Best Wifi Router Brands In India

Most of your internet needs can be solved when you have the best modem router India that also provides the maximum range of WiFi router in India. You can easily access what kind of features and characteristics you should look for with the help of WiFi router buying guide India. The best WiFi router in India will be the one that has the best services and the best WiFi for home India. The best router brands in India will give access to high-end features such as e-Sata, beamforming, high security, and much more.

Is your internet connection slow and frequently disconnects from the WiFi? If this is the case, then the possibility of spending a high amount of money on your data packages and internet connection repairs is high. But every time your internet goes down, you don’t have to assume that your service provider has a very low-quality service or your cables need repair and replacement. In the pre-mentioned scenarios, there are high chances that your router needs a replacement, and you need a proper WiFi router, which will give you a maximum range.

Here's the list of the best router brands in India

Product Name

Product Image

Product Buy Link

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router

TP-Link Archer C20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router

TP-Link Archer C6 Gigabit MU-MIMO Wireless Router, Dual Band

TP-Link TL-WR845N 300Mbps Wireless-N Router (White)

Importance of owning the best WiFi router in India

  1. To have the best internet services in India, you need the best WiFi router in India.
  2. The best modem router India will be the one that will solve all your networking problems and will give you uninterrupted connectivity to the internet.
  3. The best WiFi router in India will give you high-quality service for a more extended period and also in a limited budget.
  4. It is your wireless system that works behind the scenes to bring all your electronic devices into action.
  5. For a good and hassle-free wireless system in the home, the best WiFi router in India is essential equipment.
  6. The best modem router in India will streamline all your devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, pads, etc.
  7. Many budget-friendly best modem routers in India will give you the maximum benefits at minimum cost.

Before you tick on a particular WiFi router available in the market, you should take care of several things and peculiarities of the product. You might also be confused as to which router you should choose among the best router brands in India. To know how to choose the best router among the best router brands in India, read the WiFi router buying guide India as follows:

The WiFi router buying guide India and the things you must know

Many might not know to buy the best WiFi router in India, several things to keep in mind. Some might even ask that what is there to check in the router? Many people assume that they have to bring one router home, and their job is done. In reality, this is not true, and you have to choose the router very precisely. Here is some critical list of things that you must be aware of when you wish to buy the best modem router in India. The WiFi router buying guide India is stated below.

The foremost job of a WiFi router

A WiFi router is a device that connects multiple wireless devices to a single internet connection. The list of wireless devices that a router can connect to the internet is such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers, TVs, Set-Top boxes, USB dongle, and many more. The router also enables all these devices to interconnect and communicate with one another. Knowing which router will be compatible with which of the above devices requires the knowledge of the WiFi router buying guide India.

Meaning of IEEE

IEEE is a professional association of electronic engineering and electrical engineering. It stands for the International of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This association sets and defines the standards and norms, of all things, electronic and electrical. The IEEE 802.11 comes under the set standards and protocol of 802 specified for all the wireless communications to be set. 

How do IEEE 802.11n differ from IEEE 802.11ac

The terms “IEEE 802.11n” and “IEEE 802.11ac” are standard terms that a person might come across while looking up for the best router brands in India. 

 IEEE 802.11n – The features or specifications of an IEEE 802.11n routers, ranges as follows:- 

  • More commonly used standards, the IEEE 802.11n routers of the present generation.
  • These standards perform better than the previously set IEEE 802.1 a, b, or g protocol following routers.
  • The IEEE 802.11 are more well-fitting and performing with devices of an older build.
  • While the best performing speed of these routers is alleged to be 600 megabytes per second, practically, the speed manages decently up to 300 megabytes per second. 

IEEE 802.11ac – When looking for WiFi for home India, look for the following standards in your router.

  • The IEEE 802.11ac routers are known as the routers of the new generation or the next generation.
  • These routers are seven times as fast as the IEEE 802.11n, practically.
  • While theoretically, the routers could produce the maximum range of WiFi router in India, it is as much as 7 Gigabytes per second. In reality, it can manage an impressive speed of 2.2 Gigabytes per second.
  • With their excellent standards and quality, these routers come at a higher price tag than the IEEE 802.11n routers. 
    These routers come with a single band and dual-band technologies. 

Understanding the routers for WiFi for home India can only be complete with the comprehension of single-band and dual-band technology. 

What are single and dual-band routers?

WiFi routers use two different radio frequencies for their work. These radio frequencies of routers work at 5 GHz and 2.4GHz. Both these frequencies can be utilized by routers to perform their work. As you can gather from the name, a single-band router to communicate with a given device will only use one of the radio band frequencies, either 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz. And a dual-band router can use both these radio frequencies ( 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz) for WiFi for home India uses. The best WiFi router in India should be bought, keeping these distinctions in mind. While we are at the definition of single-band and dual-band routers, it is only fitting if the differences between these bands are also explained.

How do 2.4GHz bands differ from 5GHz bands?

These bands differ from each other based on two features. First is the transmission speed. With a 5GHz band router, the transmission speed of the data is higher, or faster. And a 2.4GHz router operates at a slower speed. The other feature is the range of the coverage area of the two bands. The coverage area of the 2.4GHz band router is more. And, the coverage area of the 5GHz band router is lesser. Hence, a 2.4GHz bands router will have a slower speed of data transmission, but a larger coverage area, in terms of range. While the 5GHz band’s router though higher in the speed of data transmission, and have a maximum range of WiFi router in India, it will have a lesser area of coverage. Now, you should know that your iPad can work at both of the two frequency bands. But your smartphones and laptops will likely work only at 2.4GHz and not at 5GHz. The rest of the disadvantages and advantages of these two frequency bands for buying the best WiFi router in India can be understood as follows. Consider this, if you have a large house, or think of using the internet in the basement or the front yard, a 2.4GHz router, will effectively penetrate the walls of the large house, and reach your basement or yards with a strong signal. But the speed of downloading, uploading, and streaming will be slower because lower frequency bands carry fewer data. On the other hand, if you are a gamer or stream frequently and need WiFi for home India for your internet connection, you can choose a router with 5GHz band frequency. Though the speed and the maximum range of WiFi routers in India will be exceptional and marvelous, the coverage range will not be extensive. As you start moving from one place to another, probably with an iPad, the signal will not be as strong as in certain regions near to the router. Hence, if you buy a router with 5GHz band frequency, and plan to use it for gaming, you will probably have to install it near your gaming room, etc.
Use this information as your WiFi router buying guide India as you search for the best WiFi router in India.

Interference and Noise

The signals of your devices influence the speed and coverage of your router. With other signals from devices, microwaves, etc. the WiFi speed of your router gets impacted. Also, the presence of other WiFi routers in near vicinity impacts, too. Further, not many devices use the 5GHz band frequency; hence it is usually less occupied than the 2.4GHz band, which is employed by more devices and is more crowded. Additionally, the overlapping channels of 5GHz band frequency and 2GHz band frequency are different, too. More devices can use the 5GHz band at the same as the band has 23 non-overlapping channels, hence allowing more devices and a maximum range of WiFi router in India. The 2.4GHz band frequency has 11 channels squeezed into a smaller 100MHz and hence with only three non-overlapping channels available. The overlapping is known as interference, which then affects the WiFi speed.

Features of the best WiFi router in India

Channel width

Channel width is the broadness of the signal that will carry the data. Just as a larger space will have more area to transport objects, a larger channel width means that more data can be transmitted. A 2GHz frequency band has a channel width of 20MHz. There are eleven channels in total. However, the 5GHz frequency band has 23 channels. A single channel has a maximum width of 160MHz. That explains the exceptional speed of 5GHz frequency band routers. As lesser devices use the WiFi network, there is very limited crowding, and as a result, the best modem router India has more speed!

Tri-band WiFi router

The best router brands in India also have tri-band routers now. These routers use three different frequency bands as compared to the otherwise lesser single and dual-band routers. The tri-band technology will have a single 2.4 GHz frequency band and two 5GHz frequency bands. As a result, the speed and connectivity of the tri-band router for WiFi for home India will be higher. Consequently, these are a bit pricier, too.

Antennas of the WiFi router

This feature of the WiFi router should be kept in mind when you explore for a WiFi router buying guide India. Antennas can change your router game in no time. The antennas are of two types. 

  • First, we have a directional antenna. A directional antenna transmits the WiFi signal only in one direction. It receives data from the same direction, too.
  • Secondly, there is the Omni antenna. Omni antennas transmit and receive data from a circular ring of transmission. The Omni antennas are hence useful for the maximum range of WiFi router in India.

Best WiFi router and DBi

There are a variety of Omni antennas with different DBi ranges. The ranges vary from 2 dBi, 5 dBi, 7 dBi, and 15 dBi. The DBi stands for Decibels, which in turn measure the radio frequency of an isotropic radiator. When looking for the best router brands in India, look for the ones that have antennas of DBi of a higher level. An antenna router with a higher level of DBi will impact the router signal positively. Also, the best modem router India will be the one with more antennas.

Antenna number and position

More antennas result in better speed. Hence, the best WiFi router with more than two antennas at least, for the maximum range of WiFi router in India will be excellent.
Also, the positioning of the antennas is crucial. If you live in a single-story house, apartment, or flat, the antenna should be directed towards the area you will be from where you are more likely to use the WiFi. And, if you live in a storied house, position one of your antennas towards the roof, or upright and one parallel to the floor. The straight antenna will provide a good range on the upper floor, and the one horizontally lying will cover the downstairs.


The Modulator-Demodulator or the modem is a device to convert analog signals into digital signals. So, the modem, a hardware device, will change the analog signals from devices like telephones and cable wires to a more computer-understandable signal, which is the digital signal. It is called Modulator-demodulator because it also does the opposite of the task mentioned above. Hence, the modem converts digital signals into analog signals. These analog signals can be transmitted through the cables or the telephones.

How will the use of the best router in India be beneficial for you?

Most internet service providers come with ADSL technology. The ADSL differs from DSL by its more advanced technology. DSL is the more popular known version of the digital subscriber line while ADSL stands for asymmetric digital subscriber line. The ADSL modems provide a larger bandwidth for a faster speed of data transmission, as compared to the DSL modems. Indian internet service providers like BSNL, Broadband, Reliance, Tata, and Airtel use ADSL technology, and to use these services, you will have to use an ADSL modem. 

Fiber Internet

Though ADSL technology has a larger bandwidth as compared to the DSL technology, ADSL is still not as fast as the fiber internet. The fiber internet is an exceptional technology with seemingly unlimited bandwidth and seemingly unlimited internet speed. The use of a fiber internet router will benefit you because the fiber wire technology uses data signals to transmit data. Oppositely, the ADSL technology uses electrons or what we know as electromagnetic current to transmit data through copper wires. Hence, the data signals are faster to travel in a super-high bandwidth of a fiber internet router as compared to the minimally traveling electrons in the comparatively smaller bandwidths of the ADSL modems. And thus, you are provided with the maximum range of WiFi router in India.

WiFi Security

Data transmission is susceptible to a lot of hacks and stealing mechanisms. As you send data, the signals can be intercepted. Any person knowing how to use a few devices that can tweak your signals will then hold all and every information that you send or receive through your WiFi connection.
But the best WiFi router in India has a built-in WiFi security mechanism to help you with the unauthorized accumulation of your data. The process is done by encrypting the data from your end when you send it, and intercepting it when it reaches the destination you intend. The best modem router India will thus use its WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 security standards to help safeguard your data.

Best available speed

A good speed router can transmit data anywhere from 900 megabytes per second to 2 gigabytes per second or above, theoretically. According to your internet needs, you can choose a router from the best router brands in India that deliver to your requirements. All you will have to do is consider your needs and requirements. Then look at the speeds available and match them to what you need. And thus, you can find your best WiFi for home India.


When you have to exchange large files and a huge amount of data, at some point, Ethernet cables might fail to do the job perfectly. The need for the speed of data exchange surpasses the maximum capability of Ethernet cables, and then the need for eSata arrives. For example, when you have to transfer a terabyte file of backup from an external source. At the speed of 1000mb/sec, it will take around two to three hours. eSata refers to External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It allows the external drive to exchange data much quicker than Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Routers that are supported by the eSATA feature are the fastest Wi-Fi routers and have no limitations in any manner. It gives you the maximum speed to transfer files over the internet.


The present generation routers come with beamforming technology. This technology helps your best modem router in India to locate the devices that are connected to the router and specifically concentrate signals towards that area. It uses a signal processing technique that senses the connected device and helps you get better connectivity to receive and send data. This beamforming technology will help you get the best out of your best WiFi router in India.


Technology and advancements have brought forward an abundance of devices from which you can choose. Because there is so much that is not clear to the general public relating to technology, it gets difficult to come across the best device that suits most of your needs. But, we hope that this WiFi router buying guide India will help you find the best WiFi router in India. Use this newfound knowledge and list of the best routers for use in India fit for your streaming, gaming, and data sharing needs. With this list, you get the best for the price and latest technology of routers that there is so that you always stay ahead in the digital race.