What Is The Star Rating In A Refrigerator?

Before purchasing a fridge, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. One such concept is the refrigerators and the star rating related to it.

Most people nowadays do not have proper knowledge of digital appliances, especially when it comes to internal parts. Most of them look for an easy way to judge the quality of a refrigerator or any other digital types of equipment to be an easy option. To make it easier for the people, some of the refrigerator manufacturers have come up with the concept of star rating. This star rating is essential for analyzing the refrigerator’s energy consumption so that you need not worry about the watts and volts when purchasing a fridge. This feature makes the concept of buying the refrigerator much more comfortable and quicker.

What is an energy rating?

Usually, when you go in for purchase, you will be constantly bombarded with options like four stars and three stars. They are nothing but the amount of energy consumed by the refrigerator. This concept was introduced by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and is commonly used in digital appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. When you have a single star rating, it means that the refrigerator’s energy consumption is Greater, and you will have an increased electricity bill at the end of the month. Similarly, when the appliance has a 5-star rating, it means that the energy consumption is good, and the product is economical for constant usage. 

Usually, these 5 star rated appliances will be of a high cost compared to the single star rating appliances. But remember when you are using them for 10 to 15 years, the price difference will be lesser when compared to the electricity bill you receive at the end. Typically refrigerators are items that will be functioning all day all time without any interruption. So it would be easier for you to calculate the amount of energy consumed every year by the product depending upon their star rating. Given below are the details of energy consumption based upon the star rating. 

Star Rating

Energy consumed (KWh)

1 star


2 star


3 star


4 star


5 star


Nearly 99% of the companies nowadays do not manufacture single and double start refrigerators because they do not prefer them despite the low price. So most of the brands have models with three stars, four stars, and a 5-star rating. Choosing one of them will be a wise choice when it comes to refrigerators and air conditioners.