What Is A Cool Pad In A Refrigerator?

Power shutdown is a common feature in certain countries. Preserving the food particles during such conditions is essential. Having a cooling pad will allow you to protect the refrigerator's temperature even after a shutdown of 8 hours. But before purchasing, understand them in detail so that you can make a wise choice.

If you own a refrigerator, you might be exposed to specific issues like constant power failures and repairs. During these situations, you have to maintain the fridge’s coolness the same without making any changes. For example, consider a situation where you have a sudden power outage and a problem that would not return for the next 8 hours. Then all the food items within the refrigerator should be maintained at the same cooling temperature. This condition is to prevent them from getting exposed to bacterial and fungal activities. 

Most housewives believe that keeping the refrigerator closed during this time will keep the cold air inside without creating any temperature rise. But the universal truth is that the entire refrigerator will start losing its cold temperature after a few hours despite whether the front door is open or closed. So under this situation, the best option is to purchase a refrigerator with Coolpad Technology. You have to understand that this technology is more essential for Frost-free refrigerators since they lack the ice structure on the top, making the rise of temperature faster. 

While some refrigerators come along with these Coolpad as an internal Embedded Technology that are specific models that require an outside purchase, whether you are purchasing an Embedded Technology or a separate item, you need to understand what a cool pad is to make a wise choice. 

What is Coolpad?

Coolpad is a particular part of the refrigerator that protects certain food items when there is a power shutdown, which is quite common in 13 countries, including India. This specific cool pad usually is present inside the freezer in an embedded form. 

When there is a power shutdown, they allow you to keep the freezer’s temperature at the same and the food particles, especially the items like icecream to remind and frozen for a long time. 

This technology will work for at least 1 hour before it stops working. This technology is typically used in most medical areas for transporting medicines and other organs from one place to another without affecting their quality. The same technology is used within the refrigerator to prevent ice cream from melting even after 8 hours of power shutdown. 

This Coolpad is available in plastic bags, which are frozen completely and used when there isn’t any power. It is always the best idea to place the Coolpad within the freezer because only then they will maintain the proper temperature essential for protecting the food items. It is not usually advisable to remove them from the freezer. 

The features of a Cool pad

  • When there is a sudden power shutdown, the Cool pad can absorb the heat present within the freezer so that it will remain at a lower temperature without affecting the food quality.
  • Every 15 minutes, the Cool pad’s temperature will be reduced by 35 F. So, based upon that title at the time, you can preserve the food items before turning the refrigerator on. Despite these Cool pad’s presence, it is always a safe option to connect the fridge to the UPS Ports since they require constant backup.
  • It prevents the temperature from rising to 8 hours. Remember that most of the cold packs are entirely sealed in order to avoid the release of chemicals within the refrigerator or any other area. You need not worry about the leakages and poisoning of food particles.
  • Most cool packs are made up of high-quality water combined with Silica Gel and blue color, which is normally non-toxic. They also contain propylene glycol that is typically used for reducing the temperature. So when purchasing a cool pad, check for the seal. They are available in water and gel form. You can choose according to your current situation and future needs.
  • Recently the market has also introduced a modern gel-based Coolpad that can be used for placing them within the boxes while transporting the ice creams and other food items to make them remain cool. They are portable and can be used outside or inside the refrigerator, depending upon your preference and wish. 
  • This particular Coolpad product is available for sale on online websites like Amazon. They can also be purchased from other offline shops that are well known for selling refrigerator related accessories.