Best Anti-Dust Ceiling Fans In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The marketplace is filled with a variety of fans but which one is best. This guide will aid you in selecting the best Anti-dust ceiling fan for your home.

Spring is set to bid goodbye to us and summer is going to make its arrival. Summers can be terrible if there are no good arrangements to battle this season. The topmost and basic requirement in summer is of fans. Fans prove our best friends during the season of summers as they help in getting rid of merciless heat. Brace yourself up with the best anti ceiling fan for this summer. You must greet the season of summers with a good and compatible fan otherwise you will be troubled a lot with the harshness of this season. 

There are various brands present in the market and they even promise to be the best but it is quite difficult to assess which one is actually the best and will serve you with effective services. A good fan can make your summertime good. So, choose an appropriate fan in order to savor the best services. The marketplace is filled with a variety of fans but which one is best. There are numerous factors that one might consider well before getting their hands on any fan from the market. This guide will aid you in selecting the best Anti-dust ceiling fan for your home.

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What is an Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan?

Anti-dust ceiling fans are those fans who have the caliber of reducing the dirt and that which frequently collects on their plates. The paint of these fans possesses a quality that has the caliber of reducing the dust collected on them. Pollution is rapidly increasing and in this pollution equipped arena, dirt gets promptly collected on the ceiling fans and creates problems for us. That is why the usage of anti-dust ceiling fans is becoming more important.
Anti-dust ceiling fans have a coating of paint called nanotechnology paint. This kind of paint acquires hydrophobic properties that possess a non-polar property that repels the water molecules. Along with the hydrologic nature, these types also possess oleophobic properties. Oleophobic means they have material that lacks the tendency to accumulate oil on its surface. The anti-dust ceiling fans are best in nature as they prevent the dirt collection which imparts clean air to us. 

There are various factors that guide the blades of the fans further preventing them in collecting the dirt on their blades. The lower surface energy supports the blade in preventing the dirt collection on it. In the long term, ordinary fans collect a greasy and midst layer of dirt and dust on its blade but these are just fans that do not let first be accurate upon its blades. They have an anti-graffiti coating of PU on their top layers which further aids in removing the dirt. Both the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties prevent the greasy dirt from getting surfaced on the blades of the fan. These properties impart you with a fan that works quite properly and it does not trouble you periodically with dirt and greets you with a fresh gush of air.

What are the features of anti-dust in ceiling fans?

The Anti-dust feature is that the ceiling fan does not allow the collection of dirt and that on the blades of the ceiling fan. Dirt collected on the plates of the fan is quite troublesome because it can lead to various problems like cold, cough, allergy and in some critical cases, it can also lead to various respiratory problems. Anti-dust feature in the ceiling fans is undoubtedly the best feature as it does not allow the excessive dirt and dust to accumulate on the surface of the blades which makes the air fresh and more soothing and calm in nature. If you are making mind to shop for some ceiling fans then don’t buy the ordinary ones instead get the ones which are equipped with a feature of anti-dust. The polished surface of the blades of an anti-dust game presents the unnecessary collection of unwanted dirt particles on the surface of the blades. This keeps the ceiling fans clean for a good duration of time allowing us to feel completely good and purified air. 

This feature does not let the dirt and dust get collected on the surface of blades and even if it does then it gets collected in a very limited quantity which can be easily cleaned off using a single application of wet wipe over it. Cleaning the dirt accumulated on the fan can be the most annoying task but if you will buy a ceiling fan which is already equipped with the feature if anti-dust then it will ease up your job of cleaning the ceiling fan because the minimal amount of dirt will be there on the blades which would be quite hassle-free for you to get rid off. There will no more be that irritating greasy dirt that you will have to deal with if you will switch to anti-dust ceiling fans as they are not like ordinary fans which let the grease and dirt accumulate on the surface of blades easily.

How to choose the best anti-dust ceiling fan?

The selection of the anti-dust fan is not that easy and simple as it appears because of a lot of variety of ceiling and is available in the marketplace. The market is flooded with a diverse range of brands and types of fans. They even promise to be the best anti-dust ceiling fans but in reality are they actually the good and credible. But before choosing the anti-dust ceiling fan, consider the following points quite prominently before purchasing anti-dust ceiling fan-

Paint finish

The important point which you must consider before buying the anti-dust ceiling fan is that you must check the quality of paint it had got on its blades and also keep a critical eye on the quality of the paint used on the blades because if in case the degraded quality of the paint will be used
on the blades then it will lose its property to shred the accumulating dust particles over its surface. So, keep in mind that good paint finishes the whole buying the fan.

Dust cautious coating

The other feature while buying a ceiling fan on which you must focus on is related to the coating on its blades. If the coating will be of high quality then it will be more impactful in removing the dirt out of the blades but if the coating will be ineffective and poor in quality then it will let a massive amount of dirt get collected on the blades which will create problems later. So while choosing the anti-dust ceiling fan, make sure it has a good layer of coating of efficient material. Make sure while buying that it is hydrophobic and oleophobic in nature, this will make it resistant to both oil and water This will make your purchase more useful and accountable.
Buy a fan which is worthy and will provide you with a good number of advantages in the long run as well. There are various features that you should consider before buying the fans. One must keenly observe the features that a particular fan is offering and in what price range, it is presenting you with how many features. Durability is the other factor that you should consider well. Also, check the quality and the material involved in the composition of the fan. If the quality will be rich in the material integrated then it will promote the longevity of the functioning of the fan. Following is the list of some good anti-dust ceiling fans available in the marketplace for you. Explore it before buying the ceiling fan for seeking the purpose of the quality of air and feature of anti-dust.

Crompton Aura Prime Anti-Dust 48-inch Ceiling Fan (Birken)

Crompton Model AmazonCrompton is one of the best brands in the fans. Crompton Aura Prime Anti-Dust 48-inch Ceiling Fan is preferred by most of the population. It is one of the finest fans offered by the known brand of Crompton. It is a 48-inch ceiling fan and the color in which it is available is borne. The fan looks good and it is best when it comes to imparting high-speed air. It has authentic copper blades. This fan comes with anti-rust properties as it is carved out of pure aluminum. The aluminum integrated presents the blade from getting rusted and prevents corrosion and keeps the fan in a good position for a longer duration of time. The speed of this fan is great and delivers a thundering speed of 240 CMM. The high speed can go up to 380 RPM. The fan operates quite smoothly and does not produce any kind of disturbing noise when it is used because it is equipped with 2 pieces of construction. This feature enhances the compatibility of the execution of the fan and it also imparts stable nature to it. 

The best part about this fan is that it looks quite classy in appearance, it has sleek body design which looks trendy and the more good part about this fan is that it consumes less power. It gives you a wave of fresh fish of air in the minimum usage of electricity which serves you dual
benefits. One is that it protects you from the intolerable great waves of merciless summer season plus it also saves your money by the low consumption of power. The durability of this fan is commendable. 

If you are looking for a fan which will be food in terms of longevity then this is the one for which you must go on. Get this fan and enjoy fresh and pure air. It acquires two-piece construction. The designing of this fan is undertaken by considering the modern requirements as it possesses great features. It will impart your room and ceiling a trendy look and won’t look like an outdated fan because there are no typical designs. In fact, it is incorporated with greatly organized designs. There are adorable rings of golden color. They look graceful and make the overall look of the fan more beautiful. The metallic shine looks radiant and looks ethereal when the overall appearance is considered. This fan is supremely good at saving energy. It comes with a flexible feature of remote control which makes it more amazing and easy to control giving it a more modern taste. 



Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm 80-watt Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan with Anti Dust Feature (Silver Sage)

Usha Fan Model With Amazon ButtonUsha is the finest brand in India which is popular for serving people with best and authentic services. The speed of delivery of this fan is fast and amazingly impressive. It delivers cool air with a speed of 240 CM. This is regarded as one of the finest fans available in the entire market because it is highly cost-saving. It helps the user in saving electricity which also minimizes the electricity bills. It just operates at 80 Watts and that too quite smoothly. 

This fan by USHA brand is known for its great speed but along with the great speed, this also comes with the wonderful feature of anti-dust. It just does not let the dirt particles get
accumulated on the surface of the blades of the fan. This feature is the excellent one as it helps the user in gaining fresh air and it also makes them get rid of dirt accumulated on the blades. Dirt on the border of the fan is directly or indirectly inhaled by us and in the long term, it can severely harm us. That is why one must go with this fan as it has the feature anti-dust provides smooth operation of the fan. It is equipped with the hydrophilic property which makes it strongly resistant to water and the oleophobic property makes it stiffly resistant to oil particles and both these properties concisely function and attracts a very less amount of dust and dirt.

The mechanism of this fan works silently and it does not create any kind of annoying noise while rotating. This is also one of the most promising features as it will empower us to be a noiseless air medium. There is an aerodynamic organization of the blades in this fan. This can acquire a sleek mechanism of appearance and design which makes it compatible. It will enhance the look of the ceiling as it has a design that will complement the contemporary decor. The material acquired in it’s making is quite appreciable and is high in quality which makes this fan amazing in all the aspects.



Activa High Speed 390 RPM 1200MM BEE Approved 5 Star Rated Anti Dust Coated (100% COPPER) COROLLA Ceiling Fan

Activa Model AmazonThis fan is made out of pure copper material. It is hosted with material and paints which makes it anti-dust and it does not permit any kind of dust or dirt particle to get accumulated on the surface of blades of the fan. It has hydrophobic and oleophilic properties that keep the oil, dirt, and water away from the fan making it less dirty. This largely helps the user in receiving pure air out of the fan. One is the accountable anti-dust ceiling fan existing in the market because it is loaded with all the utilitarian features which make it commendable. It has simple designing which looks excellent when placed on the ceiling of the room. Each of the blades of this fan is 70 centimeters long which makes it appropriate for the spaced and big rooms. 

This fan has aerodynamically designed blades that give the maximum speed of 390 RPM and that is commendably good. It is rated 5.0 by BEE which helps in reducing your electricity bills considerably. CRC stamping increases the longevity of the fan which makes this fan more durable. The placement of this fan will make your home or the workplace more alluring as the design of this copper made fan is decent and looks quite good. It comes with 2 years of guaranteed warranty which makes it more feasible. If you are looking for a fan which has a simple look, plus it comes with a good warranty, acquired commendable features and is electricity-saving, then this fan is the one for which you should go. ACTIVA HIGH SPEED 390 RPM 1200MM BEE APPROVED 5 STAR RATED ANTI DUST COATED (100% COPPER) COROLLA CEILING FAN (PEARL IVORY)-2 YEAR WARRANTY is a must to have fan during the time if summers because it has allocated all the pivotal features and is smooth in execution.



Atromberg Efficio+ 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan (Sand Grey, Pack of 1)

Atomberg Model AmazonStromberg Efficio+ is one of the adorable fans available in the market. It is available in ravishing grey color which enhances its overall appearance. It comes with a remote which makes the usage of this fan more seamlessly integrated. It has 3 blades which work smoothly in order to give an exuberant air. The fortunate part of this fan is that it is equipped with anti-dust properties that keep the dirt and dust away from the blades of this fan. There is an amalgam of two properties called hydrophobic and oleophobic which makes the surface of the blade resistant to the collection of oil and water. This keeps the surface of the fan clean and no amount of greasy dirt gets attached to it. If you are looking for a fan that looks contemporary in appearance and possesses strong anti-dust property then this is a good one to go with. 

This fan delivers good air with a quite appreciable speed of 220 cubics per meter in a minute. The battery life of this fan is amazing and these features increase the longevity of this fan making it more superior when it comes to the factor of durability. It has a brushless direct current motor which makes this fan energy saving. It consumes a minimal amount of energy. This is a gorilla fan that runs at a good speed. There are embellishing elements present in this fan which makes it more classic and beautiful when considered the overall appearance and style. It massively reduces the consumption of power and saves electricity. It will greet you with the highest possible speed in the remarkable consumption of only 28 watts of power. This fan is worth the money, it has a tremendous quality and smooth features. The air circulation delivered by this fan is vast and is up to the mark. The mechanical brush is involved in the commutation process of the execution of this fan, in fact, the entire mechanism is electronically guided which on a wider picture helps the user in saving money and electricity.



Fans are a pivotal part of summer essentials. One must be quite agile while purchasing them. Choose the ceiling fan wisely so it lasts longer. If you will purchase a fan that does not have brilliant features then you will regret later on because it won’t function properly and will create trouble for you. But if you will buy the fan with keen observance and observance then it will deliver you smooth services. 

If you are planning to buy ceiling fans then you must keep the stated fans in the guide in the priority list because they possess all the authentic features and if you will buy them then you will enjoy seamlessly effective services. These fans arise from credible origins and are eminent in the marketplace for their brands. These are the best anti-dust ceiling fans available in India because they are loaded with power-packed features. These fans work quite smoothly and they are integrated with the finest quality of the material. The list of fans provided in this guide is quite reasonable when considering their price. Not just the price range, they are efficient too when it comes to energy saving. You will hardly face anything problem when you will make a purchase out of any of these fans. The features of these are decent and the smoothness of their operation will leave you wonderstruck and will serve you for a good duration of time. 

Anti-dust ceiling fans are best because they don’t create mess by exhilarating dust particles. They are undoubtedly more promising and advantageous as compared to ordinary fans. Ordinary fans and anti-dust ceiling fans are almost the same when considered the price range but anti-dust ceiling fans beat the basic fans when it comes to advantages. The pollution has already created a global problem with its harmful effects. It is quite nearly impossible to shave the harmful effects of pollution when you are in the outer atmosphere but we can smartly handle it’s negative effects when we are indoors by treating it with the right choice of ceiling fans. 

Take a step for your safety and benefit and shop for the Anti-dust ceiling fans. These kinds of fans are just not awesome when considered the aspect of removal of dust but these types of fans are amazingly great when considered other features as well. They save your money by providing good features in a reasonable amount. They help in preserving energy as they are easy to operate even on low energy levels. So, when buying the ceiling fan, only go with those which have the anti-dust feature as these types of fans will yield positive outcomes for you in various aspects and will cater to you with a great number of advantages even in the long term as they are quite durable.