Best 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove In India

If you are looking for a stove that can be used for both business and household purposes, then the glass top 3 burner stove will be more suitable for you.

The glass top stoves are a growing model nowadays, and most households have already purchased these model stoves replacing their old stainless steel ones. These glass top stoves are much more useful and efficient than the previous stainless steel models. These stoves can easily be cleaned and maintained for a more extended period which is not possible in case of stainless steel stoves since they are prone to scratches and rust. If you are looking forward to purchasing a glass top stove, there are many models available. These stoves are available with a different number of burners like single, double, triple, four and five burner stoves. Depending upon your requirement and usage capacity, you can purchase a burner that you would need currently and in the future. These glass top models can last for an extended period since they are scratch-resistant and cannot be broken. Because of this, these glass top models remain new for an extended period despite your continuous usage. So if you are looking forward to purchasing a model, make sure that you can use it in the future also. It is always safe to buy a stove with an extra burner as they may come in handy when you are trying to cook quickly. 

The glass top stoves can be either used as a stand-alone stove or can be fixed within the slab depending upon the model we are purchasing. If you are buying a stove permanently for your household usage alone, then it is better to fix it within the slab so that both the cooking and cleaning process will be much easier. But if you are searching for a store that can be moved from one place another, then it would be better to purchase them with the stand. They are suitable for catering people and other households that are looking forward to moving in the future. One other feature that is commonly found in most of the glass top stoves is the automatic ignition system and standard ignition. In the case of the automated ignition system, the stoves can be ignited by just turning the knobs. This design is suitable for stones that are fixed in. The standard stoves that require to be ignited by us are standard models with stands. Along with these, various other features need to be considered before purchasing a stove. It includes the design and quality related features. Let us now see these features in detail.

Our Top Pick 3 Burner Glass Stoves In India

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Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Elite Hybrid 703 MT Brass Gas Hob)

Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black (Auto Ignition)

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite 3 Burner Line Cook Top Stove, Black

Features to note before buying a stove

Before purchasing a stove, certain features need to be taken into account. Some of the essential functions include 

Burner – usually when you purchase a stove there are two types of burners available. One is a standard burner, and the other one will automatically be a small burner. This type is the most common arrangement used in two-burner stoves. In case of triple burner stoves, you can always choose from how many medium-sized and small-sized Burners you need as it may vary from model to model. Also, the burner should have proper pin placement for producing equal amounts of flame and spreading heat uniformly all over the vessel. Along with that also make sure the burner is made up of brass materials so that it can withstand heat for an extended period. 

Gas valve – While we use a gas stove, one of the essential things that needs to be continuously checked and maintained is the gas nozzle or the pipe that connects the stove to the gas tube from the cylinder. These valves should be sturdy and made up of good metal to hold the gas without it leaking. Though these valves in older stoves were fixed, the current pipes are made up of a unique technique to rotate them over 360 degrees to support the movement of the stove. Always check the valve for any gas leakages before purchasing a stove.

Panhandles – While cooking and sauteing food, the pans tend to move around. But the latest model stoves come with specially designed panhandles that can home the vessel in place. The stoves usually have three or four handles. Choose the one based upon the utensils you use. Also, these handles can be removed and washed easily. They don’t want rust due to the heat resistant paint coating on its top. 

Toughened glass – One of the significant issues faced by the people while purchasing a glass top gas stove is the breakage of glass. In the old designs, the glasses were not hard. Show later when these glasses were exposed to excess heat and then wiped with a cold cloth they cracked and broke. Also, it was not possible to place cooking vessels on the glass since they tended to crack under pressure. But now most of the gas stoves come along with toughened glass material that can withstand extreme pressure and heat. These sturdy glass materials cannot rust, and they are scratch-proof. Because of this, these glasses will remain new even after years of using it. So if you are looking for a glass top gas stove always check the thickness and hardness of the glass to purchase the correct one.

Knobs and stands – There are two types of knobs present. One is a steel knob, and the other one is a Nylon knob. The steel knobs tend to absorb heat from the surroundings and the stove. So to prevent them from getting heated, the latest stove models use individual ergonomically designed stoves that are resistant to heat. These knobs provide proper control over the heat produced, and they should be easy to handle. 

Burner plates – The burner plates are plates that surround the burner to prevent the leakage of food from reaching the floor. There are two types of burner plates available. One is fixed to the stove with screws, and the other is removable. The fixed plates can be cleaned using a wet cloth, while the removable plates can be washed separately and placed. Depending upon your washing preference and cleaning capacity, you can select the stove. These plates also prevent the heat from spreading to other parts of the stove. They are mostly made up of stainless steel. 

Why three-burner stove is the best

If you are from a house that usually cooks for 4-6 people, then using a two-burner stove would be sufficient but remember these stores can last for more than ten years. So it is always better to purchase a three burner stove for extra cooking in the future. Having an extra stove will also be useful when you are preparing food for guests and cook urgently. So these three burner stoves will come in handy in the future, and even in the current situation, the third burner might come in handy during certain circumstances. So purchasing a three burner stove will be beneficial. The price difference between the two-burner and the three burners is only slightly different, and hence buying a three burner stove will be helpful for you and will not go to waste. These unique stoves will reduce your cooking time and also be useful for a variety of purposes. Also, if you are buying a product that is going to be fitted in, then it is better to purchase a product with an extra burner than your requirement as it would be rather useful.

Safety tips

Stove related accidents are common these days, and hence it is necessary to protect yourselves from the upcoming dangers. Whether it is a fixed in the stove or a regular stove, it is essential to service them regularly. Even if you do not have the time to maintain the stoves, always check the tubes and valves for leakage every month. If you are leaving the town, make sure that the gas valves are closed up. At the same time while using a regular stove make sure to keep your children away from the stoves because sometimes they might accidentally turn on the knobs without lighting the fire which might result in a more significant accident like gas leakage. Also, while using an automatic ignition stove, it is essential to keep the children away because they might get fire burns, as it is easy to switch on. Change the gas tubes at least once in 6 months to protect them from leakages as they can be damaged. Following the safety precautions is suitable for both you and your family the accidents due to gas leakage are increasing day by day every year

Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Elite Hybrid 703 MT Brass Gas Hob)

Whirlpool is a company that is known for its technologically innovative designs and efficient technology that aims to meet up with the requirements of the users. They had been well known for their washing machines and other products. And their latest venture has been into the field of kitchen gadgets including stoves. Their recent Whirlpool Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Elite Hybrid 703 MT Brass Gas Hob) has attracted a lot of users with its innovative technology. The stove has a triple burner system with auto-ignition technology that can be operated using individual brass knobs. This gas stove can be used both as a stand-alone or fitted within the slab. This stove is also used for commercial cooking purposes and even in your homes. It allows you to perform multiple activities at the same time. You can cook three different dishes at the same time, and it also provides uniform heating that will enable you to finish the cooking quicker. Some of the features of this gas stove include, 

Hybrid hob – The hobs are unique knobs made up of brass material that prevents rusting. Just by turning this knob, you can switch on the flames using the auto-ignition technology. The knobs are well designed to provide control over the fire and last for a more extended period of time. The knobs are resistant to heat and do rust.

Toughened glass surface – The burners are surrounded by a sturdy glass surface that can withstand all types of temperatures. The glass surface is resistant to scratches and rust formations. It can be easily cleaned by using a wet cloth along with some disinfectant solution if required. They do not break easily and can last for a long time. This unique glass surface will remain new even after continuous usage for years.

Control rings – The burners are made up of special brass materials, and they are surrounded by unique brass rings that can hold the vessel in place and allow you to cook peacefully. They can be removed and washed based upon your requirements. The burners come along with unique triple pin technology that allows you to control the heat.

The glass surface is easy to clean and can be used either as a stand-alone or fixed within the slab. The stove is equipped with one small and two medium brass burners. So purchasing this product will be a valuable addition to your kitchen. 



Prestige Royale Plus Schott 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black (Auto Ignition)

Prestige is a kitchen brand that has been famous for the past decade. The company manufactures many products like pressure cookers, mixie, induction stores and stoves. Their branches are present all over the country, and they offer free servicing for repaired products before the warranty period. Also, the service centres provide repair services for a low price after the completion of the warranty. Purchasing a prestige brand will ensure the quality and efficiency of the product. Their latest technology gas stove comes with an autoignition technology that saves your time and energy. This stove is used for cooking food inside the home and for cooking outside, like functions and catering services. It offers convenience with efficiency. The stove is manufactured with German technology, and these stoves cannot be fixed within the slab. They can be used only with stands. Some of the significant features of this stove include, 

Durable Schott glass – The prestige Royal plus stove is made up of German technology Schott glass that can last forever until the stove exists. The glass is easy to clean and remains new even after continuous usage of the product. 

Pan support – The prestige royal plus offers separate pan support handles that support the utensils when placed on it. They can withstand high temperatures and can be cleaned easily. These handles can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. 

Steel plates – The burners and the panhandles are surrounded by fixed steel plates that cannot be removed. But it can be easily cleaned by using simple wet cloth. These plates are resistant to rusting and can withstand heat to a greater extent. 

Individual gas outlets – The gas outlets or nozzles are imported from Italy, and they are strong and durable. These individual gas outlets can last forever and offer trouble-free cooking. The function of this gas outlet is to protect the gas from leakage while passing through. So more importance is given to these designs than the others.

The Prestige Royal plus offers a stylishly designed stove that can add decor to your house. The burners are made up of sturdy brass material that can withstand heat for an extended period. The stove contains two medium sized burners and one small burner. The price is low, and it can be used for both commercial and household purposes. Despite these features, the stove still has some pros and cons. So let’s analyse them before purchasing.



Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite 3 Burner Line Cook Top Stove, Black

Pigeon is one of the brands that people remember when they think about a kitchen appliance. The brand has settled deep within the minds of the people as one the trustworthy brands. Their brand name depicts efficiency and quality. Purchasing a product from Pigeon also ensures a lifelong service, since most of their service centres are located all over the world. Because of their impeccable service and technologically innovative designs, the brand has risen to greater heights. 

Recently Pigeon has once again tried to prove it’s worth to the people through its three-burner line cooktop stove. This black glass top stove has attracted the attention of many with its durability and beauty. The stove is made up of hard glass material that can home heavyweight objects. This stove does not have autoignition technology, but it has the features of an auto-ignition stove, including durable burners and leakage proof gas nozzles. This store is portable and can be moved from one place to another without any damage. So, the stove is used for commercial purposes like catering services. Most people nowadays prefer using the triple burner gas stove that allows them to cook faster within a short period.

Smart glass technology – The stove is manufactured using intelligent glass technology to prevent breakages and scratches. The glass is efficient and can hold all types of vessels. But still, it is better to prevent such situations. 

Supporting pan – The burners are made up of triple pin technology to allow uniform heating all over the utensil. The burner can produce good heat since it is made up of brass material. The burner is surrounded by steel mates that are fixed. They cannot be removed, but the pan and burner can be removed for cleaning purposes. 

Knobs and stand – The knobs are designed ergonomically and made up of Nylon. They can control the temperature quickly and are resistant to the heat produced by the burner. The stand bush in the stove is also made up of the same material. It is used for providing a form grip for the stove. 

Along with these features, the stove also comes along with a smart cleaning technology and spill-proof base. The stove has a good warranty and can be purchased at a low price. The product is available in all the Pigeon storerooms, or you can buy through online websites like Amazon. 



The models mentioned above are some of the products preferred by most of the people. They are just a suggestion, and it’s not necessary to purchase the same product. You can always research the market to buy a stove of your choice. The special features are present in most stoves, so always buy a stove with the right name and brand. But when you buy a stove, always make sure of the safety and check all the valves for leakage. Service your stove regularly at frequent intervals. Some of the online portals like Amazon and Flipkart, also have a wide range of stoves in their selection along with discounts. So if you have any inconvenience in visiting a shop, you can always purchase online. After buying the stove, make sure to follow all the safety precautions and service them from time to time. So start your purchase and enjoy a safe kitchen.