Best Ceiling Fans Under 2000Rs [Reviews & Buying Guide]

For fans being a must in every home. There are specific that must be considered in a detailed manner while going for its purchase under budget of 2000Rs.

For fans being a must in every home. There are specific that must be considered in a very detailed manner while going for its purchase. When you are expecting it to be in the budget, every little consideration opted for is to be more rigorously screened out to get the maximum benefit on minimum expenditure. As of today, the options for purchase are plenty with several brands offering superior features, better variations, better-inbuilt structure, color, size, shape, etc. So it’s mandatory to devote a while to explore the various requirements for the best fan that is quite budget-friendly.

Our Top Pick Ceiling Fans In India:

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Crompton Super Briz deco 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (Birkin White, Pack of 1)

Crompton Super Briz Deco 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (Smoked Brown, Pack of 1) 

Orient Electric Pacific Air Decor 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (Brown, Pack of 1)

Havells Mozel 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (WHITE, Pack of 1)

Usha Diplomat Dlx 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (Rich Brown, Pack of 1)

Longway Creta With Remote 100% Copper 1200 Mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (Golden, Pack Of 1)

Orient Electric Pacific Air Decor 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (White, Pack of 1)

Longway Creta Rusty With Remote 1200 Mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan  (Rusty Brown, Pack Of 1)

How to choose an appealing ceiling fan with essential features under 2000Rs?

How fast your fan runs

For a fan to beat the summer heat, it is evident that you must go for the one with a motor of superior speed. Usually, the price range that we opted has a class of high-speed ceiling fans of 300 to 400 RPM. The speed can be adjusted from low to high by the regulator nob, and the usual speed settings will range from 4 to 5. The ceiling fan with a speed setting of five will provide you with the highest cooling at the largest reading set on it. You may also look for the availability of the quick-start feature in the fan you choose to have a prompt functioning.  

The blade Sweep size

The blade sweep is also known as its span. The pieces of information of the sweep size will give an idea about the apparent size of the fan. Sweep can be determined by measuring the distance from the center of the fan to the end of any one leaf, and the value multiplied by two to obtain the diameter of the circle the fan subtend while rotating. The regular sweep size of the fan is 1200 mm. Sweep volume will indirectly provide you the information about the space requirement of the fan and gives you the idea about the space to be maintained between the fan and other gadgets in a room to avoid collision of the fan with any existing tall devices or structures in the place. Hence a measure of the room size and an idea about the size of the fan to be fixed is required before you step out for the purchase of a ceiling fan.  

The built material of the fan

The inherent durability of the fan is a function of the material from which it is made. The ceiling fan has evolved to various varieties with years giving rise to wooden fans, plastic fans, etc. apart from the ordinary metal fans, Plastic fans are usually preferred for sleeping rooms because of its ability to keep away noises while functioning. A noisy fan, it is a  usual problem encountered due to the wear and tear in the fans or an inefficient motor. The switch from standard metallic fans to other materials is also done in a view to partially eradicate the issues related to rusting, corrosion, etc. The choice of the fan blade material depends upon the nature of the area. If the area is more prone to electrochemical phenomena, it is always advised to switch on to polymer fans. In the considered price range, the available options are metallic fans made up of stainless steel and aluminum. However, aluminum fans are lesser efficient than steel structures due to their lower strength.  

The ability to impose circulation

The ability to create air circulation in the room wherever it is installed is the factor that determines the effectiveness of cooling. Like coolers, ceiling fans don’t cool the air but imparts circulation by the rotating blades. The wind in contact will scavenge the heat away, which produces the cooling effect. The airflow rate is measured in terms of CFM or CUM. The more the value, the more the fan is efficient in terms of cooling with appealing air circulation in the space.

Savings on energy

Of course, ceiling fans are more economical in comparison with coolers and AC that requires higher watt of electricity. Ceiling fans will cost you less with lesser power. The usual power consumption range of ceiling fans is from 50 to 80 W . A most economical ceiling fan will have a  lower watt value. You may also go for fans that assure savings of energy. A fan is a gadget that is to be operated continuously for day and night. Thus the fixation of the best energy-saving ceiling fan is necessary. 

Exterior looks

Apart from the technical aspects of the fan. It is worth investing in the exterior finish of the ceiling fan to make it the best choice, complementing your room decors. There are plenty of colors available for the ceiling fan in this range where which blue and black is a standard color. There are even provisions of rim designs, flank finishes, etc. Some fans also have lustrous finishes, that is well suited for classy apartments and rooms. The concept of your room space should also be reflected in the fan you choose.  There are even dust-free ceiling fans available with useful powder coating that prevent the accumulation of dust on its surface, which usually spoils the appearance of the fan. Such fans will avoid the hassle in cleaning a fan if it’s installed at an unreachable height. However, even if it’s dusty, you may wipe it off to remove the filth.

Blades of the fan

The blade design of the fan is also backing up its efficiency. The regular fans are with three blades of 48 or 46 inches. There are even fans with five leaves, but such fans should have a little shift in its blade set up to offer better cooling. It is essential to see if the blade is inclined  12 or 15 degrees to ensure that the fan with a higher number of leaves provides excellent cooling. 

Length of the rod

The length of the rod in which the fan is to be fixed is dependent on the height of the ceiling. Usually, a 15-centimeter pole is perfect for a ceiling height of 9 ft and 30 cm serves well for a 10 feet ceiling. For every 1 feet increase in ceiling, the length of the down road must have an increase of 6 inches. A correct measure on the ceiling height is necessary to fix the sweep size and the blade style required for the fan that is to be installed 

Warranty and other related service details

The usual tenure offering warranty for a ceiling fan is one or two years. Every branded fan offer free servicing or replacement in the warranty period. The installation details will also be provided with the purchase .some fans offer free instructions upon contacting their toll-free number. It is also the best to choose a branded fan to avoid messing up with the consumer help. 

The details of the ceiling fans in the chosen price range are provided here for the referral.


The above discussion has dealt with the precise details to be looked upon while purchasing the best ceiling fans for your dream space  . The right choice always will save your time and energy. A good spent on your electronic gadgets is always worth it and is the best investment. So it is always advised to have a possible look at the reviews before purchasing any ceiling fans and is mandatory to investigate every detail of the brands offering such  services.