Can I Clean My PC With A Vacuum Cleaner?

How to clean your PC when you can't actually get a dusting device in there to dust off? You can't reach under the nook and corners of the device, so you think cleaning your PC with a vacuum cleaner is a good idea? Will it work out to dust off the intricate parts perfectly?

Cleaning your computer once every 10-12 weeks is better, so there isn’t much dust buildup contributed by pets and the environment you live in. Vacuum cleaners build static, and it can destroy your computer; bringing it near a computer processor would be dangerous and can lead to an explosion. 

Things to do before you get into vacuuming 

First of all, buy a couple of paintbrushes with medium and small bristles. Please turn off your computer, unplug all the external wirings keeping in mind where to plug them in back after you’re done with your cleaning spree. 

Unscrew the side covers and keep the screws someplace safe. 

Now coming to the vacuum cleaner, remove the head or the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle and connect a long pipe to the end of it.

Put your mask and gloves on, and we are all set to do some vigorous cleaning!!! 

How to clean every nook & corner of your PC? 

Before starting to clean your PC, You must remember never to take the vacuum too close to the CPU parts and processors, always keep it inches away, and never bring your vacuum cleaner in contact with your PC. 

You might be thinking, why go through such a painstaking cleaning chore when you can keep using your PC as it is? Dust buildup on your PC parts will add to clogged-up fans and processors, which in turn will affect the efficiency of the system; trying to cool it down eventually ends up fried or overheating of the processors. So it’s mandatory to clean your PC every once in 3 months. 

Now get your paint brushes, we’ve got some cleaning to do! Take the brush in one hand and your vacuum cleaner in the other hand. 

(NOTE : Keep the nozzle as further away as possible at the entrance of the processor without touching any parts). 

Gently stroke the brush on the CPU, sweeping it away from it towards the direction of the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. Do it gently, so you don’t create a whirlwind of dust inside the CPU. Now cleaning of the processor is done. Next stop, Fans, and blades! 

How to clean behind the fan blades? 

Now, this is the tricky part! You know why? Cleaning the front side of the fan blade is easy-breezy! But there’s a huge amount of dust accumulated on the back of the blades, where it gets tricky. So get a toothpick or a wooden stick or spoon, use the backside of the spoon to reach the blades behind, and gently stroke away from the dust off the fan blade towards the suction nozzle. So do it until the fan, and the grill is dust-free. 

The final stage of the vacuuming process 

Suppose there are dust particles that have settled down on the base of the processor. Get a small fan or try a hairdryer to get the dust out of the PC so you can vacuum it once it’s out in the air. 

Remember, our main motto is to get our PC clean by vacuuming, so don’t get carried away and get deep inside the CPU; you’ll end up frying your PC along with you! 

The final result

Bravo! You did it! You saved yourself some money by cleaning your own PC and not giving it away to those tech guys who do all the dirty work! Of course, the PC won’t be squeaky-clean and dust-free, but the amount of dust particles present now is relatively negligible. Now your PC is brand new(almost)!