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Certainly, we are flesh and this flesh needs to rest, if we fail to rest and go on working we are certainly going to break down. This is true because the flesh is soft tender tissue and if stressed for so long we are going to break down, also we have bones in our body that helps us move and carry things if we over-stress ourselves we are going to have body pains.

They are different types of massager machine that can help you to massage your body. They are different types of massager such as handheld massager, head massager, shiatsu foot massager, electric massager, electric back massager, handheld back massager, neck and shoulder massager, leg massager, scalp massager, shoulder massager, face massager, back massager, electrical massager, muscle massager, neck and back massager, neck and back massage chair etc.

I was a victim of stress, I worked in a supervisory place in a cleaning company years back, the job was at first smooth without any hassle, but going down 3 months I experienced some issues with my body, this was as a result of the work I was doing, as a supervisor I still have to work with my team and supervise them and come early. The thing then was that I didn’t know how to manage the work, I was very stressed and losing weight because I was not resting enough, I slept sometimes after 12 am. I have to still wake up by 5 or 6 in the morning for work. Calculating the time I spent sleeping that should be 5 hours, imagine a construction engineer having a 5-6 hour sleep daily. It was am awful experience few months down the line I had to quit the job, I feel ill, this illness was as a result of me not managing my time, working in facility management requires strong and pro-active man-power, I have these qualities but didn’t know how to manage them.

I had series of experience after that job, I got a sharp back-pain that I still feel sometimes, before those experience I use to be very pro-active, doing anything well I can lay my hands on. I was very good and reliable. I miss those times, but now I am not as reliable as before, I am still trying to build up my man-power again, I should have gotten a back massager or a handheld back massager at least while on that job but it didn’t occur to me. 

A lot of us are struggling with our job now, we do not know when to rest. What could have happened if I had opted for a massage sometimes ?. The thing about massage is that it helps you relax and refilled for greater works, many people are very busy with their work today that they don’t make time for a massaging session. Health is wealth, if you don’t manage your health you will spend your wealth on your health. 

We need to keep fit if we want to be pro-active. Mostly if you are a banker you need a message that will help in making you relaxed, a banker works tirelessly during the week and only gets to rest well during the weekends. In respect of your profession you need to rest and take on a massaging session or of if you are too busy you can get yourself a massager that best suits you. 

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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PETRICE Beauty Care Brush Deep Clean 5-In-1 Portable Electric Massager - Features & Review

Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager, 80W, 4 Motors

Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair For Home And Office

Dr. Physio USA Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine Body Massager - Features & Review

Dr. Physio Eva Cordless Rechargeable Personal Body Wand Massager - Features & Review 

PETRICE Megneic Vibra Pluse Head Massager Hairbrush with Double Speed 

Dr. Physio Electric Hammer Pro Body Massager - Features & Review

What is a massager?

A massager is an electronic device that is built to massage just like a real massage expert, A massager is a device that gives more results. A massager helps in so many ways that are very useful to us, a massage helps get the job done in no time. The electronic message system is good for people with tight schedules.

Electrical massager, muscle massager, neck and back massager, neck and back massage chair. These different types of massager are suitable for all your needs are you having back pain? Use the back massager, are you having a leg pain? Use the leg massager, are you experiencing pain in your neck & back? Use the neck and back massager, are you also experiencing pains on your neck & shoulders? Use the neck & shoulder massager, if you are having pains on your head using the head massager if you are experiencing pains on your face using the face massager. If you observed most of these massagers are specifically designed for a specific area of your body, technology is just awesome.

Best Massagers

PETRICE Beauty Care Brush Deep Clean 5-In-1 Portable Electric Facial Cleaner Multifunction Massager Relief:

This massager is the best Massager for face massager. This massager is wonderfully made, this is a 5 in 1 massager, that simply means it can do 5 things, It operates with two 2xaa batteries. This massager can be used by both men and women. There are uses of this face massager. It relieves stress from our face and make our face fresh without any wrinkles.


Feature Description

Crude Polish Accessory

This accessory is used to rip off tough skin and cut-in off. It also has a latex soft sponge for the eyes, and also a cheek massaging system, and a make -up sponge to clean and massage your skin.

Rolling massager

This is used to create enhanced blood circumstances as your skin ages. This rolling massager also has a soft brush that is used to clear all the scurf clings on your skin.




This face massager helps in the exfoliating of dead skin cells which show a youthful skin.



Package Dimensions

18.9x15.7x5.4 cm; 118 g



Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager, 80W, 4 Motors:

This (shiatsu foot massager) product is the best for a foot massage and to remove leg cramps.

Some of us get to walk long distances to get a taxi, this results to leg and foot pain, other people experience leg and foot pain because of other related activities too, this foot massager is best for foot massaging. 

This can be used by both men and women. People who are having leg cramps, then this product is the God’s gift for them.


Feature Description

Superior performance

Lifelong leg and foot massager is an ideal massaging solution which provides high relaxation. It removes all fatigue and tiredness from your leg and feet.

Customized Operations

This leg and foot massager is ergonomically designed to target sensitive points of your soles. This leg and foot massager is ideal for relaxing. It also improves blood circulation. This product is fitted with 4 flexible kneading disks that provide a top-notch massage to your feet and ankles. It also takes away pains and aches.

Ergonomically Designed

This leg and foot massager is ergonomically designed to target sensitive points of your soles. This leg and foot massager is ideal for relaxing. It also improves blood circulation. This product is fitted with 4 flexible kneading disks that provide a top-notch massage to your feet and ankles. It also takes away pains and aches.

Focuses on Acupressure Points

This product works on the rules of acupressure that effectively stimulate foot acupuncture, Improves circulation of blood and helps in the quick recovery of over-stressed feet, this leg and foot massager rejuvenate your muscles after long periods of standing, you can use this product at home or work.



Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair For Home And Office:

This is the best body massager. This product has a complete rejuvenation in one touch, as we are often busy with schedules and don’t have time to hit the spa, this full body massager will surely give you that spa touch! 

This full body massager will give you what you want, it is comfy and good, it has a 3D recliner. 


Feature Description

Powerful 3D Back & Leg Massage Functions

It has functions like kneading, kneading with tapping, tapping, shiatsu, air squeeze with roller coverage with one button start, knock.

Target Specific Zones

This full body massager targets specific zones on your back, it is ideal for reliving early morning stiffness of the body.


This full body massager is very adjustable, It can adjust to your height.



Dr Physio (USA) Electric Heat Shiatsu Machine Body Massagers:

This product is very suitable for people having back pain, it is built for cervical neck shoulder & back pain relief. 

With this shoulder and back massager, you can have a massage anywhere, anytime.  

You can use this shoulder and neck massager to massage your waist, belly, legs and neck.

I personally like this product for shoulder and neck massage



  • Full Body Massage.
    8 Heatable Kneading Nodes.
  • Easy Control.
  • Breathable Net
  • Free Car Charger & Adapter, that makes it possible for you to charge the shoulder and neck massager in your car.
  • Heat Protection Smart Chip.



Dr Physio Electric Hammer Pro Body Massager:

Dr Physio Electric Hammer Pro Body Massager is best for overcoming muscle cramps. 

This can be used for shoulders, back, neck and leg.

It relieves built-up muscle tension and pain while enhancing blood circulation. It can also be used tissue body massage.


Feature Description

Removable Heads

It has 3 heads which allow us to easily use each head for each kind of massage. Some heads are best for neck massage and some other heads are best for back massage.

Powerful motor

It has a motor which runs up to 3350 pulses per minute. You have an option to control the speed based on your need. Easy Control.

Easy to Use

It has a very good rubber grip which helps us to use it easily.



Dr Physio (USA) Eva Cordless Rechargeable Personal Body Wand Massager Machine with 28 Vibration modes & Water Resistant:

While Dr physio products are leading in the massage industry, it is good to know more about their products, their products target specific acupressure points that are in different places in your body.

This personal massager is built in such a way that makes it appealing. It has a vibrator, it is water-resistant, it has varieties of features.

This a pocket friendly massager.


  • USB Rechargeable & Cordless
  • Water-resistant, which means it can be used while on the bathtub.
  • 28 Vibration Modes
  • Compact & Quiet Operation, this personal massager is built in such a way that makes it light and easy to hold. It also noiseless when working.
  • All Over Body Massager, with this personal massager, you can massage all your body.



PETRICE Megneic Vibra Pluse Head Massager Hairbrush with Double Speed in Treatment:

This is the best head and scalp massager, if you are experiencing pain on your scalp you can opt for this scalp massager. This product is suitable for both men and women, it increases blood circulation on your head, It is a great styling brush and detangles, it reduces hair breakages, it is just awesome. 


  • Battery Operated/Adopter Operated 
  • Effective in Treatment of Cervical
  • Soft Tipped Bristles.



Buyer's Guide:

We cannot ignore the fact that there are various types of massages in the market, in this diverse massagers they are fake and substandard ones, they are massagers that are not durable, how do you know which massager to buy ?. It’s simple all you need do is buy your desired massager from a certified and reputable brand like Amazon.


Massager is an electronic or mechanical device that is designed to massage your body without much stress, massage is also a very good and reliable machine used by a wide variety of people. 

Massager is a gift from technology, many people do not have the time to hit the spa, massager cam be used in your home or office. The massager is also good for old people. 

Massager is totally safe to use even if they are some that might give issues

Not all massager are costly, the handheld massager is not costly, head and scalp massager is not costly, neck and back massager is not costly, neck and shoulder massager is not costly. 

Massager is a good and reliable product, it reliefs pain.


We all need some time to rest irrespective of your job requirements, take out time to hit the spa or get yourself a massage. Health is wealth, if you don’t take care of your health you will spend your wealth on your health.