Best Travel Neck Pillow For Long Flights In India

Choosing the best travel neck pillow for long flights could turn out to be a challenging task, but this article will help you get the right one. In case you are not struggling hard to choose the right travel pillow for yourself, then read through this article.

Comfortability is always the top priority when you are planning on a long journey. There are many ways to increase your comfort on transportation like staying hydrated, wearing loose clothing, earplugs, or even eye mask to help you sleep. There are other ways to get comfortable during the long-haul train or flight, car ride, or bus by taking a travel pillow.But with weight and packing space restrictions travelers face, the first thing you forego is a pillow and use a rolled-up sweater or bag instead. But this will not make you feel comfortable, which is why you need the best travel neck pillow for long flights to help you sleep better.This is true that finding the best travel neck pillow is not easy as it seems, so this is why we’ve outlined a guide and the top 3 best travel neck pillows for long flights that you can choose. It is time to make your dull journey much more comfortable.

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Types of travel pillows

Those days are gone when travelers had small to little cushions or blow-up neck pillows for extra comfort while traveling. Today, various pillows are available in the market with a wide range of options that will suit your individual sleeping preferences and style. The most common traveling style dictates your choices to some extent, and you may even consider investing in a couple of travel pillows for your different types of tours.

Below are the different types of travel pillows available in the market:

  • Solid U-Shaped Pillows: These pillows offer support to the neck and head and are typically made from memory foam, which is comfortable for many people than inflatable varieties. 
  • Inflatable U-shaped pillows: These pillows offer neck support, and a significant plus point of these inflatable pillows is that they are super small when in the deflated state, which makes them easy to carry. Most of these pillows even require minimal effort to inflate.
  • Inflatable Rectangular pillows: These pillows provide a little less support, but it is a good deal for travelers who simply want something light, small, and compact to lean their head on for more comfort on their journey.
  • Solid Rectangular pillows: This is usually one of the bulkiest travel pillows that do not offer any support when you sleep. But if you plan to use this pillow in other places while traveling, you can choose it.
  • Wrap-Around Pillow: This pillow offers the right amount of support for the neck and head. One disadvantage is that it has rigid internal features that provide excellent support to make the pillow bulkier to store and carry around.

Features to consider while buying a travel pillow

There are a few primary considerations to look for when purchasing the best travel neck pillow for long flights. Check the points given below to learn more about it:

  1. Sleeping position: People have different positions to sleep even when seated. They have pillows that are suited for particular positions. So are you the one that moves around a lot while sleeping or the one whose head tends to fall forwards when you are not lying down to sleep? It would help if you remembered that each pillow is designed for a particular sleeping position like the wrap-around design pillows offer more support than the U-shaped pillows. For example, other products and pillows in the market offer generous support to your whole upper body or even chin.
  2. Pillow size: Well, if you are purchasing a pillow for your travel, then make a mind to check the size, whether it will be suitable for travel or not, and if it’ll get along with your luggage or not. The best example is the inflatable pillows that naturally require less space than the solid ones. But you must remember that the best travel pillows for long flights are filled with memory foam. It would be best if you did not fright because these pillows can be compressed down very quickly to small size being one of the best choices. 
  3. Cost: We all know this point cannot be avoided. You may not want to spend money carelessly. The pillow’s cost must be considerate and should be secondary to the pillow’s usefulness and quality. You must spend a decent amount and find the pillow that best suits your choice and preferences by being in your budget. Most travel pillows are expensive, so check for the one with reasonable price and quality.
  4. Comfortable: Comfort in your travel pillow is an essential key. A comfortable pillow will help you fall asleep faster and quicker, which is best than staying awake during the flight. So better choose the pillow that gives you maximum comfort while you are sleeping on it. Look for the softer outer material, which will make you feel nice and comfortable without trapping any heat.
  5. Portability: The design of the travel pillows must be super easy to carry around. You must look for a pillow that includes a bag and a clasp to be attached easily to your luggage, and this way, you won’t end up losing it. Some pillows are inflatable, which takes almost no space while carrying around; however, the ones that are filled must be stored safely to carry them around. Solid ones take a bit more space, so it would be comfortable that the pillows are designed to carry around during the travel.
  6. Washable: As many people have already sat in your seat before you, your pillow is likely to get filth and germs as it also wipes down your seat. Make sure that the pillow you purchase is easy to wash and comes with a cover so that the pillow lasts longer.

Product Review

After reading about everything you must know about the pillow, it is time to get to know the top three products we’ve come up with for you. But first, check out the comparison table about the three products and then the detailed information about them.

Buyerzone Neck Pillow

This is the inflatable rectangular pillow also a favorite choice of many. This pillow is not only comfortable but also comes at a low price. It features waterproof, I-beam construction, and a soft top for added comfortability. It is also effortless to deflate and inflate this pillow, making it very easy to carry around on your travel journeys. It comes with an airlock facility and can be used as a cushion and backrest, providing you with extra support and adequate back support. 

The velvet material makes it cozy and soft by being a good companion for long flights, train, or road journeys.

Key Features:

  • Comes with airlock facility
  • Inflation and deflation can be done very quickly and easily
  • Constructed with I-beam technology
  • Waterproof Velvet flocked top

Gear-R Neck Pillow

If money is not a problem and you can spend more, this travel pillow could probably be your best buy. The pillow is made of memory foam, which is the best option for long flights and travel journeys. It is made of 100% pure memory foam and comes with many features. It has a washable velour cover that has an easy-to-use zipper. 

You will also get a clip to keep this pillow in place while you are sleeping, and it can be attached to your luggage, making it easy to carry.

Key Features:

  • The anti-slip button helps to ensure firmness and snug fit around your neck.
  • Excellent for long travels. You can also use it at home while watching TV, reading, studying, and napping.
  • Dust-free storage bag makes it a perfect choice for the ones who travel with backpacks.
  • Memory foam rebounds slowly for 3-5 seconds. It offers 360-degree chin and head support.
  • Side pocket allows you to store earplugs, eye masks, phones, and other travel accessories.

Linewalas Neck Massaging Pillow

This pillow is designed for travel purposes, which is both easily affordable and comfortable. It has a battery section that acts as a massager tool and a travel pillow at the same time. You can also use this pillow for noiseless massage sessions after a long day from work to relax and de-stress yourself.

This pillow has a perfect design, which is easy to fit your head and neck. It is easily portable as you can fit it in your bag and carry it anywhere. The pillow certainly improves blood circulation because of its massaging technique, which effectively provides support and relief pain.

Key Features:

  • Noiseless vibrating massage helps to improve the blood circulation in the head and neck. 
  • Perfect pillow design and conforms neck and head, which allows you to sleep with extra support and comfort, making it fit to carry along while traveling.
  • It is portable to carry anywhere, be it home, car, office, airplane.

Always keep in mind that comfort is essential while traveling. If you want a travel pillow, then go for the one that doesn’t get damaged easily and accompanies you for a long time. A comfortable pillow must give you maximum comfort if you are a frequent traveler.Do not hesitate to spend a bit more if you are getting more comfortability and durability, as it would be an excellent long-term investment. We hope this guide will help you figure out the best travel neck pillow for long flights.