Best Pregnancy Pillow In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Looking for the best pregnancy pillow in India? Well, you need not worry about it anymore as we've listed the top 3 pillows according to the preferences of the pregnant women. You can also find the buyers' guide that can help you choose the right pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy is one of the happiest yet painful phases in every woman’s life as their body goes through a lot of changes. As she is advanced to the third trimester, sore muscles and back pain become very common. Pregnancy pillows are the best solutions to overcome any issues as they provide enough comfort and support required to your body. But before you make any purchase make sure you follow the guide to choose the right one for yourself.

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MomToBe Pregnancy Pillow

Cloth Fusion Pregnancy Pillow

Bedding King Pregnancy Pillow

Buying Guide

Features of a right pregnancy pillow

The pregnancy pillow comes with a few of the features that they must have. You can look below for that:

    • Pillow size: Pregnancy pillows are available in two sizes, which are large and small. Small-sized pillows are U-shaped that support both back and front. You can choose any one size as per your requirement. The larger one is suitable if you have enough space and only require maximum support, while the smaller one is suitable enough if you just want to support your back.
    • Shape and style: The pregnancy pillows are designed in different styles and shapes to contour according to women’s needs. The U-shaped pillows are perfect for supporting your back, hips, and abdomen. If you are focused on supporting only specific parts of your body like the back or stomach, wedge pillows would be suitable.
  • Fill Material: High-density foam, poly-fiber, microbeads, and memory foam are some of the most popular options. Memory foam pillows also provide more support than any other. But this material also creates a bit hot environment, which can also be an issue for pregnant women. If you are worried about the head, then go for the cotton cover instead of polyester or any other material.
  • Support: A pregnancy pillow makes you feel cozy and pleasant, and is also very important for the pillow to provide enough support to the bumps and hips; otherwise, there is no meaning for the pillow. 
  • Cover: A removable cover is most important for proper hygiene, which is also an essential factor to consider during pregnancy. Clean and wash the pregnancy pillow every once in a while, which is why a removable cover is helpful.
  • Hypoallergenic: Pregnant women often suffer from nasal congestion, which means there could be a pillowcase causing other allergies that could be bad. This is the reason why we strongly recommend a poly fiber-filled pillow, which is mostly hypoallergenic.
  • Durability: Since pregnancy pillows are a bit expensive, you’d want to sustain them for a longer time, and this is when pillow’s durability is counted as one of the essential features. You must ensure the long-standing pregnancy pillow by checking its filling, which will keep it soft and stern for a long time.

Benefits of pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow comes with a lot of benefits that will help you sleep tight. Below are some of the benefits you can find in pregnancy pillow:

  • Comfort from pain and body aches: Because of the increase in weight, it puts a lot of pressure on your legs, hips, and back, so it is crucial to keep the body parts well-rested. 
  • Enhancement in blood flow: Sleeping on the side promotes blood circulation, and it is something that is highly recommended during pregnancy. Because of the softness of pregnancy pillows, it cushions you well. 
  • Longer hours of sleep: Many things may keep you sleep deprived during pregnancy, which is a threat even more during pregnancy. Pillow is a key to keep you rested for a longer time.
  • Usage: Pregnancy pillows can be used even after the delivery. The reason is that they are designed to help you keep comfortable during and after pregnancy.

Different types of pregnancy pillows

If you search online for pregnancy pillows, you will find many types of pregnancy pillows listed. So it is best to know what is what and how they are used.

  • U-shaped: This pillow is meant for those who prefer to sleep on their back but cannot do it due to pregnancy. The shape of the pillow supports the body entirely, including your back and tummy.
  • Wedge pillows: Different name for wedge pillow is maternity cushion. It is also one of the smallest pregnancy pillows and can also be used post-pregnancy. The wedge pillows come in two shapes, which are round and triangular.
  • Full-length pillow: The long pillows cushions your body completely. They are suitable for supporting your legs, arms, and tummy. Just like wedge pillows, they come in two types, which are flexible and straight.
  •  C-shaped: Just like the name suggests, the pillow looks like the letter ‘C’ and provides proper support to your legs, tummy, and back.
  • Total body pillow: These pillows are most in-demand and one of the best pregnancy pillows to have. Total body pillows are usually five to six feet in length and can cover women of any height. 

Choosing the best pregnancy pillow

We’ve listed all the things you need before you go on to buy the best pregnancy pillow. It would be tough to choose which one but this guide will help you choose.

  • Fill type: It is a must for you to know them inside of the pillow. The reason is that your pregnancy pillow can only be comfortable if you know what’s inside. There are different types of filling fibers for a pillow:
  • Polyester fiber
  • Styrofoam ball filling
  • Microbeads filling
  • Memory foam filling
  • Therapeutic filling
  • Fluffiness: The fluffier is the pillow, the more you’d want to snuggle and sleep with and on it. A fluffy pillow provides better cushioning and is durable. A fluffy pregnancy pillow also means that fresh air can pass through it. 
  • Smell and noise of the pillow: Although you might ignore this, it does matter. Some pillows might make very awkward noise while you sleep on them or move around; it would be wrong to be a light sleeper. Some pillows may end up with quite an awful smell, which needs to be taken care of by proper hygiene.
  • Suits the body type: The selection of your pregnancy pillow depends on your body type and sleeping position, so you should choose the pregnancy pillow according to your body. 
  • Hypoallergenic pillows are best: Hypoallergenic Pillows are best for women who suffer from dust allergies. They are suitable for women who are prone and sensitive to allergies. 

Product Reviews

Now here are the top 3 products from different categories that we’ve chosen for you that can help you during your pregnancy. First, you can look for the comparison table and then the product description.

MomToBe Pregnancy Pillow

This brand is one of India’s leading and bestselling brand in the maternity industry. They offer a range of maternity products from feeding bottoms to dresses to other essentials and pregnancy pillows. This pillow helps you to enjoy better quality sleep. It is ergonomically designed in a C-shape that has been made under the guidance of the best Physiotherapists and Gynaecologists, which makes this safe for the to-be-mothers.

Cloth Fusion Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is an absolute delight for those who have it and the reason being its unique and ergonomic design. The super-soft pillow is designed to follow your pregnancy’s shape as your tummy increases by each passing month. This U-shaped pillow is long enough to provide you support from head to toe. 

Bedding King Pregnancy Pillow

The Bedding King pregnancy pillow is large, which means that it will keep your body in the right position when you are sleeping. It is also a super soft pillow that holds and wrap around your leg providing the legs with much-deserved rest during pregnancy. The pillow comes in full length with a rectangular shape that supports your tummy, head and leg when you sleep on your side. The pillow is filled with ball fiber that makes it extra firm and thick.

Pregnancy pillows are a blessing for pregnant women as they heal you during times of pain and stress. The pregnancy pillow helps you align your body as recommended by the doctor to get the required rest. It is essential to look for a pillow according to the body size and the one that can support your growing belly.We hope that this guide will help you choose the right type of pillow for yourself.