Best 5 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove In India

The five-burner stores are mostly used in restaurants and large houses that use fit-in technology. So it is necessary to understand the requirements and features before purchasing the glass top stove with five burners.

The glass top stoves are creating a massive sensation in today’s world, and they have replaced nearly 90 % of the stainless steel stoves. One of the main reasons people prefer these glass top models is because of their features and efficiency. They are easy to look after when compared to the standard steel stoves. Despite the introduction of the electric induction stoves people still prefer using the gas top stoves because of their ability to cook faster and evenly. The glass top stoves have been gaining popularity increasingly, and some of the common reasons include, 

Our Top Pick Glass Top Five Burner Gas Stoves In India

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Elica Hob 5 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top - (PRO FB MFC 5B 90 MT FFD)

Bosch Series | 6 90 cm 5 Burners Black Glass Gas Hob (Built-in) PPS9A6B90I

Faber Hobtop Nexus HT905 CRS BR CI 5 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top, Black


One of the main reasons people prefer these glass top gas stoves is because of their designs. These stoves are made up of hardened glass material that gives a stylish look on the top and adds decor to your kitchen. The glass top is surrounded by metal plates that are powder-coated to protect them from external damages like heat and rust. The stoves are available as either a fitted-in model or as a stand-alone model. The fitted in model stoves make the kitchen look more modern and sleek. The sturdy glass material cannot be broken easily, and it is easy to clean with a simple wet cloth. Because of this, the glass top will remain new for an extended period.  

Spill-proof tray and pans

The special spill-proof tray surrounds the burners made up of metal. They are mostly manufactured with stainless steel to prevent the heat from spreading towards the glass top. The steel tray, along with the panhandles, protects the vessels from moving away while cooking. They avoid the wobbling of the vessels and prevents the spilling of food. They are used to make the cleaning process more comfortable. Some stoves have these steel plates fixed to the stove, but in some designs, they can be removed and washed separately. The pans are also set in some and removable in others. So, depending upon your cleaning and cooking choice. 

Number of burners

One of the essential requirements in a stove is the burner. Based on your usage criteria, the number of burners used will vary. They are stoves with many burners from a simple single burner stove to 5 burner stove. If you are searching for a model that you can permanently fix on your kitchen slab, then it is essential to buy a stove with more burners than you require as it might be useful in the future. So purchasing a four-burner or five-burner stove can look like a waste of money for a nuclear family in the current situation, but in the future, it might be useful when the family expands. 


The size is one of the most underrated features while purchasing a gas stove. But it also becomes an essential factor while you are trying to place them in a small kitchen or while fitting in a small space slab. It is necessary to have a stove that is of low weight and correct size that suits your needs. The size of the stove should be in such a way that they can be easily moved from one place to another. 


The cost of the gas top stoves will vary depending upon their features and material. But the value is more or less equal to the stainless steel stoves. Despite them being a bit costly people still purchase this model because of their use and design. The reason is they can last forever and be your money’s worth. These designs will never be out of fashion, and hence you can use them for decades without worrying. 


Even though they are a small part of the stove, they also play an essential role in the functions of the stove. The knobs are made up of Nylon material that is resistant to heat and pressure. They can withstand the heat produced by long hours of cooking, and sometimes the knobs are also made up of other heat resistant metals. These knobs of broken or damaged can be easily replaced, and they are ergonomically fixed to control the flames. 

Ignition system

The glass top stoves contain two types of the ignition system. One is the standard ignition system where the flame is induced using a regular match stick or a fire source. The next class is the automatic ignition system where the stove is ignited through automatic electrical sparks that are produced when the knob is turned to switch on the gas. While purchasing an automatic ignition system, make sure that the stove has safety precaution mechanisms available in case of a spark failure. Sometimes the spark may fail to produce, resulting in the gas leakage. If unnoticed, it might cause an accident. So the stove should have an internal locking system to switch off the gas automatically when the gas is not produced. Even though most of the stoves are fitted in, some stoves can be used with stands. The stands should be equipped with rubber material to prevent the scratching on the surface.

They should also hold the stove in place. Most of 5 burner glasses top stoves are available as a fitting model stove. There are only very limited models that are available as a stand-alone stove. Even if it is a stand-alone stove, it would be difficult to move them around due to their heavyweight. So purchasing a fitting-in model will be much suitable for your uses and these five-burner stoves are more useful in case of heavy cooking or in the restaurants where there is multiple cooking done at the same time. But whichever model you choose it is better to choose the one that is from a good brand and safe to use. Some safety techniques need to be followed while using a gas stove. Read below to understand them clearly in detail.

How to safely use the gas stoves?

The main issue with using the gas stove is their safety. Many gas leakage and blast-related deaths are happening every year. So while using these stoves, it is necessary to be safe and take all the required precautions. One of the most important precautions that need to be taken is keeping a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Using it will reduce the accident due to unexpected fires. The next step is to service the gas stoves regularly every six months. Due to continuous heat and movements, there might be certain loose connections within the stove. So it is necessary to service them regularly to avoid accidents. The tubes connecting the gas stoves with the cylinders should be changed periodically. They may wear and tear during continuous usage resulting in leakage. So, to avoid leakage, it is essential to change them frequently. Safety is more important than anything. If you ever suspect a gas leakage or any type.of leakage in your house then immediately open the windows to let the air out. Also refrain yourself from using match sticks, switching on a fan or light, using mobiles and any other activity that might light a spark to cause the fire. Also, switch off the cylinder and leave the place. Always keep your cylinder switched off when you have completed cooking. Follow all these instructions regularly and keep the emergency contact at hand in case of any troubles. 

Elica Hob 5 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top - (PRO FB MFC 5B 90 MT FFD)

Elica is a world-renowned kitchen appliances manufacturing company that has been producing a variety of designs and products which has been existing in India from the year 2010. The company is working hard to create a variety of kitchen gadgets that are a mixture of Urban and modern designs. The company has received many awards for their innovative designs and technological approach. Their products are sold all over the world, and they have service centres in most of the cities in India. The company started its manufacturing units in India over a decade ago and has been on the market ever since. The company’s latest model glass top gas stove called Elica hob five-burner auto-ignition glass top stove has attracted a lot of customers. This special five-burner fitting in the technology-based stove will add decor to your kitchen. One of the constant worries most of the people have while purchasing a glass top stove that can be fitted in is their durability. Because when there is an immediate repair that needs to be done, then the stove has to be removed from the slab resulting in structural damage. Elica had made sure that their fitted-in glass top stoves would last for a lifetime with their hardened glass and rust-free metal. The stove is preferred by most of the people. This is not just because of the design but also because of its features. Some of the attractive features of this stove include, 

Hardened glass – To ensure durability and easy cleaning, these stoves are made up of hardened glass material that cannot be broken under intense heat and pressure. The stove can be easily cleaned and maintained as new for a long time. 

Burners – The burner is made up of unique brass materials that can withstand heat. The stove has 1 Big Burner, 2 Mini Triple Ring and 2 Double Ring Brass Burner. The burners do not rust and can withstand heat for a long time. The three and two pin burners can produce uniform flame all over the vessel, and they are much suited for the Indian type of cooking. 

This particular appliance will allow you to cook a large amount of food within a short period. The knobs can withstand heat for an extended period. This will let you cook for long hours. To ensure smooth operation, they are placed on the top part of the stove. The stoves can be ignited automatically through a unique electrical system. The size of the stove 98.5 x 58.5 x 1.7 cm and the weight is 25.1 kg. They can be fitted within the slab and operated for an extended period. These stoves can be purchased through online portals like Amazon and Flipkart.



Bosch Series | 6 90 cm 5 Burners Black Glass Gas Hob (Built-in) PPS9A6B90I

Bosch is a famous company that is well known for its designs and technologically innovative products. The research and the development team of the Bosch company are well known for producing technically innovative designs. Initial they were creating a line of mechanical products like screwdrivers. But recently they have been creating a wide range of household appliances with modern technology infused in them. They are well known for their washing machines and unique stoves that are available as the fitted in the model. When you are looking forward to purchasing a fitted-in stove model, the first thing you have to take ca of is to buy a model that can last for a lifetime. So obtaining the five-burner stoves might be useful for you in the future even if you are not using all the burners right now. Their latest model 5 burner stove Black Glass gas hob PPS9A6B90I has been widely purchased by the users all over the country, and they are well known for their designs and efficiency.The design comes in a unique matt finished black glass design with beautiful knobs and unique designs. The stove is easy to clean and can be used for Indian type cooking as the burners can last for an extended period. The stove should be serviced regularly for proper maintenance, and they should also be checked for leakages every now and then. Along with cooking the safety is also essential and so ensure that you stoves are safe by servicing them every six months. There home servicing available for these stoves. These stoves are made up of multiple features. Some of the essential elements that have attracted a lot of clients include, 

Burners – The stove is made of five different burners. All the burners are made up of unique brass material, and out of them, they include one wok, one rapid, two standard and one economy burner. These burners offer uniform heat all over the vessel. These burners can also withstand heat for hours.

Design and style – The stove are designed just not to be efficient but also to add decor to your kitchen. The stove is made of unique black matt coating glass that is tough and can withstand heat. The knobs are placed ergonomically to withstand heat and add beauty to the flat stove.

Along with this, the gas stove also comes along with the flame failure safety device that prevents the leakage of gas, especially when the ignition system does not work. This device is both practical and safe to use. Hence the stove is preferred by most of the people. The size of the stove is 52 x 91.5 x 4.5 cm and weight is 21 kg. These fitted in stoves can be easily cleaned, and cooking is also efficient. 



Faber Hobtop Nexus HT905 CRS BR CI 5 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top, Black

Faber is a company that was started in 1955 in Europe. The company started its business by producing extraction hoods. But later the company expanded its territory towards kitchen tools and appliances. The company has always attracted its audience with its technologically innovative designs and gadgets. They have existed for more than 50 years, and the only reason people prefer their services is because of their quality and efficiency. The company has expanded its product distribution all over the world, and right now, they are available in India also. They have produced a line of stoves that have beautiful designs with the latest technology like the glass top. Their latest model glass top stove is called the Faber Hobtop Nexus HT905 CRS BR CI is made up of a particularly hard and glass material that can be used for a long time without any scratches or breakage. They are available as a fitted-in model, with the auto ignition system. This stove is preferably used in both as a household device and also in restaurants. The knobs are designed beautifully to add to the decor. The Faber glass top gas stove has multiple features, and some of the essential functions include,

Hardened glass – One of the major problems faced by the people using glass top gas stove is the cracking of glass due to intense pressure and heat. But the famous Faber Hobtop Nexus HT905 CRS BR CI is made up of hardened glass material that can withstand extreme pressure and temperature. You can also keep the cooking utensils on the top, and it won’t break. 

Knobs – The knobs are made up of special steel that can withstand heat for an extended period, and hence you can cook dishes that require continuous heat for more than 2 hours. The knobs are connected to an automatic ignition system that ignites the burners automatically when turned on. 

Pan support – One of the essential requirements in a gas stove is the pan. The pan should be strong enough to hold the vessel and should also withstand heat for an extended period. The stove has four sets of heavy-duty cast iron handles. They are covered with powder-coated paint, and the handles can hold the vessel in place while cooking. 

Hybrid model – One of the essential features in this glass top gas stove is that they can also be converted and used as a stand-alone stove and also as fitted in the model. So anyone can purchase this stove despite their availability on the particular slab for fitting. They can be carried around but not as quickly as the two-burner stoves. They weigh a bit more. 

Modified flames – The stove is made up of five different burners. They include three triple-ring burners and two double-ring burners. These burners can be used for a long time, and they cook the food efficiently. The highlighted feature is that the stove uses a unique 3D flame technology that spreads uniform heat all over the vessel. The entire stove is in the dimensions of Length – 900 mm, Width- 525 mm, Height – 130 mm that can be fitted in any kind of kitchen. This stove is available in both Amazon and Flipkart. They can also be purchased from other outlets.



Most of the five-burner glass top gas stoves are available as fitted in models. Only certain glass stoves are available as hybrid models. Above mentioned models are some of the best quality stoves available in the current market. You can purchase the best suitable stove that will be suitable for your kitchen and usage. Always try to buy the stove that has safety features installed within them to protect the leakage of gases. Also, remember to service the stoves from time to time to prevent accidents. Nowadays, most of the stoves are available on online websites like Flipkart and Amazon. But if you are into purchasing a model after looking at then, you can also visit the brand stores open all over the country. Purchase the best model available in the market to enjoy it for a long time.