Best 2 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove In India

When it comes to purchasing two-burner glass top stoves, the choices are unlimited in the market. So it is necessary to research and then buy the products.

Ever since fire was invented the process of cooking has taken a new route and has been developing ever since. With the invention of various types of kitchen tools like microwave ovens and induction stoves people in India still prefer fire-based cooking. Here most of our cooking recipes are based upon the fire, and without that, it is impossible to cook food. Initially, people used fire logs to cook the food which was then replaced by stoves that have been under usage for more than three decades. Even now, people prefer using stoves rather than the other modern gadgets for cooking food items. The shape and size of the stoves have taken a development with technology, but the concept remains the same. Initially, people used Single Burner stoves that were fuelled by kerosene. Later it was replaced with gas-based stoves. These gas-based stoves are still under existence. But to make the stove last longer and more stylish, the material of the stove has been continuously changed from time to time. Initially, the stores were made up of iron plates, but this model was unsuccessful since the iron plates tend to rust over time.

Show these iron plates were replaced with stainless steel stoves which were also successful, and these models are still under usage in some of the houses. Due to its high quality and ability to withstand heat, these stainless steel stoves are still under existence. These stoves are more suitable for rough usage and continuous portability. Even though these stoves look excellent and efficient, they still lacked a bit in the area of design and style. So later, when the glass top model, gas stoves were introduced with the same features as the stainless steel stoves and long durability people started exchanging their stoves instead of the old steel stoves. These models have been replacing the regular stainless steel gas stoves at a faster rate due to their stylish designs and low weights. These modern glass top stoves are beautiful to look at and provide good heating.

Our Top Pick Two Burner Glass Gas Stoves In India

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Pigeon 2-Burner Glass Top Gas Stove, Black

Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black

Hamlay's Toughened Glass Auto Ignition Gas 2 Burner PNG Compatible Stove (White)

Why use two-burner glass top stoves?

Burner stoves are used widely all over the world. But to meet up with the requirements of the users, these stove models are different from each other. One of the most important variations that are common in most of these stoves is the number of burners. Nowadays there are stoves with a single Burner and also stoves with four burners. So depending upon the requirement of the user, they can purchase the stove that suits their needs. Currently, there are a variety of models with multiple burners the stoves with two burners are the ones that have been continually moving in the market. This condition is because the stoves with two burners are considered as an idle design, and it is suitable for average households. Generally, in a household, it is normal for women to cook two or three dishes at the same time. Using a two-burner stove will ensure that the cooking is done at a reasonable speed. Most of the people in the typical household will prefer the use of these two-burner stoves rather than a single burner which is not suitable for healthy cooking. So to keep up with the technology and requirements, the stove companies have been manufacturing two-burner glass top stoves that are efficient and beautiful.

Features of a two-burner gas stove

Strong knobs

The glass top stones are made up economically designed knobs that are made up of Nylon, and they can withstand the right amount of heat. These knobs are heat resistant and do not absorb the heat produced by the stove. Though the knobs are not directly exposed to the heat generated by the burner, they still experience some heat when compared to another object at an average temperature. So they are made up of nylon material to withstand and not absorb heat. The knobs can be moved freely to reduce and increase the temperature steadily. 

Toughened glass material

In case of a glass top stove, the glass is made up of hardened non-breakable glass material that can withstand immense pressure and heat. So even if you place a cooking vessel, the glass won’t break. The glass can also withstand high temperatures and hot oil, spills, etc. Most of the people prefer using stainless steel since they fear that these glass tops will break. But in truth, the glass is non-breakable and as strong as the regular stainless steel stoves. The glass top stoves a good look for the state and makes it much more beautiful and stylish. 

Burner steel plates

Usually, when the liquids like gravy and milk spill over the stove, it falls on the surface. To avoid the spill, the latest glass top stoves come along with the steel plate surrounding the burner that prevents the leakage from reaching the floor. At the same time, these steel plates can be removed easily and washed whenever required making it easy to clean. Both the glass top stones and the steel plates do not rust and can be washed anytime you need. 

Stylish design

The glass top stoves are designed in such a way that they look as stylish as their efficiency. People nowadays want to have kitchen and cleaning gadgets that keep up with their decor. So this glass top stove can be an added design that can decorate your house. The glass top stoves come in stylish black colour with or without multi patterns. They are easy to clean, and they will remain polished and good as new even after years of usage. These designs do not rust, and they will always remain good as new. Along with these, other features are present in these unique glass top stoves. The gas connecting nozzles are made rust-free, and they are strong enough to avoid any leakage even after using them for years. Similarly, the gas tank connecting the nozzles with the burners are also made with durable metal to prevent leakage and ensure safety.

Automatic click stove or ordinary burner stove

There are two types of two-burner glass top stove. First is the stove with an automatic burner system that ignites the burner automatically just by turning the knob. The next is the stove with a burner that can be ignited only by manual intervention like a matchstick. Both of these stoves are used by people all over the world. Each of these stoves has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Automatic ignition stove

These stoves have an automatic igniting system that automatically ignites, using a single spark of fire and gas. Similar to the regular stove, this automatic stove also contains the same features. The burner, knob and stainless steel plates are the same. The only difference is the ignition system. Here when the knob is turned, the gas flows through the burner and the internal technology at the end of the burner produces a spark that ignites the stove automatically. This technology is much more advantages than the conventional burner system because it prevents accidents. When the knob is accidentally turned on by the children, the stove will produce flames and not just gas. So this, in turn, protects the leakage of gas and increases safety. But it is always safe to keep the children away from the stove as there is an opportunity for fire hazard in automatic burner stoves. So in both the models, it is better to keep the children away from the stove for safety issues.

There is only a small price difference between both the glass top burner stoves, and depending upon your requirement, and you can purchase anyone according to your wish. When it comes to buying a stove, one of the most important things that matter is the convenience of the user who cooks the food. So whether it is single or a double burner, it is essential that you like it. There are multiple designs from multiple companies that are available in the market. So if you decide to purchase a stove, you might be exposed to a variety of choices. In such situations, it is essential to understand the features of the stove and buy the best option available in the market. Some of the best products available in the market include,

Pigeon 2-Burner Glass Top Gas Stove, Black

Pigeon’s latest 2-Burner glass top gas stove is one of the fast-moving models with a sleek design. Pigeon is a known brand among the users, and it has released a wide range of kitchen products, including induction stoves and gas stoves. The Pigeon has designed a variety of stoves including the stainless steel models. Their recent edition of glass top stoves in Black has. Attracted a lot of users and people have been slowly shifting towards these designs. This latest stove comes along with a variety of features like,  

Toughened glass materials – The stove is made up of specially hardened glass material that can withstand all types of damage. The glass cannot be cracked easily, and it is in Black. The glass is also protected from scratches and other external damages. 

360 nozzle – The nozzle that is connected to the gas tube can be rotated at all angles allowing you to move the stove freely without damaging the gas tube. The nozzle is made up of hard metal and is protected from rust and heat. It avoids the leakage of gas. 

Balanced stand – The stand has three equally placed handles that can hold the vessel in place and allows you to cook conveniently. The stand is coated with heat resistant paint to prevent rusting. 

Steel plates – The steel plates are removable and can be removed for washing. This protects the flood materials and liquids from spilling down on the surface. 

Unique stands and knobs – The bottom of the stove contains a unique stand made up of nylon bush that prevents skidding and other movements while cooking. These stands are useful in holding the stove on the place and also protect the stove base from scratches. The knobs are also easy to handle, and they are used to control the temperature of the stove. The knobs are also made up the same type of Nylon to withstand heat and other damages while travelling. 

This stove is based on regular ignition system that allows you to ignite the stove externally. The stove is of low weight can be easily moved from one place to another. It can be carried around and suitable for travelling. The remaining parts of the stove are made up of stainless steel, and they can be cleaned easily. They offer unique pan support, and it is resistant to heat. The stove is ISI certified and unique in design. The size is 600 mm length and 320 mm in width. The brand is of high quality, and it is also of low price. The stove is available in online portals like Amazon and Flipkart with warranty. They can also be purchased from the pigeon showrooms open all over the country. 



Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black

The next brand and stove that has been continuously sold is the butterfly brand. The butterfly is a famous brand and is well known for its cooking based machines like mixers, stoves and induction stoves. The butterfly brand is a renowned company in India with a wide range of products. The products of the butterfly brand are well known for its quality and Stylish designs. In the same line, the butterfly has introduced a wide range of stoves. They have been manufacturing a variety of glass top designs with various features and metals. The butterfly showrooms are available all over the country, and hence servicing the stove would be much easier when compared to other brand products. Their latest product is Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove, and Black is made up of smart glass technology with a smart lock pan technique allowing you to cook the food without any disturbance. This stove is easy for cleaning and maintenance purposes. This stove is best suited for household cooking and also for cooking outside including picnics and trekking. With the help of two burners, you can cook fast. Some of its features include, 

Smart glass – The glass top stove is made up of smart glass technology that is nothing but the hardened glass. The glass is thick and can withstand heat and heavyweight. The glass can withstand high heat, and it is portable. 

Smart lock pan – The burner is surrounded by a special three handle pan that can hold all types of utensils. It is fixed by a smart lock technology that holds the handle in place. It is covered in black paint that can withstand heat and can be washed. This paint prevents the handle from rusting. 

Steel plates – The burners are surrounded by individual Steel plates to prevent the liquid or any other food particles falling on the surface. These Steel plates can be easily removed and washed whenever it is required. 

Flame retardant panels – The Steel plates are surrounded by flame retardant panels that protect the surface from getting hot and also prevents the spreading of heat to the surroundings. 

Brass burners – The brass burners can withstand high-temperature heat and can be washed when required. The burners have triple pin technology that can be used to produce both low and high heat with proper control. 

Along with these features, the stove comes along with other special features like nylon knobs and stands to control heat and home the stove, respectively. The metal surface is covered with a powder coating that prevents rusting when washed. The coating also prevents the metal surfaces from scratches. The sturdy panel and the stylish designs have increased the sales rate of this product. The product is of low price and has a good warranty. 



Hamlay's Toughened Glass Auto Ignition Gas 2 Burner PNG Compatible Stove (White)

Hamlay is one of the emerging companies and is not widely known among the people. Usually, auto ignition gas stoves are available in three burner models, but specific models come along with auto-ignition technology and two burners. Since most of the people prefer ordinary two-burner glass top stoves, the popular brands have restricted themselves from manufacturing them. Bit Hamlay felt the need to satisfy the requirements of the small percentage of people who are into buying auto-ignition two buyer gas stoves. Their latest model Hamlay Toughened Glass Auto Ignition Gas 2 Burner PNG Compatible Stove (White) has auto-ignition technology with the glass top stove. The product is of low price and also has a good warranty. The product so comes along with certain unique features like, 

Toughened glass – The stove is made up of white toughened glass material that can withstand both pressure and heat. The burners are placed in the centre and covered by steel plates. The glass is scratch proof and cannot be broken even while being transported from one place to another. 

Autoignition – The stove has auto-ignition technology that saves you a lot of time and provides safety. This technique prevents gas leakage through carelessness, like keeping the knob open without igniting it. Here when the knob is rotated, it ignites automatically. This technology allows you to ignite the stove without a matchstick. 

Burners – The burners are made up of brass material and can heat the food quickly using the triple pin technology. The brass material can be washed easily without the fear of rust formation. The brass burners are surrounded by steel plates and can be cleaned easily. The sturdy surface is made up of white toughened glass that has heat retardation properties. 

Nozzle – The nozzle that connects the gas tube can rotate at all angles. This nozzle allows you to change the location and direction of the stove easily. The nozzle is made up of durable materials to prevent any leakages. 

The knobs and other stands are made up of Nylon, and the product is ISI certified for excellent quality. The metal surface is powder-coated to prevent any scratches and dust deposition. The stove can be cleaned with a wet cloth, and it is portable. This stove is suitable for household uses and also for cooking outside. Even bachelors can purchase this product to cook their food. Chefs and other cooking people also use the stove for preheating the menu on the venue. The stove uses a special four-sided pan that can hold the vessel in place without moving away. 


All these products mentioned above have been experiencing good sales in the market. They can be purchased either directly from the store or through online portals like Amazon and Flipkart. While purchasing a gas store, it is essential to test it for any leakages before purchasing. So even if you order these products through online, check them thoroughly before using them to prevent any future accidents. Keep your gas off when, not in usage and keep them away from the reach of children. After safety makes sure to purchase the product from a good brand so that you can ensure uninterrupted service and repairs when needed. Along with this, the product is sold at a reasonable price. Some products might have a high price with autoignition technology. But the truth is other right products charge less even with auto-ignition technology. So Purchase a product with a reasonable price and a good warranty. Always remember safety and quality is much more important than technique. So unless you are satisfied with the technology do not purchase them. So if you need a good stove either buy one of the three mentioned above or buy a new one after researching the market.