf, or should there be shelves beneath it ? should it have drawers ? should it have a cabinet below it ? should you buy one that transforms into a bigger one?

Below we provide our best-chosen tables and recommendation that you can buy online to make your centerpiece a masterpiece. We also cover how you should decorate your center table. Click on the link below for more info.


All this was a small gist of what we have in our minds. You may explore more blogs to know more about how to give your living room a makeover. After all, it is the room that shows how classy and well rounded your personality is. A well-dressed living room gives the impression of a well-sorted, chic lifestyle that you live in.  So make sure you do complete research before giving your living room a makeover and making it a masterpiece for impressing your guests. Who will be shocked by the lifestyle you enjoy.