Best Ceiling Fans Under 3000 Rs [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The ensuing section will introduce you to certain factors that should be taken care of while purchasing a ceiling fan under Rs 3000.

It is no surprise; the Ceiling fan is stand-alone equipment in every Indian home. As we all know, India is a tropical country with most of its areas hot. Can we ever imagine living in a warmer place like Chennai without having a fan in the room? The comfort it offers with a straightforward flip of a switch is heavenly. Still, when the matter comes up with spending too much penny on a ceiling fan. For us, that’s never an option. Here comes the quest for a budget-friendly product with no compromise in the quality and the essential features. Let us keep our discussion more precise and to the point. The ensuing section will introduce you to certain factors that should be taken care of while purchasing a ceiling fan under Rs 3000.

With the ever-increasing economy, the availability of commodities is no way scarce. Thus, every individual is offered plenty of choices on brands, size, colour, etc. on every gadget they prefer to buy. This is, in turn, a bit confusing too.No worries, we will bring you the essential features of the ceiling fans in the price range of 3000 and below that.  

Product Buying Guide:

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Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 3 Blade Ceiling Fan With Remote Control and BLDC Motor, 1200mm- White

Havells Ambrose 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Gold Mist Wood)

How to choose an appealing ceiling fan with essential features under 3000

Elegant design

Apart from the necessary technical features to be looked upon, every customer might probably be interested in choosing a fan that suits his or her workspace. The ceiling fan available in this range is offered with quite a several features in its design that can probably complement the decor of your home.

Certain available decorative features in ceiling fans include:

  • Variation in colour – The ceiling fans come in different colours that suits the texture of your home. While selecting the perfect ceiling fan for your space, you may choose the colour you require.
  •  Design on the motor,  canopy and the ring that offers visual elegance. 
  • Attractive finishes on shanks and border blades 
  • Dust-free powder coating helps to mitigate the accumulation of dust on the surface of fans because of continuous operation. You may just wipe the surface  of it if powder coated if the fan is installed in areas that are prone to dust accumulation 

Corrosion resistance  – This feature of the ceiling fan substantiates the durability of the fan. It protects the fan from being eroded due to environmental factors.

Ceiling fans and energy savings

Ceiling fans of today are super economical to use and are more energy-efficient in comparison with coolers, heaters, and other domestic appliances. For it to be used day and night, the strategy of choosing the best ceiling fan should be looked up with care to end having minimal energy consumption. To invest in a ceiling fan having the least power consumption is always a prior choice, and this desirable price range grants us that benefit, fortunately. The detailed research done on this topic has led us to certain conclusions in this regard.   The average power consumption of the ceiling fans within a price range of 3000 varies from 60 to 75 watts. In the plethora of models available, it is always the best to choose the one with a lesser value of power to lessen the electricity bill value.

Sweep size of the Ceiling fan

Buying the right sized fan for a room is always a question that must be rightly addressed. Measuring the fan and room size alone will not provide you with apt results. So it’s essential to know about the factors that determine the choice of the right sized fan for your room. Buying a small fan for your large room may result in the burning of your motor due to overload and purchasing a big sized fan for a small room will probably scavenge the inner beauty of the place.  It’s not only with the interior designers to fix the right sized fan, but you may also likely to make your contribution. How does someone choose the perfect sized fan for home?. Let’s have a look. Many of us have come across the term sweep size. What does this term indicate? Sweep size is an indirect measure of the size of the fan. It is just the distance from the centre of the fan to anyone blade, or you may simply say it as the size of the circle that is formed while the fan runs. Keeping an eye on the sweep size is essential while you choose the fan because this will help you to create an idea about the quantum of space the fan needs to work well. You may thus adjust your tall gadgets in such a way that it doesn’t interrupt the proper working of the ceiling fans and therefore can possibly avoid accidents. The regular sweep size available for a price range of 3000 is 1200 mm that is nearly 48 inches. However, some fans in the same range come up with varying sweep sizes.

The critical speed of the fan

Of course, you need the ceiling fan to run faster to cope up with the coming summer. The speed of the fan is something that is interrelated with the motor efficiency. The smart the motor is, the smarter it will perform, offering better air circulation in the space and cooling the air to take away the heat in the room. It is to be noted that to achieve the highest speed and excellent airflow, the fan should be provided with the highest number of speed settings so that you may accelerate or decelerate it whenever there is a need. A budget-friendly ceiling fan offers a sufficient RPM of 300 above probably till 400  with maximum 5-speed settings. If you are to function the ceiling fan in a hot place. Go for the highest RPM value as one consideration.


Ones you have worked out the speed and the energy saving. You may shift to see the rate of airflow. The higher the airflow, the higher the efficiency to impart better circulation and give the best cooling effect. The factor that helps us to identify the airflow rate is the CFM or the CUM value, which stands for the volume of the air it can circulate within a minute. In the fixed range of price, there are ceiling fans that possess sufficient airflow rates. The airflow rates are seen above 200, which shows excellent efficiency in moving the surrounding air.  


You may enjoy plenty of features with the purchase of the ceiling fan. A common feature that is seen is the availability of a light kit that can be installed in the room of your choice for better visibility. Usually, the lamps available are energy savers that offer 85 % of energy-saving; the product also guarantees uniform light delivery and low installation cost. The product also provides fewer maintenance costs. 

Blade design and number

The blade design is an intricate factor that determines the effective airflow and energy savings. It is found that a flat blade is less efficient, whereas a blade having an angle shift of 15 or 12  degrees is best suited as it gives less drag and results in higher circulation. This is another determining factor that must be kept in mind when you go for the needed purchase. The number of fan blades also has their role in the efficient functioning of the fan; the higher the fan blades quieter is the operation. In contrast, it is found that this decreases the cumulative airflow. However, the impact can be compensated with the angle of the blade. Make sure to purchase a shifted blade fan if you wish to have a fan with a higher number of blades.


A budget-friendly purchase will need to have a rigorous evaluation of the pricing with technical aspects of the product analyzed thoroughly. The above write up will give you an idea about the various features that must be looked upon for the purchase of the affordable ceiling fan for your office space or your dream home.