Daikin 1.8 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC.

Who in the world doesn't want to spend their summers without the AC? 

The answer to this question is no one because when you come home from the office or vice versa in summers, all you need is good AC with multiple abilities to fight the scorching heat. 

When the summers are near it’s going to be hot and that time you’ll have your room heat up like an oven and at that time an invention can help you regarding the same. An AC, and that to a Daikin AC.

There are many AC’s available in the market, but as always we need to be blessed with the best and choose our style of comfort.

Daikin 5 star inverter split AC is all you want to spend your summers, excitedly at your home without even facing the problems of summer heat.

So, the question that arises here is, what is Daikin AC and why should you buy it?  

Daikin AC is an AC that takes your satisfaction level during summers at a very promising juncture. 

It has an inconsistent velocity compressor that diversifies the energy relying upon the heat volume. 

It’s more productive than any other Air conditioner in the market and has the lowest noise undertaking.

Daikin ACS has a split type, 5-star energy rating, which is absolutely the best you are looking for.

It had an auto-restart feature facility so that you can help restore the last setting after a power break and remote control with it. You can control the temperature at your convenience and the AC also contains an Anti-microbial filter. 

It truly stands out for the users and offers them an incredible experience. Continue reading on and get to know more about Daikin.


  • Power requirement- 230/50Hz/1Ph
  • Power consumption- Full/Half (min-max): 1665/580 (580-1665)


  • The Indoor Size of Daikin AC [W X D X H] is 885 mm× 229 mm× 298mm 
  • The indoor weight of Daikin AC is 11 kg which is a required weight. 
  • The outdoor weight [W X D X H] is 845 mm × 300 mm × 595 mm

Additional Features

  • It has an ISEER of 4.70w/w
  • Airflow rate: 16.3m 3/min. 

It is a four-way swing AC so that you can enjoy cooling with air-conditioned at every corner of your room without any problems and the powerful airflow of dual flaps.

Why should you buy a 5 star AC rather than a 3 star AC?

  • To withstand the summer sickness without halting your body into exertion, buying a 5 star AC is the best you can do. ACS can increase your electricity ordinance so you need to buy an AC with a reasonable star mark. So that you can win against the heat.
  • Daikin 1.8 ton AC is an excellent AC with cool air conditioning. However, the prices are high in comparison to the other ACs but you purchase these things at once, so why not a favourable one. 
  • Spending on Daikin AC is the nicest you can expend your cash at. It will always work in your favour.

Pros and cons of Daikin AC



Final verdict

Parts of Daikin air conditioners are very high that makes them very reliable in any circumstance. It can prove you effective work in terms of cooling and other aspects and can work well if taken care of the installation properly. 

Another point is that it has gotten very amazing reviews from the customers and can serve you for a long time. So, why not buy a Daikin AC, if looking out for durability.

Daikin Air Conditioners are very easy to use so anyone can use them without difficulty. You don’t need to do anything with it because it has an automatic function that acts well for you. And it can also adjust the temperature on its own.