Best Travel Pillow For Airplanes

You no longer have to search for the best travel pillow for airplanes because your search is now over. All you need to do is read this guide and get yourself the best pillow for travel to help you out with the long flight journeys.

Traveling pillow for airplanes is the one thing that makes the journey more enjoyable and comfortable. The reason being since many travelers suffer from sore, stiff necks from the weight of their heads flopping on long plane, it can result in back and neck pain. The travel pillows provide better support for your ling time sleep. Today, there are many designs and options to choose from that come with high-density memory foam, compact stuff sacks, washable covers, and more. Even if you are not catching a flight right now due to the pandemic, you can still purchase it for your future travels. There are different types of travel pillows for airplanes available in the market that will fit every traveler’s preferences and needs. Below we’ve detailed the crucial factors, tips, and the top three product reviews that will you pick the right travel pillow for yourself.

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Travel Blue Travel Pillow for Airplanes

Saamiya's Shree Travel Pillow for Airplanes

SKYLOFTS Travel Pillow for Airplanes

Common travel pillow shapes

Below is the list of common travel pillow shapes available in the market.

  • U-shape: The U-shape pillows are the most common travel pillows. People usually love this shape of the pillow while they travel by airplane, and the reason is that they are easy to carry around. The inflatable U-shape of this pillow also makes for easy storage even when you are not on the plane. They come in both types, which is fluffed and inflatable.
  • J-shape: This shape is available mainly in the market, and it attempts to answer for all the shortcomings of U-shape. This pillow is more versatile and gives better chin support keeping your head much higher than some U-shaped pillows. 
  • Hourglass: A pillow in the shape of an hourglass is one of the best travel pillows because of its versatility. While many pillows are made for the neck and head only, this pillow is like the Swiss Army knife of pillows. Even though its sole purpose is to support your neck and head, you can use it for your back or knees and even when sleeping in a bed.
  • Rectangular: This travel pillow is the closest thing to a pillow you’d use on your bed at night. The most significant difference is that they are meant for travel spaces and are compact. This pillow would work if your neck can easily hold itself while sleeping. 
  • Wrap-style: This pillow is a kind of travel pillow that wraps itself around your neck like a scarf. The design is suitable for a traveler whose head tilts while they are asleep. 

Inflatable vs. Non-inflatable travel pillows

Frequent travels have serious opinions about what type of travel pillow is better, whether they should go for inflatable or non-inflatable one while they are traveling. Well, we’d say the choice must be yours to make. We’ve included a few points to help you understand better and make a wise choice.

Inflatable travel pillows

The majority of travel pillows being sold today are mostly U-shaped designs that are best to rest on the shoulders with their both ends facing forward. These U-shaped pillows have raised backs with a gentle curve that adds neck support. This ergonomic-minded design helps to prevent neck pressure and pain. Some U-shaped pillows are long enough to wrap entirely around the neck, and they provide 360-degree neck support allowing the travelers to crane their necks at the most comfortable angle. In addition to the U-shaped designs, some travel pillows also mimic the rectangular shape of bedroom pillows. As discussed above, the travel pillows can generally be divided into two categories: non-inflatable and inflatable. Below are the common characteristics that an inflatable design includes:

Inflation Method:  Some pillows need old-fashioned, which is human oxygen. The pillows feature a tightly sealed air valve that allows the users to blow into the pillow until they reach their desired loft. But nowadays, some newer models feature inflation systems that do not require human oxygen. Instead of blowing, the user opens a valve and presses down a button. It must be done until the pillow is inflated to the desired level.

Material Composition: Inflatable pillows usually feature a shell made from PU based material like polyvinyl, which can be cold and slick to touch. Inflatable pillows are usually covered in velvet or velour to provide resistance and a much warmer feel.

Compactness: While travel pillows are relatively compact by definition, deflated pillows take less space than non-inflatable models. The inflatable pillows are more suitable for lengthier airplane trips as they take less luggage space.

Non-inflatable Travel Pillows

Now the standard features of a non-inflatable travel pillow include:

  • Not adjustable: The non-inflatable pillows for airplanes cannot be adjusted in terms of the loft because of their solid construction. It is best recommended for the sleepers to test out before any purchase.
  • Material composition: Most non-inflating pillows come with memory foam composition, whose other name is viscoelastic polyfoam. The material is designed to become softer when it comes in contact with body heat and then recovers its shape once it cools down. The travel pillows are mostly made with firmer memory foam that provides continuous support to the neck, head, and spine.
  • Thickness: The travel pillows are not adjustable and tend to have more loft than the inflatable ones. The downside of these pillows is that the ten do be stiffer and bulkier to fit into the luggage compared to the inflating ones.

Tips for choosing the best travel pillow for airplanes

Check the below-mentioned tips and features that will help you to choose the best travel pillow for airplanes. 

  • Support and comfort: The pillow must offer ample support for the weight of your neck and head but not restrict the movements or feel too tight.
  • Portable: Your travel pillow must not take too much space in your carry-on that you can’t bring your other essentials. It should compress to a smaller size rather than barring the space.
  • Softness: The travel pillow’s material must feel plushy against your skin and not trap much heat. It must not make the user uncomfortable to wear.
  • Universal fit: The pillow must allow space for people to sleep with bigger hair or ponytail. It must adjust to all the variety of head shapes, neck lengths, and sizes.
  • Sleeping styles: The travel pillow must accommodate people who move their heads in any direction while asleep. It must also work at a window, aisle, and a middle seat.
  • Speed of decompression/compression: Just in case you need to stow your pillow before you exit the place quickly, or if you want to keep your eyes shut for a moment, the pillow must not take too long to get stuffed.
  • Weight: An ideal pillow must never be a burden for you. Indeed, inflatable pillows are always the lightest option; memory-foam pillows do not weigh much too.
  • Washable: It is expected for a pillow to get filthy after travels because of its use in public space, so it is recommended that you use pillow covers that are easy to wash.

Product Reviews

Below are the top three travel pillows that we’ve selected for you. You can also choose the best travel pillow for airplanes out of these. First, check the comparison table then more about the products in detail.

Travel Blue Travel Pillow for Airplanes

This travel pillow comes with outer material like velvet and is blue. The most fantastic thing that we found about this travel pillow is that it is water-resistant, which means it is immune to water, so you don’t have to worry much about spilling water on it. This pillow is designed specially to provide travelers a relaxing airplane trip. It also has a built-in pocket and is compatible to use. You can fold the pillow and save space.

Saamiya's Shree Travel Pillow for Airplanes

This travel pillow is quite comfortable for an airplane journey. It provides you with optimum comfort making it ideal for traveling without causing any pain due to inadequate sleeping arrangements while you are traveling. It is ideal for travel because it is convenient and compact. This pillow can be easily deflated or inflated that features a PVC cap. It comes in a set of two, which means it is also affordable and can be used longer.

SKYLOFTS Travel Pillow for Airplanes

This airplane travel pillow is made with high-quality material. The Skyloft pillow is suitable for travel as it has microfibers shaped like your neck giving you total comfort all through your flight. Your body’s mold is usually soft and extremely comfortable as it regains its shape once the pressure is relieved. These travel pillows are made with soft fabric, well-adjusted to the body shape, and good head and brace support. It also prevents back, neck, and shoulder pain from sitting in one position for a longer duration as it is made with soft fabric.


Sleeping can be challenging during long flights, but the travel pillows are always to your rescue. They can help make your journey restful and comfortable, so we’d say it is worth an investment. Use the above guide to help you decide the best one according to your sleeping style, lifestyle, and portability.