Best Ceiling Fan Under 1000Rs [Reviews & Buying Guide]

We have analysed and researched various ceiling fans and come up wit the list. We have added the pros and cons for each product.

A good ceiling fan will keep away the hurdle of having the worst days in summer. Ceiling fans have been prevalent over the years.We are used to seeing it in every average Indian home. Every year varieties of fans are introduced in markets that claim superior features over the existing ones. However, a budget-friendly ceiling fan with optimum features will be the choice of an individual who doesn’t plan to invest much in the purchase of one. To end up purchasing a good, well-functioning fan within the fixed budget. There are specific points that you must look upon. A detailed analysis of the factors affecting the functioning of the fan and the range the brand offers are to be investigated to get the best outcome. Here we will help you to carry out the same with a precise but useful write-up.  

Our Top Pick Ceiling Fans In India:

Product Name

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ACTIVA 1200 MM HIGH Speed 390 RPM BEE Approved 5 Star Rated (100% Copper) Galaxy Deco Ceiling Fan Brown_2 Year Warranty

Orient High Speed Ceiling Fan Arctic Air Brown 1200 MM (48 inch)

Luminous Utility Josh 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Hillton Fusion 600mm Hi-Speed 4 Blade Ceiling Fan with 2 Years Warranty (Silver Met)

Interior design and Ceiling fan

Not many numbers of designers are against having a fan in your home, for it is a commodity that can be chosen in such a way that it doesn’t visibly spoil the beauty of your well-constructed ceiling. Nowadays, ceiling fans are designed in such a way that they, in turn, complement the outlook of your interiors. Whatever be the preferred style, there exists an option. The regular ceiling fan will have 3 to 4 blades with minimum styling. Opting a fan with better looks will increase the price but add beauty to your space. Apart from interior looks, there are even ceiling fans that do carry out the functioning to provide better visibility in home. For instance, fans with lighting features installed in it. 

Why do we need a ceiling fan?

Here we mention certain aspects for which ceiling fans become inevitable in each home.


When it comes to efficiency. Ceiling fan outsmarts any other ordinary fans. These types of fans offer higher air circulation in a room. The air circulation is mentioned in terms of CUM or CFM. The fan with a higher value of CFM is termed to be efficient with an overall estimated temperature decrease of 8 degrees. Installing a fan of higher CFM will also save money when compared with your air conditioning bills.

Comfort it offers

A ceiling fan can also be used to heat the room. This can be done by reversing the rotation. So that it can take up outside air to the room to heat it. This feature of the ceiling fans can be used in winter, where in the place of breeze you want the hot air to blow in. 

Interior looks

With interior design gaining massive attention. A perfect ceiling fan can make your interior look more appealing. There have been many varieties of fans in the market. Several brands showcase types in colors, shank design, rim nature, etc. A good looking ceiling fan can also be purchased within the budget. The price range that we opted for usually shows color variations and rim design. The primary colors are ivory, black, brown, etc. with variations in shank design. 

Controlling pest

It is a known fact that ceiling fans will always keep mosquitoes, flies, etc. from the room because of the constant air circulation it offers. This will also help in keeping away bad odors from the room. If needed you may use a room freshener and diffuse the fragrance by switching on the fan.

Speed of Rotation

Speed of rotation is a benchmark factor for the choice of the best working ceiling fans. The usual range of functioning for a ceiling fan in the chosen price will be above 300 RPM. RPM is rotations the fan will offer at its highest speed. A higher value of RPM will give you the best air circulation in the opted space. There are even brands offering superior RPM value such as 800.

Quieter operation

Usually, as the motors of the fans worn out, it will start creating disturbing noises. The nature of the blade can also be termed as a contributing factor for the noisy functioning. Nowadays, the designs are done in such a way that it keeps away noises. The choice of polymer or wood blades in the place of metallic structure helps in this. Such fans are good for bedrooms and libraries. The fans available in the chosen range are metallic bladed. However, the steel structure is reportedly functioning quiet and is superior in its built. 

Space requirement

Ceiling fans require lesser space in comparison with the other gadgets that are mandatory for your day to day activities. They are installed above in the ceiling; thus, don’t scavenge the space in a luxury room. The area required for the perfect functioning of the ceiling fans is calculated in terms of sweep size. Sweep size stands for the size of the circle the fan creates while it rotates. An idea about the measure of the room and the size of the fan required will let you manage the room space intelligently. The usual sweep size in the price range selected is 1200mm. There are also small fans available in the price range with lesser sweep size. 

Eco friendly

The advancements in the manufacturing sectors have made us go for alternatives that don’t utilize the resources more. There are fans in the market with recycled polymers and steel. Purchasing a ceiling fan of such type will offer you an advantage of the fan being eco-friendly.

Energy efficiency

None of us wish to have an exceeded electricity bill, Ceiling fan being a device that is supposed to be operated day and night. The gadget must be energy efficient. It must be kept in mind that while you go for the purchase of the ceiling fan, you must pick up the fan with the lesser value of power marked on it. The usual ceiling fans available in this range are above 70 W . There are also ceiling fans that offer some valid energy-efficient functioning, which is probably mentioned in the advertisements of the brand. A better choice of such a fan will save your electricity bill.

Speed settings

The ordinary fan will have a speed setting of 4 or 5. It is always recommended to go for the fan with a higher value of speed setting. At its higher setting, it will offer the maximum circulation. 

Warranty and servicing

The offered warranty of the fans under the price range of 1000 will vary from 1 to two years. Famous brands will provide a good warranty and better service. If within the warranty period the fan shows repair, there  replacement options available. Some brands provide installation helps if contacted in the concerned toll-free number. All you need to do is to ping them up, and they will aid with your setup.

Blade nature

The blade nature is another important aspect that must be observed intact when you aim for a purchase. The number of blades must be less to have a quieter operation. However, for a higher number of blades. To have better circulation and silent operation, the blades must be tilted . This is yet another factor that must be monitored . The built of the blade should also be considered. It should be dependent on the nature of the place where you plan to install the fan. If the fan is to be installed outdoors, timber fans are better, which doesn’t corrode easily. For room installation. The regular metallic fans can be used.