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At Prodhut, we have spent numerous hours researching ​smart home products​, ​best products for your home​, home appliances, and ​small kitchen accessories​. We did all this to help you get products that make life better​. From best toilet seats to best water heaters, best study tables to best study computers, best juicers to best washing machines, etc., we covered everything that could make your life easier. At Prodhut, we have even discussed features, pros & cons, and FAQs for products related to specific topics. All these products can be found on Amazon.in.

Prodhut is a list of the best gear and gadgets for buyers who want to buy the best thing while saving time and avoiding the stress of figuring out what to buy. Anything that you need, be it a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, or a chimney, we make shopping for you easy by telling you the best one to get.

Why Prodhut Before Buying Anything?

At Prodhut, we review the best products that you could even find on Amazon. We do all this to help you make your home a better place to live. So the question remains the same – why you should refer to Prodhut before making a buying decision. At Prodhut, we go into the depth of the product and present you with its pros & cons, specifications, and answers to general queries. This, in turn, helps the customer get a better product after comparing the same appliance with different brands. We don’t present the information in limited words. Instead, we share almost everything about that particular product.

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Prodhut’s recommendations are made only after vigorously reporting, interviewing, and testing by teams of researchers. You can consider Prodhut best-of-all for everyday things. The Prodhut is a curated gallery built with only interesting, useful objects and your geeky friend with ultra-level research skills who tests and reports almost everything related to your everyday life. We only discuss stuff that is created by designers and engineers. The whole motive is to make you buy the best gear quickly and easily so you can get on with living your life.
At Prodhut, we pride ourselves on following proper journalistic standards and ethics. The editorial team entirely makes Prodhut’s recommendations, and our writers and editors are never made aware of any business relationship with any brand.

So do we focus on only the best things?

At Prodhut, we focus on what we think is best for most people. We don’t only look for the most feature-packed gadgets or the most elegant finishes in home goods. We focus on the things that will fit best into the lives of everyday people who are looking for it.
The final list of things is a list of choices that we have made with our team. This whole process took weeks and months of research and years of expertise with a wide variety of gear. We even include interviews and data from the best editorial sources around, in addition to our knowledge and expertise. We also seek help from scientists, designers,
engineers, and other subject-matter experts. Nowadays, buyers tend to go through customer reviews of the product as these are the real-life experiences of people with that product. To make our lists more helpful to the buyers, we include customer reviews from the Amazon India website. We even attach answers to some common queries related to that particular product. These FAQ’s clear some questions that strike most buyers at the time of buying.
Most gears that we choose are certainly not top-of-the-line products that are overpriced and come with a bundle of junk features. Prodhut aims to recommend ​smart home products that are of high quality to warrant the prices instead of products that cost more for extra features you will rarely make use of.
The products that we choose are the products that we would recommend to our family, friends, and ourselves. We only select ​products that make life better are must-have home products​.

Get complete information with any biased review?

All the choices are made only after extensive research procedures that our team follows. The products recommended by us to the visitors are the result of our analysis, research, testing, and interviews. Our business is often but not always supported through an affiliate commission from the retailer when visitors make the purchase.
If the visitor returns their purchased product because they aren’t satisfied with it, we make no money from it. We don’t get any extra incentive for picking inferior quality products – in fact, it’s the opposite. We believe it’s a fair system that keeps us committed to serving our visitors first.
Trust from our visitors is the most important thing for us. If we recommend something because we are lazy or biased, visitors like you won’t support our work – make will make everything hard for us. We also invite our visitors to fact-check our pieces. Every product our team picked is done after spending time and energy on researching, interviewing industry experts, and testing the products. Often, this takes dozens of hours, to select the best products. Our guide clearly shows all the evidence that we recommend any product, so you can judge for yourself. Our recommendations from choosing the ​best products for your home to ​buying guide for home appliances are hand-picked by our expert writers and editors after doing hours of research on products. We are always committed to recommending the best products to our visitors. Our product recommendations are completely unbiased.

Home Appliances Buying Guide

The importance of CCTV cameras in our homes, offices, schools, and public places is beyond borders. CCTV camera does not only help you watch the security of your home but also works as an extra eye for you.
Here are the Top 5 Best CCTV cameras for your home

Intake of purified water daily is an essential element of healthy living. A water purifier is a product design to filter out hidden particles from the water, remove harmful chemicals, water gases, suspended solids, and biological contaminants. A water purifier is one of the most important ​small kitchen accessories​.
Here are the Best Water Purifiers for your home

Vacuum cleaners are not less than a blessing when it’s the time to clean carpets, couches, and even floor. So there is no chance of quarreling with the maid over inefficient work or her off days. Vacuum cleaners are the only way not to waste much time and do hassle-free cleaning jobs.
Here are the Best Vacuum Cleaners for your home

A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan attached to the ceiling of your home. The fan is suspended from the roof of the room in order to circulate the air inside the room. There are certain factors that you need to understand before buying a ceiling fan.
Here are the Best Ceiling Fans for your home

Gone are the days, when people used to have refrigerators only to preserve food in it. Nowadays, refrigerators bundled with a lot of innovative features that aim to make your everyday life smooth and easy. Learn every aspect of the refrigerator that you need to consider before buying one. This ​home appliance buying guide will discuss every detail about the basic and advanced features of refrigerators.
Refrigerator Buying Guide

Washing machines have become the most important home appliance nowadays. People nowadays prefer washing their clothes using a washing machine as it saves a lot of time and effort. Washing machines also come with a lot of innovative and must-have features that you really need to look for in an ideal washing machine.
Buying Guide for Washing Machines

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations are very common in our country. But fighting this problem is very easy with the help of a voltage stabilizer. Voltage stabilizers prevent your appliances from getting damaged after voltage fluctuations or power cuts.
How to Choose Voltage Stabilizer for your home

We have divided the sewing machine buying guide into four different types of machines i.e. handheld, electronic, mechanical, and mechanical with foot controllers. In this buying guide, you will find everything related to a sewing machine.
Best Sewing Machines in India

Having a home with almost all the facilities is a costly state of affairs nowadays. But technology gets advanced every minute and things seem to be getting easier day by day. Inexpensive yet useful gadgets are coming to the market to make your life comfortable. Know about the best budget ​smart home products​ to buy.
Best Budget Smart Home Gadgets to Buy

Small Kitchen Accessories

Chimneys play a major role in our kitchens and are as important as a gas cooker. Kitchen chimneys not only enhance the grace of your kitchen but also help you cook your food easily by sucking all the steam and smoke.
Here are the Best Kitchen Chimneys

Dishwashers are becoming very popular in our country. Dishwashers play a major role in the kitchen as it is very useful when it comes to washing dishes.
Here are the Best Dishwashers in India

Exhaust fans are the machines that evacuate steam, smoke, or scents from a room or house. Exhaust fans can be mounted on a wall, and the face should be in an outward direction. Learn everything about exhaust fans and top exhaust fans in India.
Exhaust Fans for Kitchens in India

It is just like a mini oven used to bake cakes, make toasts, and is also used to reheat a small amount of food. OTG has heating elements both on its ceiling and the roof of the Oven. To grill some food items, you are required to heat the top coil.

Best OTG in India


A Microwave is one of the most important ​small kitchen appliances used for heating up foods. These machines can also be defined as an electric oven that is used to heat and even prepare your food. It helps with electromagnetic radiation technology in the frequency range. There are different types of Oven. Solo Oven, Grill oven, Convection oven. Know everything related to microwaves here.
Here are the Best Microwaves in India

There’s an innovation called the induction stove, and these items are flawless. The induction stove is widely used in India to prepare foods. The induction stove can be defined as an item that uses direct induction to heat cooking vessels. Induction cookers produce rapid temperature and high power to cook.
Here are the Best Induction Stoves in India

There are many topics when it has to do with Coffee. Coffee has a lot of benefits to the human body. So many people tend to have a coffee maker at their home.
Here are the Best Coffee Making Machines in India