Best Pillow For Neck Pain Side Sleeper In India

Choosing the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper is no longer a problem because this guide will help you find the best one. If you are a side sleeper with neck pain, then read this article and select the one for yourself.

Side sleeping has been a popular position among adults. The position comes in with few advantages over the stomach or back sleeping. Side sleeping can also help to minimize snoring because it helps to keep your airway open. Back sleepers tend to snore more often because the tongue falls back into the throat that creates an obstruction for the airway and this is why we can say that side sleeping can be beneficial to people who sleep with apnea or acid reflux.

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Benefits of side sleepers

If you are a pregnant woman, there are chances that you’ll feel much more comfortable on your side than you will be in other sleeping positions. A bolster pillow for the knees or legs can also provide comfort for pregnant sleepers.Side sleeping will also help you align the spine and reduce discomfort in the hips, shoulders, or other areas where pressure points tend to develop. It is contingent on a pillow and a mattress that offer enough support to align your neck and head, lower back, shoulders and hips.Please keep reading to know about the pillow for neck pain side sleeper as it will help you choose the best based on your personal preferences and body type.

Things to consider

Below is the list of things you must consider before choosing the pillow for side sleepers with neck pain. If you research for a pillow that is compatible with side sleepers, there is no doubt that you’ll come across the brands that claim to sell their products according to suitable sleep positions. The marketing claims are somehow misleading as each pillow is designed uniquely to provide a distinct feel.Check the following attributes, which will be a useful guide on your way to choose the pillow for side sleepers.

  • Support: Support means how well the pillow maintains an even surface for your neck and head. Spinal alignment is essential for side sleepers, so you’ll want a pillow that doesn’t elevate or sink your head too much. Pillows with latex or solid foam cores typically provide the best support.
  • Loft: The thickness of the loft is arguably the most crucial consideration for side sleepers. Most side sleepers need high to medium loft pillows that also provide enough cushioning for the neck and head without sinking too low. If your thickness preferences vary by night, then you are the right candidate for a pillow with adjustable loft levels.
  • Firmness level: Pillow that feels too soft will probably sink too much beneath your head, which leads to the alignment issue and adds potential pressure. If the pillow is too hard, then you may experience discomfort around the shoulders and neck. Pillow that comes with mid-level firmness is usually the top choice for side sleepers as they provide a balance of support and contouring.
    • Pressure Relief: Side sleepers usually feel pressure in the hips and shoulders because their mattress is not supportive enough. The pressure points may develop around the shoulders and neck if the side sleeper’s pillow does not help keep the areas aligned with the spine.  This is the reason why supportive pillows are useful to contour the body.
  • Shape: Few types of fill materials compress over time, causing the pillow to flatten and feel a bit less comfortable, which is why you need to fluff these pillows regularly to give them full shape. Other materials like latex and solid foam can also maintain their shape with fewer efforts.
  • Price: The price of the pillows depends mainly on its material components. Pillows are made from polyfoam, feathers, and down alternatives with the lowest price points, while the one with latex, memory foam and buckwheat hulls tend to be more expensive but are also the ones you must choose.
  • Quality materials: The components and materials used to manufacture pillows’ inner and outer components can impact a wide range of qualities, including temperature regulations, shape retentions, and durability. You may even have to pay more for pillows with higher-quality components, but you can also count more on stronger performance and longevity with many of 

these models.

Types of pillows best for side sleepers

Usually, the best pillow fill materials for side sleepers include latex, memory foam, buckwheat hulls, and other components sufficient for support without feeling too firm. However, side sleepers can only feel uncomfortable or comfortable pillows based on a few other factors. The most common materials for pillow are mentioned below:

  • Memory foam: This fill is engineered to feel softer when it comes into contact with body heat. It also creates deep conforming for your neck and head when lying on a memory foam pillow. It can also help to align the spine and reduce pressure in different areas.
  • Latex: Latex is derived from the sappy extracts of the rubber tree. When this extract is molded into a foam, latex contours to the body like foam but feels much more responsive, side sleepers may find a latex pillow much more supportive since the materials do not sink in as deeply as possible.
  • Polyfoam: This fill molds to the body, but it also much more responsive. You will not feel the same deep contour as memory foam, but the materials are more adaptive than latex. Polyfoam also has a tendency to sleep hot, but many manufacturers ventilate or even aerate their foam to minimize body heat absorption.
  • Feather: Feather fills are light and airy, and they are denser and coarser if you think about it. As a result, side sleepers won’t sink as deeply into the pillow. These pillows are also durable and very cool to sleep. 
  • Buckwheat: These pillows are filled with hulls with hard outer casings of buckwheat kernels. These pillows have a very supportive and firm feel. Most buckwheat pillows are comfortable to adjust for loft by removing or adding kernels, and they also promote good airflow.

Other tips for side sleepers

Also, to help you select an excellent supportive pillow that promoted spinal alignment, side sleepers can follow the given strategies to sleep comfortably every night.

  • Right mattress: Best mattress for side sleepers will always be helpful as just a pillow will not be able to do all the wonders, especially if you are suffering from stiffness or pain in the neck. The right mattress provides ample cushioning to the hips and shoulders to align the spine and alleviate pressure in the body’s different parts. Many side sleepers often prefer the mattress with softer feels that conform closely to the body without sinking too much beneath the heavier areas.
  • Pillow between knees: If you use a pillow between knees, it will surely improve the spinal alignment and reduce the pressure in the hips and lower back. Pillows filled with feathers, shredded foam, or other moldable materials tend to be the most comfortable ones. You may also find much more comfort and pressure relief by placing the pillow beneath your legs.
  • Invest in mattress topper: Many of you must not know, but a topper is a single layer cushioning material placed on your mattress’s top. Toppers can measure the thickness of 4 inches. So if you use one, it can make your mattress feel significantly firmer or softer. It is recommended that if you are a side sleeper with neck pain, then the right type of topper can mean closer conforming, less pressure, and spinal alignment.

Product Review

Now here are the top 3 products we’ve chosen for you, as the best pillows for side sleepers with neck pain. First, check the comparison table and then about the product.

MAULION Neck Pain Pillow for Side Sleepers

Workload and high-level stress can lead to chronic shoulder and neck pain, hindering your path to a good night’s sleep. This pillow by Maulion offers a sound sleep by lessening the tension and discomfort in the neck region. Its dynamic foam adjusts well according to the person’s sleeping posture and requirement. It also gives the neck and heads the optimal support required to keep away the uneasiness during sleep. This pillow comes with a smooth, plush outer cover with zippers.

MY ARMOR Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is designed to maximize comfort and help maintain a proper neck and head position while sleeping. MY ARMOR brand has designed this pillow as it braces and evenly distributed your head’s pressure and weight. It also helps to relieve shoulder and neck pain. It is made up of high-density memory foam, which retains the shape and does not flatten for years. It comes with an expertly stitched, non-removable cover. So if you are a back sleeper with neck pain, this pillow is designed and engineered, especially for you. 

MOJOREST Neck Pain Pillow for Side Sleepers

This pillow by Mojorest is engineered to suit your need. It offers breathable, double support that ensures healthy and deep sleep. It mitigates the pain in the neck and provides additional support while sleeping. It is constructed with memory foam, which allows it to retain its shape even after prolonged usage. This pillow will give you comfort, even if you are a side sleeper with neck pain.

It becomes a big problem if you wake up every day with stiffness and pain in your neck. Many doctors recommend using the orthapaedic pillows that can help ease the pain and this guide will help you select the best one if you are side sleeper with neck pain problems.