Things to understand about Timex Helix Smartwatch 2.0

Among the variety of watches available in the market, this Helix smart 2.0 from the Timex group has gained massive popularity because of its design and features. This review post focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of this Helix Smartwatch 2.0 version. But, first, read the review given below to understand the concepts and make a final decision. 


This is the initial thing that most people take a look into before purchasing a watch. Regardless of the quality, they believe that the brand plays a vital role in making a product valuable. Timex has always been a good brand that offers the best designs with valuable features based upon the current trends existing in the market. 

After being in the industry for more than 50 years, this American watch manufacturing country has been operating worldwide. They are well known for offering the best designs along with quality. Timex is a brand that people can trust, and it is one of the major advantages. 

Among the variety of watches offered by them, they have recently released a helix smartwatch suitable for sports and other exercising activities. 


Whether it is a sports watch that is rarely worn or a stylish watch that you wear for occasions, Timex never compromises its design. Similarly, this particular version is beautifully designed to offer a rugged look. It has a decent square-shaped dial with a variety of straps. 

The dial is available with a display size of 1.55 inches with a matching dial case that falls in line with the strap color. The straps are available in both chain and rubber material. So depending upon the buyer’s choice, you can choose any design required. 

The chain model is available in a mesh strap design that makes it look more beautiful and perfect. They can be worn regularly since they offer an elegant look. But if you are looking for a sporty look, then the rubber strap model is more suitable. 

They are also available in other optional colors, including green, black, blue, rose gold mesh, and black mesh. 

Heart rate monitoring

This Timex Helix smartwatch comes with a unique heart rate monitoring feature that makes it easier for you to calculate calories. This watch indicates any abnormalities in the heart rate immediately townsite your health. This watch can be worn for several days, and hence you can wear the watch continuously. People with heart issues can wear this watch to regularly keeping track of their heart functions. 

Battery life

These watches come along with a battery life of 9 days and the charging time is just 3 hours. Like every other digital device, it is advised to charge the Smartwatch only when required. Regular charging is not advised. They also come along with a standby time of 15 days. The battery life might vary depending upon the individual use age, but generally, they are long-lasting. The display allows you to check the battery level now and then, indicating the low battery with a warning message. 

Sports activities

When it comes to exercises, there are multiple activities available, including yoga and skipping. So your calories should be calculated based upon the activity you are performing. To efficiently calculate them, this watch offers you to experience nearly ten different sports modes like treadmill, skipping, badminton, football, yoga, basketball, climbing, cycling, running, and walking. 

This allows the users to quickly set up their favorite sport and continue playing them by the calculation runs in the background. Furthermore, with the latest water and dust resistant technology, this watch can be worn everywhere without worrying about sweat collection and damages caused by it. All you need is a simple soft cloth to wipe off the dust, and the watch is good as new. 


As much as function is essential, appearance also plays an important role. There are 24 different options available for users with different backgrounds that make it easier for them. So from the appearance to the date and time display, everything can be customized depending upon the user’s requirement. The customization of this watch allows people to have a personal connection with their Smartwatch. The display can be set up to show just the time and day, while other settings display the heart rate and calories burnt. They also have multiple wallpapers along with the possibility of updates in the future. 

Smart touch capacity

The first expectation that people have while purchasing a smartwatch is the ability to have smart touch technology. This watch comes with the latest touch technology e that can be combined with multiple applications like Google fit and Apple health. So you can easily synchronize your watch with the latest fit applications that offer instant notifications through WhatsApp and other social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and mail. The full touch display combined with the features makes it easier for the users to use this latest Helix smartwatch

They come along with an advanced Android operating system that can be synchronized and updated regularly. So you need not worry about going out of technology for a long time. In addition, they offer both touch and swipe technology that can make the operations much more straightforward. 

Temperature measurement

With the constant issues with the health condition of the people, it has become necessary to check the temperature regularly. These temperatures will be regularly noted and updated in both the watch and also in the application. When there is a severe hike in temperature, the owner will be notified. Along with the body temperature, it also can measure the current weather condition and external temperature. 

Steps calculation

This watch comes along with a simple but yet advanced feature called the calculation of the step. Despite this feature being available in multiple models, people still prefer them in watches. This feature is handy for people who try to cover at least 10,000 steps a day. In addition, step counting can be a massive feature for designing other exercises. This is one of the significant reasons why Helix has introduced step counting within the watch. 

Sleep tracking

It also comes along with the sleep tracking technology that measures the heart rate along with the sleep pattern to detect whether you have slept peacefully. It can detect various forms of sleep like deep sleep, light sleep, and total hours of sleep. This watch can be worn all the time and helps you to maintain your health effectively. All the details will be stored in the application regularly, and people with sleep disorders can maintain their track files. 

Your fitness journey can be fun with these social media applications for an updated exercise with the social community. In addition, the users can also participate in the available fitness challenges along with their peers and community. 

Price range and quality

Most of the smartwatches are a bit costlier than standard watches. This Helix smartwatch price is reasonable with a good warranty. The quality of the product is also valuable, and it can last for a long time with minor damage. The chains and straps are replaceable with a warranty. Along with the other applications, this watch also supports the Timex health application. Either connect with the Google or apple fitness application or install the latest Timex application for a healthy experience. 


Even though this is made up of the latest technology, it does nothing compared to connectivity with other digital devices. They can connect to specific applications and social media, but integration with your mobile phone or laptop is not possible with this modern Smartwatch. This product is nothing but an advanced model Smartwatch for sports activities. Do not expect to be as advanced as the Apple watch or any other models introduced by certain brands. 


This product is a unique watch that can compete with other exclusive watches in the market. From brand to price, all the features on this Smartwatch are designed to meet the latest requirements. This Helix smartwatch review focuses on both the positive and negative aspects, and if the user is satisfied with both aspects, they can purchase the watch immediately. The negatives in our quality are not high, and they are just a lack of certain features that buyers can adjust based upon the user’s views.