Which Printer is Very Commonly Used For Desktop Publishing?

There was a time when only graphic designers used desktop publishing software to combine text and images to create unique projects. Still, as technology advanced today, even ordinary people can use desktop publishing with the help of an exemplary computer and a printer. 

What is desktop publishing used for?

Today you can combine graphic designs with texts to create unique brochures, books, newsletters, and web pages.

Some  amazing things you  can do with desktop publishing

If you wish to design posters, brochures and flyers, you don’t need to hire a professional. 

  • You can create your designs with the help of desktop publishing.  
  • Desktop publishing can also help you prepare annual reports that can impress your clients and bosses. 
  •  You can also make directories, catalogues with the help of desktop publishing. So, if you are running a business and want to attract new customers to your business, the best way to hold their attention is by presenting the services you offer in an attractive catalogue. 
  • If you are a budding writer who is planning to launch his book, you can get your book printed with the help of desktop publishing sitting at home. 
  • You can also design slide shows, presentations and handouts using desktop publishing, so if you are planning to open a shop, you can do all the printing with the help of desktop publishing.  

Printing is something that is required at every phase of life. Whether you have recently joined a job in a multinational company and are heading for your first annual meeting, or you are a student struggling to score well in their assignments. A good presentation can help you touch the height of your professional or academic dream.

You must be wondering how to print stuff at home? If you are well accustomed to the software that helps desktop publishing, all you need is a laser printer. 

How can a laser printer help in desktop publishing?

There are different kinds of printers available in the market. But if you are thinking of desktop publishing, you must opt for a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer. 

A laser printer is compact, sleek and works best in desktop publishing. 

It uses the latest technology to print on any paper. The best thing about using laser printers is that it does not drip liquid ink on the paper. So the quality of writing hardly makes a difference in laser printing.

Another reason why you should opt for laser printers for desktop publishing is because it involves heavy designs that need to be printed on paper. 

Laser printing reduces the risk of the methods getting smudged. So, the next time you are spending hours on a presentation over a cup of coffee, make sure you are using a laser printer to get the printouts. 

A spilled coffee mug can ruin all your effort if the printouts of your presentation have been taken from an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer. 

Finally, a laser printer is fast and highly effective, unlike inkjet printers that slow down bulk printing. Desktop publishing usually involves bulk printing, whether it is posters, brochures, leaflets or newsletters. Using a laser printer will considerably reduce the total time taken for printing. 

Final Takeaway

Therefore to conclude, it can be said that when it comes to desktop publishing, the printer that is most commonly used is laser printers because laser printers reduce time. Moreover, they can publish on any paper. Hence, they turn out to be cheap. But, most importantly, they are designed especially for desktop publishing, where you can print anything and everything from brochures to pamphlets to posters to 3-D presentations.