Different Ways To Decorate Your Home With Newspapers

Do you like to decorate your home with waste newspapers? Read this article for the complete tips to decorate your home.

You might get a newspaper daily at your home, so you might have a stack of it. You can sell it or recycle it for several other uses. You can use these stacks of newspapers to cover the walls or to make aesthetic wall décor pieces. Newspapers work best to give a fresh and spiced up look to any particular space of your room. You don’t have to be a magician to decorate or make creative things with reusable material. Any of the following DIY’s can be done by a fresher; however, you need to figure out which project newspaper decorations you would like to try out first – 

Personalized Wall Art

Instead of going out shopping a piece of wall art with an aesthetic newspaper look, you can make one by yourself. Look for something in the newspaper that would catch your eye, then use it and display it in a wooden frame. It is a cheap way to redecorate old picture frames into something new and aesthetically beautiful.

Makeshift Side Table

You must have done this before with books, so why can’t you do it with newspapers? It is quite a simple and inexpensive way to give an edge to your room without any overpowering piece of furniture. Fold all the newspapers in one style and start placing it on each other in a particular direction. That’s it, what you have to do to get an edge. It would look adorable sitting up in your space. 

Newspaper Wallpaper

You can utilize the old newspapers for covering any one wall of your bedroom like the accent wall, or the best option is to redecorate your office wall. Separate each sheet of the newspaper and start pasting it. You would require a mixture of fevicol and water to paste it on the wall. You must apply a layer of resin to make it long-lasting. Have an eco-friendly, semi-modern, and creative look to your space with newspaper walls. 

DIY Framing Of Mirror

It is yet another exciting way to reuse the old newspaper or magazines to turn boring your mirrors into something special. Cut out strips of newspaper or magazine and roll them into tight pipes. Make plenty of them and stick them together in a frame structure using hot glue. Fix your mirror on the back of the frame and Ta-Da! You have a brand new mirror wall decor with a newspaper. 

Give A New Twist To Your Lampshade.

Are you bored with your old lampshade, or are you trying to cover up a few irreversible stains? Then, newspapers would prove to be a handy solution for you. Take the newspaper and the mixture of water and fevicol to restore your old lampshade into a new subtle piece of art. It would not make you look tacky, but it would outstanding enough that everyone would notice in the right way. Take your lampshade and cut down small pieces of newspaper. Apply a layer of the fevicol and water mixture on the lampshade and start to apply newspaper cuttings in one direction. One of your shades is covered; you are good to place it back on the lamp. 

Give A Dynamic Look To The Switch Plates

It is a cute little DIY project that you can do to make your room different than others. Using newspaper cuttings to cover up the switch plates is an easy and eco-friendly way to decorate little things in your place. You can decorate the places that receive the least attention by cutting out pieces of newspaper according to the switch plate’s size and shape. 

Newspaper Wallpaper DIY Wreath

The newspaper wreath is neutral and can be placed on the wall during any season, be it festive or non-festive. If you are into craft and DIY stuff, you can try your hand on this little DIY wreath. It is a feministic and chic style DIY that would look over the top with the addition of cutesy colors. It is unnecessary to stick to the DIY rose idea; you can try your hand on any other type of wreath. Go online and check out the tutorials for various kinds of newspaper wallpaper DIY wreath. 

Newspaper Decoration

You can use various designs to decorate your home with colorful newspaper hangings. Cut down thick strips of newspapers of different sizes and stick them together into a heart shape. Place a thread in between the two pieces of the newspaper for adding an accent to hang it on the door, window, or wall. It is a cheap and creative way to add decorative pieces of items at your place.

Process of recycling paper to create a beautiful handmade sheet for decoration

Apart from all the above reuses of the newspaper, it would rank first in your line. With the following process, you can use papers or newspapers along with few other decorative times to create a beautiful and astounding piece of handmade sheet. You can use this innovative, fun, and inexpensive journey of craftwork to create a useful, unique, and handmade product for benefiting your community. 

What paper can you use for recycling?

Apart from waxed cardboard, you can use pretty much any kind of paper as a magazine, newspaper, construction paper, old mails, paper bags and towels, toilet paper, napkins, and non-waxed cardboard.  

What decorative items you can use to create a unique thing?

It is totally up to your choice! There are many of other things that you can add to it to give a decorative look. If you are making this sheet for the gift wrapping purpose, then you can add some vegetable or flower seeds that can be planted once the agenda of the paper is completed. Otherwise, you can use the following few things –Flower petals, foil, thread, string or yarn, lint, liquid starch (for making the paper writable), delicate leaves, or grass. 

The next step is to build the fame:

When you make the paper, you tend to gather the pulp into any structure for creating a rough product by drying the poured pulp. The shape of the paper is entirely in your hands. For making the frame, you can use duct tape, an old window screen, or you can lightly staple the screen to the frame to make a mold. Another way is to bend a wired hanger into any shape of your choice and then apply pantyhose around it to make it work as a screen. 

Steps to make the handmade paper:

To enhance the décor of your home , you can use handmade paper. With beautiful handmade papers, you can try many new décor ideas.Follow the below given steps, through which you can make a pulp of the old paper into a brand new decorative piece of handmade paper. 

  • Cut down the larger pieces of the paper into small bits and pieces. 
  • Take all the bits and put them into a blender. 
  • Once you have added the papers, fill it 2/3rd with warm water. 
  • Start the blender and blend it until you get a smooth pulp. 
  • In case you want to use the paper for writing purposes, then you can get at least two teaspoons of liquid starch. 
  • Now take the liquid paper and allow it dry in a shallow basin or pan. 
  • Then sprinkle the additions on top of the mold. 
  • Shake the mold from side to side in the liquid form to ensure that the paper is leveled. 

You can then use several ways to remove the excess water from the mold: 

  • Removing the mold from the liquid, or flipping it onto the countertop or cutting board
  • Take a sponge to absorb any excess water from the mold. 
  • Another way is to press a cookie sheet on the top of the paper to squeeze out the excess water from the mold. 

Allow the paper to get dried under the new surface. Also, make sure to pour the mold on the flat and smooth surface. 

The paper you would get in return would be useful for many purposes like gifting bags, wrapping paper, greeting cards, or envelopes. You can find out several other different ways to utilize the handmade sheet. 


Hopefully, this article has provided you with the best of the information. Use these ideas to build a decorative, creative, and innovative piece of art for your living space. If you are on a budget or want to try your creative skills, and then go for these options right away!