Sricam SP SP005 wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV

CCTV is very important in our present day, it is now seen in different places like banks, supermarket, offices and other sensitive areas, Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV is an in-house security Camera, and it is doubtless a very useful and reliable product from Shenzen Sricctv Technology Co, Ltd. It is a tech company which manufactures good and reliable Cctv cameras, this article is going to be based on one of the best selling products Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house camera.

Things to know about the product:

Sricam is the best selling CCTV camera in the market today, it is being sold in various websites including the boss of them all Amazon, the product is reliable and fantastic, it pulls a high rate of customers ratings, it is designed in such a way that makes it unique, you will find out more of this Product from Shenzen Scricctv Technology below.

Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV in-house security Camera is easy to set up and easy to connect, it is good and not very costly, it rotates 90degrees vertically & 355degrees horizontally, Yes it is smart. When connected you can watch from anywhere via your mobile device.

Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV in-house security Camera can be hanged in walls, ceilings and it can be also placed on a flat surface, it has an HD of 720p, you can watch what goes on in your house live, this CCTV camera can be shared with multiple users at the same time, it has a night vision also in case the place is dark, with a range of 32feet, it has an SD card slot that accepts up to 128GB.

Very useful for offices, stores, houses, etc.


Before setting it up you will need to download the mobile app from the App store or iPhone store. After downloading you will have to sign up as a user, this will enable you to get viewing on your smartphone, Fast and reliable login. Just like creating a Facebook account get it connected. Other features include a motion detector! It can detect movements and sends you an alarm, yes that is why it is called a Security Camera.

Sricam SP series Features:

Good sound quality:

Quality is needed in our modern day life, we cannot do excellently without quality, when it has to do with good sound qualities it is crucial, this product has a notable report for good sound quality, imagine someone saying something false about you in your office or home and you did not have a good sound quality of your recorded CCTV camera, it could be bad like very bad. When you go for Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD Hp Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house Camera, those bad sound quality will be eliminated. This product aids good quality sounds which enable you to play it like it is real, it produces clean clear audio, Top notch.

Still looking at the other side on why the good sound quality is essential in CCTV, a lot of people have been convicted because of CCTV, how do you convict someone of a crime without valuable evidence? CCTV is very important and should be of sound quality. This Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD Hp Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house Camera is very good in sound quality. It has an inbuilt speaker and microphone which helps to talk to the other side of the camera.


Durability in products is very essential! In every goodwill and every company that wants to survive durability is their major goal, you can’t produce something that is unreliable and expects people to patronize it, imagine all Amazon products are fake inclusive! It won’t be Amazon in the next 2 weeks. Top notch is needed to Guarantee results. This Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD camera offers this quality. 

Durability is needed to Guarantee customer come-back! No product will survive without durability, will you go back to purchase something that suddenly breakdown beforehand? The answer is no you can’t. Durability gives a product a good pace, Durability gives a product value for money, Durability gives a product value.

With Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD Hp Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house camera, durability is assured

Fantastic Picture Quality:

Picture quality is essential when it has to do with security, in our modern day today, there are a lot of robbery attack, the police is trying but with a CCTV camera in place they can do more, a lot of serious crime has been uncovered with the help of CCTV security cameras, a lot of serious crimes against humanity has been uncovered, there was a girl that was brutally murdered, her murderer placed her in a big luggage bag he bought from a supermarket, her family and the police couldn’t locate or find her for months, it was very terrible, away from the city where she was killed, on a dirt factory a worker found the luggage the man dumped her in, body was found family and police were contacted, more investigations into the case led investigators to trace where the luggage was bought from, they viewed the supermarket’s CCTV camera recordings, they were able to identify the murderer, he was a navy, they found out he had bought this luggage and committed the crime. He was arrested and convicted. 

The CCTV Security Camera played a major role in this criminal case, imagine the CCTV Security camera picture quality was bad, would they ever have located the killer?  The CCTV Security camera picture quality was good, Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD Hp Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house camera picture quality is a top notch!

CCTV cameras keep out intruders and help in averting crimes if you know about the nail bomber that was arrested with the help of a CCTV footage, David Copeland was arrested in the 3rd night of his bombing, after killing three people including a pregnant woman with scores of people injured a terrific period for London.

Even on the murder of a two-year-old boy that was abducted by ten-year-old boys, eventually, the 2-year-old was tortured and killed. The CCTV made it possible for investigators to get hold of these 2 ten-year-old boys, they were found guilty of the charges and were sent to 2 different detention facilities.

Picture quality is important as ever in our everyday life today, this product makes it possible.

Easy to install:

This product is easy to install unlike somewhere you will need a professional to help install after purchase does these: 

Before mounting it up ensure your router is enabled.

  • Step 1: Make sure your phone is connected to the internet with a Wi-Fi/WLAN that you would use to connect the Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD Hp Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house camera.
  • Step 2: Input your Wi-Fi/WLAN.
  • Step 3: Download the mobile app from the app store or iPhone store to your device, and register.
  • Step 4: Power up the IP camera.
  • Step 5: Connect the camera with an RJ-45 Ethernet cable or connect to the router.
  • Step 6: Register your Sricam ID. Reset to the default setting. Keep on pressing the reset button till you hear a sound

Motion Detection:

While this is also very crucial, this Product sends you an alarm once it detects motion, this is a good security in-house camera, with this feature you can be sure of trusted reliable security when you go out, keep your home’s safe with this product.Detect movements around your house, know of intruders getting in, keep an eye on your loved ones while ensuring security.Imagine a burglar comes into a house silently hoping to steal but get caught and exposed by Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD Hp Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house camera. This product is very important in a home especially.

Night Vision:

Do not be left in the dark, you can view and light up dark places in your home, offices, etc. This is also very crucial, this Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD Hp Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house camera comes with a night vision that will help in viewing dark areas when needed. When a crime is committed in the dark it could be hard to identify the suspect but this product night vision makes it 

Buyer's Guide:

We can only be in one place at a time in our house, offices, etc. But with Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV security Camera we can be in different places all at once. Security is Guaranteed with this product. People who committed serious crimes would never have been found if not for CCTV, CCTV is a special tool that enables the police to apprehend criminals or find witnesses who were around when the crime was committed.

Human security can be expensive, but a CCTV is not costly, there is other importance not mentioned in this article, but seeing to it is good, I am hoping you enjoyed this article and come back for more intriguing articles later.

This Sricam SP series SP005 wireless HD Hp Wi-Fi CCTV security in-house camera product gives us additional eyes…