Tips To Decorate Your Home With Cardboard Boxes

Are you looking to decorate your home with cardboard boxes? Read this DIY article to learn the complete tips to decorate.

Do you have any idea about what is the main idea of pollution? It includes packaging material. You must know what to do with the cardboard boxes – either throw it in the trash or put it back in the store. But have ever thought of making creative and innovative home décor with cardboard boxes. It can save thousands of your money. Using cardboard is the most eco-friendly and pocket –friendly way of decorating your home. Making stuff out of cardboard is the most reasonable and excellent way of adding some fantastic art pieces at your place. To save your money or change your house’s interior, you must replace it with a new one. Here are the top five DIY ideas to decorate cardboard box and make cool things to make out of cardboard.  

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Colour Spray

Hexagan Art

Christmas Tree

Shoe Closet 

Book Boxes

Christmas festival is all about is peace and love. Start working on various decorative art pieces for your living room from the Thanks Giving Festival. It is one of the most pocket-friendly and easy cardboard crafts. Try your hands on crafting skills and get ready to make the sculpture of reindeer out of cardboard. Use all the products, packing cardboard boxes to make decorative Christmas reindeer for your living room. Challenge your hidden artist by marking the dotted lines and cutting the outline with the scissors. You can make the reindeer craft more valuable by adding a wreath around the neck to celebrate the eve of Christmas most innovatively. You don’t have to worry about your budget as it is the most pocket-friendly thing to do. 

You must have seen beautiful messages hanging on the wall of the fancy cafes. The metal letter art adds a luxurious look to the surroundings. Do you also want to make some metal accent letter art for your room? Then what’s stopping you, your budget? Wait! You can use cardboard boxes that don’t cost you any extra money. You don’t have to use any metal, as it is 100% eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. Cut down the wood or cardboard; both can give the metallic appearance using spray paint and distressing. Hang it or paste it on the wall of your living room or entrance area. You can also give a surprise to your friends with the DIY metallic wall art.

Hexagon artAre you planning to redecorate your room, but on a budget? Don’t worry anymore! This DIY idea of hexagon art would surely add a unique style to your room within a minimum expense. For this, you would only need printed and lightweight cardboard boxes. Select the cardboard size according to your requirement; however, make sure to have the cardboard’s flat sheets. For this, you would need to outline the board and then cut it down. Use the hexagon shape and paint it with metal or colored paint. Use any empty place on the wall and preferably use the white background. It is lightweight; thus you can easily paste it on the wall. Add stones or glitter on it to make it more beautiful and elegant.

Are you looking for something innovative and attractive for the Christmas decoration? Or do you want to give your friend’s a surprise gift? Then, worry, not! Make the best use of cardboard with easy cardboard crafts. You can use a large triangle cardboard box to make the Christmas tree just like the reindeer. It is essential to go for the triangle shape, as it works the best for you. It is best if you don’t have the perfect shape for the real trees. Bring cardboard boxes in the triangular share and make some horizontal cuts to add the appearance of leaves. After you are done making this Christmas tree, add beautiful Christmas ornaments and fairy lights to it. You can place this tree to fill up the empty spaces of your room. 

Adding a vintage-looking chandelier to your interiors would give you the feeling of nostalgia. However, buying a genuine vintage article can be quite expensive. But wait, we have a solution for this problem. You can now make a vintage-looking chandelier with cardboard boxes. Mark the outline by tracing the design at the cardboard and cut it out. Leave the color of the chandelier brown only for giving a classic vintage look. Use the corrugated box as it is lightweight and can be hung comfortably on the ceiling. You can choose any shape, size, and style of your choice for hanging the chandelier on the ceiling—all you need to use your brains for creative and cool things to make out of cardboard. Apart from these five decorative items, here are a few more ordinary ways to add additional storage space to your living room or bedroom. 

Shoe closet

If you are a shoe collector, you must have faced the problems of not having enough room to display your footwear correctly. It is challenging to have enough storage space in your closet to store your shoes and sandals in the right way. Stack up all the shoeboxes on top of each other with a description of each shoe inside it to pick the pair you would like to wear. 

Book boxes

Being a book worm, you would know the pain of not having enough space to keep your books in your room. Building or buying a new bookshelf is all way quite expensive. But, worry not. Here is a cheap alternative for you, use cardboard boxes to build a DIY bookshelf to store your books. Stack these boxes in one corner of your corner with proper labels on them. Also, if you want to have a better aesthetic appeal to it, then you can decorate it with wrapping paper, stickers, or paper.  


Hopefully, this article has provided you with the best of the information. Use these ideas and build decorate, creative and innovative piece of art for your living space. If you are on a budget or want to try your creative skills, and then go for these options right away!