Best Refrigerator Under 25,000Rs In India

When it comes to a refrigerator with the price range of rupees 25000, then there are multiple options within the market. So the best choice will be made only after understanding the features in detail. The passage given below explains in detail the features and how they can be used for purchase.

The refrigerator is a device that is commonly used for keeping the food items with proper freshness. If you are trying to purchase a fridge within a particular budget, then there are certain features that you need to consider. These features might seem like a simple concept but the factors that they play an essential role while using the refrigerator. Even the smallest amount of features will become an important aspect of your real-life usage. When you are trying to purchase a fridge, the first aspect you should consider is its budget. The budget plays a vital role while buying a product. When purchasing a refrigerator, they are available in varying budgets from the cheapest rate of 10000 Rupees to the highest rate of 80 to 95000 rupees. But if you are looking for a reasonable price as a budget, then 25000 rupees will be a suitable option. This budget will allow you to select a perfect design that will be good on features and quality. But before going to the shop and purchasing a model based upon this budget, you have to initially understand what the features you can obtain for this particular budget are. This will make your search easier and useful in a variety of areas. You can now choose a model with the features you like that will fall within the budget of rupees 25,000. 

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Panasonic 268 L 2 Star 6-Stage Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator 

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator 

Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Structure of the refrigerator

The first thing you have to note down while purchasing a refrigerator is the structure. For this price range, you will have various structures, including a single door, double door, and a variety of other designs that lie within the double door model. The initial choice you have to make is whether to choose a single door and dual door model. If you are going for a single door model, you can take up a product with the latest trending features because typically, an available door model will cost less. So when you are going for a price range of 25000, you will get the advanced features combined with this single door Technology, including the increased capacity and inverter Technology. When you go for a double door model, you understand that 20000 rupees are the basic starting price for these models. So when you are purchasing for a budget of 25000, then the features present in them will be reasonable but not advanced. So if you are willing to make that particular compromise, you can choose the double door model with linear technology. There are only specific designs available in the side by side door Technology, which is difficult to obtain. 

Inverter Technology

Even though it seems like a basic concept having an inverter is beneficial when using a refrigerator. Usually most of the fridge comes with constant cooling technology, which increases energy usage in an unwanted manner. But when you go for an inverter Technology, then the cooling process will be done only when required. Even in inverter Technology, there are specific advanced models like stages in water that allow the cooling process to be done in 6 different stages according to the requirement and temperature. For the price of rupees 25000, you can choose this type of Advanced model inverter Technology even with the double door refrigerators. They are available in certain models while there are other models with normal compressor inverters.

Energy rating

Most refrigerators have an energy rating that uses five stars for rating their energy consumption. So depending upon the score of energy consumption, every refrigerator is rated to understand the model before purchase. They are mainly available so that even an experienced person will realize that in layman’s terms. If you go with a single door technology-based model, then the refrigerator’s energy rating will be available with 4 star and five stars. But when you go for a double door model for this particular price, it would be impossible to provide a 4-star energy rating. So the best option you can get with the double door refrigerators is the two or three-star energy.


Since you are going for a double door refrigerator, the capacity e is a concept you need to understand before purchasing. If you are going for a linear model refrigerator, the refrigerator’s capacity will be divided into two portions as a freezer and the refrigerator part. So if you are looking for a fridge with a massive space for storing the cooling items and a small space for a freezer, then the double door refrigerator will not be suitable to a certain extent. Even though it has a freezer portion that can be altered into a cooler, you can’t use the freezer when there is even a single ice cream box present. For example, if you have a box of ice cream with you, you have to use the entire freezer box for that purpose only, and the rest of the items cannot be placed within the freezer. This will waste a lot of energy, but at the same time, if you have no objects to keep in the freezer, then it can be used as a cooler that will provide you more space. So taking these particular criteria into your mind, you have to choose the capacity. Generally for this price range, you can get a capacity of 250 – 400 liters in total. 


Insulation is an important feature that allows the cool and to be passed within the refrigerator from the freezer to the compressor and various other locations. When the tube is insulated correctly, there will be no gas leakage, and it will save a lot of time and money. Even if there is small damage in the insulation, then the refrigerator’s quality will be poor, and they will be entirely damaged within a short time. So if you are looking for a fridge, make sure that it has the highest quality insulation for the pipes running with them. Even by moving the refrigerator, you need not worry about the damages that would occur. 

Other features

This might seem like a simple concept, but even the smallest features make a huge difference in the product. So when you are purchasing a refrigerator, look for these features, including the quality of the tray used within the fridge. They should come along with the ability to be relocated for proper spacing. The trays for this price range will be made up of toughened glass materials commonly used for holding vessels with a weight of at least 100 kgs. So if you are interested, you can purchase this particular product with glass trays. There are also other features like voltage of absorption capacity, which allows you to decide whether you have the power to connect the refrigerator to the external inverter for the constant power supply or not. The design and structure of the refrigerator also play a hugely important role. So when you are purchasing, make sure that it is of appropriate design. Usually, these types of double door refrigerators with freezers are controlled manually by the person through the LCD panel on top of the freezer. So when you are trying to purchase a product, make sure that it has a Feather Touch Technology for easy operation. Along with these features, we have also given three more popular products in the market within this price range. If you are satisfied with the quality of the product, you can purchase them for further usage.

Panasonic 268 L 2 Star 6-Stage Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator(NR-TBG27VSS3, Shining Silver, Jumbo Vegetable Basket)

Individual companies in the market have created their name with the help of a product. One company is well known for providing products with heavy motor power, and then it is nothing but Panasonic. The company has created a huge name in the market, and it originated in Japan during the year 1955. The company has been manufacturing a wide range of digital products, including home appliances and factory appliances. Some of the famous products produced by this particular company include mixer, air conditioner, refrigerator, and television. There is nothing in the world that this company hasn’t explored, and it has created a huge name because of its quality products and powerful internal mechanism. The special research and development team within the company is responsible for the beautiful outputs. One such product is the Panasonic 268 L 2 Star 6-Stage Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (NR-TBG27VSS3, Shining Silver, Jumbo Vegetable Basket). 

This particular product is available in a beautiful shining silver external structure with properly spaced internal shelves. This 268-liter refrigerator comes along with a 6 stage inverter, and they also have a beautiful double door technology that allows you to store a lot of food items within them. You can also separate your used and fresh items according to your wish with the help of this double door technology. Along with these features, certain other important features have made this particular refrigerator more preferable. 

Quality: This refrigerator comes with a unique double door technology that allows you to use them as a freezer and refrigerator and also as a double door refrigerator depending upon your wish. The temperature can be changed according to your requirement. The upper portion can be used both as a refrigerator and freezer. Even when it is in freezer mode, remember that it uses a Frost free technology that prevents you from frosting it now and then. It comes with a unique two-star technology that is suitable for traditional homes. It also has a special inverter which prevents the unwanted usage of electricity and hence you can save a lot of energy at home. Typically, the electricity will be used more at day and less at night time depending upon the requirement. 

Facilities – the refrigerator also has a big door with a powerful storage space that allows you to store many bottles and other items that need to remain cool and separate from the other food items. They are specially designed to store the spice items within the special box present within the refrigerator. They also have a separate slot for the vegetables stored for a long time without getting affected by the moisture variations. It uses a silver lining technique for protecting the refrigerator from getting affected by germs and other types of bacteria. It can destroy early 99.9% of the bacteria present within the fridge. 

They also have a unique humidity control feature that provides uniform temperature throughout the box, and the cooling is equal all the time. The shelves can be adjusted in height according to your requirement, and they are made up of high quality toughened glass materials. This prevents the breakage when heavy vessels are placed on these glass shelves. The refrigerator also can produce a huge amount of use within a short period, and the Ice tray can be moved according to the wish. They are suitable for families with four members and not more. They are available for sale on online websites like Amazon, and also you can purchase them from the shops that are the branded service centers.

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL, Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor)

LG is a brand that has created a massive name in home appliances, especially with its products like television, refrigerators, computers, and conditioners. Along with this product, there are also various other products available in the market that are created with innovative technology. Most of their products can last for a lifetime. Purchasing their latest technology model will allow you to remain updated on the technology for a long time. So the particular brand is based in Korea but has service centers and branches worldwide, including the smallest districts. So most of their products are preferred by the people because they can service them easily from time to time. Their recent product is the LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL, Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor)

This particular refrigerator comes along with a double door Technology that allows you to use the freezer and a fridge when required just by changing the temperature. Since the freezer uses frost-free, it is easy for you to convert them just by changing the temperature. The refrigerator has two separate handles for opening these two separate doors, and they also come with a locking technology to protect them from the children and others. Now you can store your food items without appearing about getting them damaged by the children. The refrigerator has enough space in between. It allows you to enjoy good storage without wasting the food products. 

Inverter – one of the main qualities of a good refrigerator is its ability to stop producing cold air when it is not required. Once the refrigerator reaches the required temperature, the inverter present within the fridge will stop cooling them. This technology is more useful and saves a lot of energy. Simultaneously, you can also connect the refrigerator to the external inverters to use them and keep them running even while there is a power shutdown. Since they consume only a low amount of electricity, you can easily use them without worrying about the inverter’s battery. The freezer within the refrigerator comes with Frost free technology, and they offer a uniform temperature throughout the box without affecting the quality of the food item. 

Feature – it comes with multiple airflow cooling technologies that allow you to maintain a uniform temperature within the fridge and also recharge the cooling immediately after the door is closed within a short time. Now you need not worry about opening and closing the door, but remember constant opening and closing will still increase the electricity bill to a certain extent. Any issue with the refrigerator has a smart Diagnostic technology that allows you to understand the problem and solve them perfectly with your guidance manual. It allows you to store bottles on the side door with the capacity of at least two liters. The vegetable box present within the refrigerator is also used for keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh all the time with the proper moisture content. 

It comes with a 3-star Technology, and hence the energy consumed by the refrigerator will be controlled with a good electricity bill. It also has a special box for storing the ice cubes that can be moved according to your wish within the freezer. It provides uniform cooling all over the space, and the gas kit allows the refrigerator to be closed perfectly without any leakage of cool air from inside. This particular refrigerator can be purchased from online stores and also from the branded stores.

Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRB-2764BKS-E, Black Steel, Bottom Freezer)

An American agency owns Haier group of Companies, and this Hare group that produces digital appliances is a part of them. The main company is located in New Delhi, but they also have branches all over the country. The company is well known for producing a wide range of products with advanced technology incorporated into them so that people can move forward with the topmost technology in the home. If you are a technology lover and have the interest to try the new concept in the market, then this particular brand will be a suitable choice for you. The company has been producing a wide range of products, including refrigerators and air conditioners. Their refrigerators have multiple features, including fast ice making and double door Technology. One of their most advanced models include Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRB-2764BKS-E, Black Steel, Bottom Freezer)

This particular refrigerator is available in a beautiful black color as to the decor of the house. Unlike the other double door refrigerator where the freezer is present at the top near the freezer is placed at the bottom for you to access the ice creams and other chocolate easily just by pulling the door. The refrigerator has a stylish, sleek look that makes a perfect for most decor-oriented houses. It is made up of high-quality black Steel with 3 star Energy Efficiency. It can store at least 256 liters capacity as a whole. There are also other features in the refrigerator that you need to understand before finalizing them. 

Features – the refrigerator comes along with a different mode that allows you to change them accordingly. You can now place different types of items within the refrigerator, and the placement can vary according to your wish. This 8 in 1 convertible technology is the most advanced in the market, and most people love them because of the flexibility. The vegetable box size is huge and allows you to store double the amount of vegetables allowed by the other refrigerators in the market. So now your food items will remain fresh for a long time. It also has a twin inverter Technology that allows the refrigerator to follow both the compressor and Fan according to the requirement and save a lot of energy. 

Quality: When it comes to quality, the first thing that people normally look for is to withstand intense pressure when placing heavy vessels. Show under such conditions the toughened glass shelves present within the refrigerator can withstand all the weight without breaking away. These glasses can be arranged according to the height requirement. It comes with an energy-saving mode where you can use it in standard mode and convertible mode to save energy according to your wish. It also has a special PF insulation on all four sizes allowing you to enjoy a perfect concealed environment within the refrigerator without allowing the internal cold air to escape outside. 

Along with this, the refrigerator can also be transported everywhere without damaging the internal parts. Always remember that it should be kept in the upright position while transporting them. It comes with a three-star energy rating allowing an economic environment, and the 256-liter capacity is suitable for a six member family. The glass is also spill-proof, and hence even if useful food items can be cleaned easily. It can increase the process of making eyes at a faster rate. This particular product is available in all areas, including online websites.