Best Spring Mattress In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Do you still prefer the conventional spring mattresses over the foamy ones? If yes, here is how the spring mattresses in India could be the right choice for you. To know more about the benefits and types of spring bedding, read on this guide.

The spring mattresses are on the market for ages. They are popular among buyers since ancient times. The modern technology applied to these mattresses makes them even better, and one of the best bedding solutions possible in the present time. With the tremendous benefits to your body and comfort factors, spring mattresses are best for most of you. 

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Springtek Ortho Pocket Double Bed

Boston Hotel Comfort 6 Inch Pocket Spring

Boston Hotel Comfort 6 Inch Bonnell Spring Single Size Mattress

What is a spring mattress?

Spring mattress is the traditional mattress type that is made out of steel or metal coils. These mattresses may seem to be of conventional kinds, but they are still trendy. It is surrounded by other materials to provide support and maximum comfort. The best spring mattress in India will give you a great deal of comfort and aid to people with health problems and back ailments. However, a good quality spring mattress is suitable for everyone. They are known to offer bounce, temperature control and are available in different ranges of prices.  With the traditional spring beds, you get hybrid spring beds too. The hybrid spring bedding has pocketed coil construction along with foam, latex, and other such materials. 

Advantages of the spring mattress

  • Budget-friendly: Spring mattresses are one of the best in terms of budget. They offer much cheap price ranges with different sizes and shapes than their counterparts. 
  • Aid: Because of the coil-based fillings, spring mattresses offers good edge support. This is the reason why you do not have to worry about the sinking of the corners (the most used area of any bed)
  • Bounce: Another peculiarity of the spring mattresses is that they offer a great bounce. In case you are finding difficulty getting in and out from your previous beddings, a spring mattress is a right option for you. 
  • Temperature control: Spring mattress is ideal for people who feel sweltering while sleeping. Unlike other beddings, this bedding type does not retain body heat and makes it excellent in cool temperature features. 
  • Hybrid beds: If you want a conventional type of filling in the spring bed, you can opt for hybrid mattresses. Hybrid spring beds include pocketed coil, memory foam, latex, or gel, etc. 
  • Support: The metal springs in the spring bedding offers even weight distribution and support. 
  • Cushioning & comfort: The ultimate bedding material of spring mattresses provide the best softness, cushioning, and comfort level. 

Features to look for in a spring mattress before buying

Coil count

Coil count is among the main features to look for choosing the best spring mattress in India. The coil count feature determines the overall support and comfort that the bedding gives. Coil count is the number of coils present in a bed. This feature mainly decides the contouring capacity and the durability of the same. The higher the number of coils, the more will be the bed’s ability to bounce and distribute consistent firmness. The average coil in a spring bedding ranges from 500 to 1000. However, in some beds, it can be as low as 300 and high as 3000. But the rate of the mattress will be directly related to the number of coils present in it. Higher the count means higher the price and vice versa. 

Coil Gauge

The next and most important feature to consider in bedding is its coil gauge. It refers to the thickness or the density of the coils used for making the pallet. More number of rings means soft bedding, whereas a low number of loops means the bedding will be more firm than smooth. To get both’s comfort, you should choose the mattress with a coil gauge range from 12 to 15.  Hence, if you wish to have a firm feel in your bed, you can opt for the mattress around 12 coil gauge. Whereas, a mattress with a 13.5 coil gauge or more is a good option for a soft feel. An important thing to keep in mind while deciding this factor is that the bed with low-gauged will be more durable than the one with a high number of gauges. 


Zoning means different levels of firmness in other regions of the same bedding. This feature helps the bed contour according to various body parts and sizes. As the human body has three zones: the lumbar, shoulder, and hip, bed with proper zoning will provide firmness to the lumbar for support and softness to shoulders and hips for extra comfort and cushioning. 


Durability is a feature that can not be neglected while purchasing any commodity, and the same goes for buying bedding. However, the longevity or the lifespan of a mattress depends on various conditions. The most important factors to look into for durability are the coil counts, coil gauge, and the composition. 

Types of spring mattresses

Bonel coil

You probably would have used a Bonnel coil mattress in your life as it is one of the most common loops present in beds. The Bonnel coils come with an hourglass spring shape, along with spiral interconnecting spring links. These are mostly very-budget friendly. But, most importantly, these coil mattresses do not compromise with firmness or support. Hence these inexpensive Bonnel coil mattresses are used in orthopedic mattresses. You could use these mattresses anywhere, as all people mostly prefer them. 

Pocketed springs

Also known as Marshall, encased or wrapped coil, mattresses with these coils are one of the best mattresses there can be. There can be even thousands, if not hundreds, of these coils in your mattresses, and they can individually accommodate your bodyweight equally. Hence, the mattresses with coils are the optimal choice for people with hip, joint, shoulder, neck, and other muscle pains. Their unique yet beneficial formation makes them one of the costly selling coil mattresses. 

Continuous coil

As the name suggests, these coils use a single tampered wire that continuously runs from the top to bottom and is connected by helical springs. These coils provide a sturdy, firm mattress shape. Moreover, these are also relatively inexpensive. The down point of these is that they can be a bit noisy. 

Offset coil

Similar in structure to the Bonnel coil, offset coils are made of tempered steel wires, hinged at the bottom or top, and each spring is hinged to a helical wire. The construction allows good motion isolation. The perfection of these coils leads to it being a bit more expensive than other coil mattresses. 

Here's a detailed feature specification of some of the best spring mattresses available:

Boston Hotel Comfort 6 Inch Bonnell Spring Single Size Mattress

Boston’s high-quality mattress is a perfect fit for you if you are looking for single-sized bedding. It is a spring mattress along with foam construction. The firmness of the Boston Mattress is not too soft and not too firm. It has a medium level of firmness, which makes it the best bedding for almost everyone. The unique quilted cover of this mattress includes an inch of cushioning foam for better support. You get five years warranty when you buy this product online from Amazon. This mattress is fit for all kinds of sleepers, including side sleepers and back sleepers. 



Springtek Ortho Pocket Double Bed

This heavy gauge tempered mattress gives the optimum level of firmness. With exceptional support and durability, Springtek bedding is a perfect pick for your family’s needs. For top cushioning and extra comfort, it has an anti-microbial quilted fabric cover and foam layer. To offer you a disturbance-free sleep, Springtek mattress comes with individual pocket springs. The foam encasement provides extra support on the edges as well. 



Boston Hotel Comfort 6 Inch Pocket Spring

The pocket spring mattress is one of the most comfortable bedding mattresses you can come across. Boston Hotel Comfort mattresses with pocketed coils or individually wrapped coils provide a cushioned bed with the most peaceful and restful sleep. The hundreds and thousands of unique coiled wrappings give a durable and long-lasting mattress.