veranda sampleVerandas for Indian households generally means a raised or ground platform which has a shed, in the front side of the house, usually facing the garden. This blog is an index of how you can style your veranda and garden.


veranda seating sampleThere is so much to choose from. You can go from normal, perpendicular chairs to hammocks to big couches to those relaxing chairs you find near the swimming pool or beach. If you have a swimming pool, you must consider buying the relaxing seats along with the shed umbrellas.

There is a lot of variety when looking for chairs. The colour and texture matter a lot. But before going big, think. Are you making the right choice? The seating area will be prone to all sorts of weather absurdities. The dusty stormy winds, the rain, the sun and the cold. None of these will care how expensive your seats are.  The solutions are – either you have some way of completely protecting your veranda – then you can decorate it with whatever you want, without hesitating. Or, you could have seats which are resistant to all of these, they might be less comfortable for you, but they will keep your wallet in a convenient spot – while buying as well as while further maintenance. Such seats come in the category of plastic seats. They are very easy to clean and they will not absorb anything either.

Follow the link to know more. We will guide you through all your questions and help you pick the right seating arrangement.


veranda flooring sampleYou have a variety of options. You can go all natural with wooden flooring. Or you may try tiles. Large tiles, small tiles, tiles with pattern or just single colour tiles. You could even go for a regular cemented floor or even fake grass.

Follow our link below to gain more information and help in this matter. We will hold your hand and guide you through the journey of decorating your veranda’s ground.


veranda lighting sampleIt is considered a general rule to have a light lamp type ( a small kind of chandelier, which is more straightforward than the larger ones) at the centre of the veranda ceiling  -hanging. You could have a centrepiece which is large and provides enough light to be the only one. Or you could have many smaller ones spread evenly over the ceiling. These days chandeliers even come with speakers ( connectivity via Bluetooth ), and they have different modes, you may change colours and intensity.

Some sorts of lamps can be spread over the boundary of the veranda, or around the entry in the garden. The idea is to have cylindrical poles with lights on them. You could also have hanging lights from trees; they look beautiful too.

You can have hanging lights or fairy lights or lights which are attached to the ground or lamps which are connected to the pillars/ walls. There is a variety of options to choose from.

We will guide you through the process. All you have to do is ask for help. Click on the following link to get the a to z of how you can arrange lighting in your veranda.

Closing gates

veranda closing gates sampleIf you cannot compromise on the seats and decoration in the veranda, you need to protect your decoration. For that, you may install automatic closing gates which close on the click of a button. And open to non-existent state back again when you need. If not all that, either compromise on décor or make sure that everything is shifted into safety before sleeping every night. The latter will be a very difficult extra chore


veranda swing sampleA swing is a very general rule for a veranda. You could have one of those big ones, or you could hang multiple swings which are for a single person. This also doubles up as a pleasant seating idea. There are many hanging seats which make your veranda look spectacular.

The following link will open new options for you where we guide and help you in picking the right kind of swing for you.


veranda table sampleMany people prefer having tables in their veranda as it has a practical use as well as a decorative purpose. You should go for a safer option out there. You can go all bling and expensive on the one that is kept in your living room. As far as a table for veranda is concerned, you should avoid glass at all cost. Wood and plastic should be your best friends in making the right choice. Better if it’s plastic as it won’t age even with rain and will deliver better results.

However, if you have the option of a veranda that closes at night with protective gates, you are free to choose other materials. We still suggest keeping away from glass, though.

You can follow the following link for we will guide you through the process of making this critical selection.


veranda doors sampleWill the veranda open up to the house, right? So it will be attached to the house through a door or entrance. What size? What colour? What material?

The following link will provide you with more information on what kind of door you should pick.


Here are some other ideas.

  • You can have incense sticks. There are solid incense sticks available for the gardens that provide sweet fragrance. Mostly they are used for parties.
  • You should have some insect repellant handy. Since gardens are a party place for insects, they have high chances of entering your veranda. Keep the spray handy or the coils and other equipment also.
  • Plants, flowers, pots, etc. there is a place for them in the garden though, but if you want the veranda to look even more natural, go for some plants that might make it look better. You can have a cute little section of succulents too.


We have tried our best to provide you will all the information we could gather, we hope all this info helps you decorate your veranda well!