Best Pedestal Fans Under 3000Rs [Reviews & Buying Guide]

For anyone who is looking for a low budget pedestal fan with good quality reading the blog below can give you a perfect idea.

With the increasing heat and the requirement to stay within the house, most people are looking for ways to reduce the temperature and enjoy the chill breeze without spending much. Even though most people have installed air conditioners within their bedrooms, a certain category of people still does not have enough money to purchase an air conditioner. At the same time, there is another category of people who wants to keep the other parts of the home cool by installing cheap methods like pedestal fans that will fall within their budget.  Normally pedestal fans are available at all kinds of price ranges starting from 2000. If you are a person looking for pedestal fans under a particular budget then you can always choose certain high-quality pedestal fans that are available for a cheap rate. Even some of the branded companies produce pedestal fans for a normal price range that is less than 3000. 

But one of the key features that need to be noted before purchasing a pedestal fan is that all the features are perfect and not compromised. Just because you are purchasing the fan for a lower price doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on certain features. You can still purchase the fan that offers you all the facilities and also provides you with a cool breeze. So while purchasing a fan less than 3000 make sure you have all the required features given below. 

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Usha mist air duos 400 mm3- blade pedestal fan

Orient 1330rpm Stand 31 White Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 m

Orient Electric Stand 82 400 Mm 3 Blade Pedestal Fan.

Speed modes

The first and foremost feature that needs to be noted while purchasing a pedestal fan is its speed. Before purchasing a pedestal fan decide whether you want it for a particular purpose like just for use in a single room during the summer or for multiple purposes like taking it out for outdoor activities and vacations. If the fan is for a single purpose then you can always choose a single speed fan that offers only one-speed mode without any adjustments available. But if you want to control the speed of the fan according to your requirement then you can choose the fan with multiple modes that allows you to change the speed. 


For whatever purpose you are purchasing a pedestal fan for, noise is an unacceptable factor. Some fans produce a lot of noise while running which may result in noise pollution and other forms of stress. This excessive noise will also drown your speeches and prohibits people from talking to each other while the fan is on. So this type of fans creating noise will not be suitable for functioning while watching a TV or while having a conversation. They also cause sleep disturbances resulting in severe health disorders. So while purchasing a pedestal fan make sure that it does not produce any kind of noise. Also, make sure to check by changing the speed of the fan because some fans have the tendency to produce high noise when running at a higher speed. So make sure to check these criteria before purchasing a pedestal fan of a low budget. 


As much as the price is important so is the quality of the fan. Normally there are three materials of pedestal fans available in the market. They include plastic, metal, and brass. Try to avoid the fan-made up of brass material as they result in corrosion after being used over a long period of time. Also, these fans made up of brass materials required proper maintenance and continuous polishing from time to time. Purchasing pedestal fans made up of plastic is a good option as they are of less weight and easy to maintain. Cleaning the pedestal fans made up of plastic would be much easier when compared to these brass made fans. These fans do not get heated easily and also they are rust-free. You can also try out metal-based pedestal fans. These fans are normally stronger and faster when compared to other forms of pedestal fans. 

Recently that is also a new rise in the technology resulting in the production of fans made up of fibers that are highly tolerable to extreme heat conditions and are also easily portable. Also while considering the material of the fan it is also important to consider the color and the design of the fan so that it goes along with the decor of your home. Just because you are buying a cheap fan doesn’t mean that it should not suit your home. 


The speed of the fan can be determined by measuring the rotations per minute which are also popularly known as RPM. The greater the value of RPM the more speed the fan will be. Mostly try to purchase fans with an RPM greater than 1000. 


The height of the fan also plays a major role in the aerating of the room. For example, if you are lying in your bedroom adjusting the height in such a way that the air touches you will ensure a peaceful and sweat-free sleep. But it would be impossible for you to enjoy a sweat-free time if you use the same height in the hall or garages. So most of the pedestal fans nowadays come along with the ability to adjust the height according to your preferences. Make sure your pedestal fan has such an option and it’s not of a fixed height.

Removable grill

One of the most challenging issues faced by the owners of the pedestal fan is to clean them. The pedestal fan attracts a lot of dirt and due to continuous usage, they need to be cleaned up from time to time. But cleaning a pedestal fan can be a difficult job if the fan cannot be removed apart, especially the grill portion. So purchase a pedestal fan that has a removable grill making it easier for you to clean the fan. At the same time, there are certain fans that instruct you too to dismantle completely and clean them regularly at regular intervals of time. Cleaning such types of fans may become a hectic job and also a dangerous one as it could result in breaking up of the spare parts. These fans do not produce clean us unless they are cleaned properly and regularly. Make use to purchase the fan that is cleaning friendly.


If you are purchasing the pedestal fan for a single room, then portability may not be an important aspect. But if you are purchasing a pedestal fan for multiple purposes then it should be portable and of lightweight. Certain pedestal fans also come up with an adjustable stand that allows you to shorten the length of the fan and move it from one place to another easily. So try to look for a fan that is of lightweight and can fit in most of your vehicles without consuming a lot of space. 

Blade sweep

The sweep of a blade can be determined by measuring one end of the blade to another. This particular circumference is referred to as blade sweep. Also when the value of The Blade sweep is higher the temperature of the fan will be better. When the value is greater, the fan will be able to push a great amount of air and cover all parts of the room. So purchase a fan with a blade sweep of minimum 400mm for enjoying even quality of air throughout the room. 



Along with all the above features, one of the most important features that should be taken into account is the protection provided by the fan. The first and foremost protection is the availability of small grid covers that cover the fan and protect the children from getting injured. The motor of the fan should also be protected and sealed inside a complete cover instead of a cover with pores. This type of protection will prevent the dust from getting accumulated within the motor and allow the fan to run for a longer period of time. Most of the fans that are being manufactured nowadays come along with the overheat header that prevents the fan from getting hot after running for a longer period of time. Whether it is a plastic or a metallic fan make sure that the stand below is a table and does not sway even for a slight push. And the final feature that needs to be noted is the type of cable wire that is being used for winding the cable and if the cable is being insulated properly. 

Usha mist air duos 400 mm3- blade pedestal fan

Enjoying outdoor activities during the summertime might be a greater issue due to the presence of heat and humidity. Although sunscreen lotions can provide you protection from the Sun it does not make your body cool. Using Usha Mist air Duos 400mm 3 blade pedestal fan you can enjoy your outdoor activities like a picnic by carrying the fans wherever you go. 

All you need is a power outlet to connect the fan and you can enjoy your outdoor activities without any sweat. This triple blade fan will push out air at a greater force and decrease the temperature of the room within a matter of minutes. 

Usha is a good company in the area of electrical appliances, especially different types of fans. They have gained immense trust among the consumers by producing long-lasting ceiling fans and other fans with the latest technology that helps the users keep their home cool. This Usha Mist air Duos 400mm blade pedestal fan is available for a low price and of high quality.

Blade sweep

This beautiful unique pedestal fan comes with a blade sweep of 400mm that covers each and every corner of the room with cool air. These fiber blades work hard to push the air forward ensuring the flow of air throughout the room.


The fan offers three different modes each of which allows the fan to rotate at a particular speed. On the highest speed, the fan rotates to produce 1280 RPM.

Adjustable stand

This Usha mist air duos 400 mm, 3- blade pedestal fan comes with a 4 feet adjustable and that can be reduced for height up to 3 feet. This allows you to use this particular fan anywhere. The base is made up of cross Steel that keeps the fan steady and stable.

Other Features

Despite the fan being available for the cheap price it also consumes only a low amount of electricity as much as 50 watts. So it’s not just purchasing but maintaining this fan is also pretty much easier. The motor is covered with a completely sealed fiber material that protects it from the outer dust. Fiber does not absorb a lot of heat and hence it helps in keeping the motor clean and cool for a longer period of time allowing you to use the fan all over the night. This cheap easily maintained fan can be cleaned easily and the fiber material also prevents the fan from gaining a lot of dust. 

Orient 1330rpm Stand 31 White Pedestal Fan, Sweep: 400 mm

Family time uninterrupted

The world has become a busy street every day and with every member of the family trying to work and earn money for their living it has become difficult to spend some quality time together. Holidays are the only period people can spend some quality time together and even then lack of proper aeration in the common area might force them to be alone in their own rooms or under the chilling effect of the air conditioner. But now with the help of the Orient 1330 RPM stand 31 white pedestal fan you can enjoy your family time without sweating. Place this fan in the hall or any outdoor area and you will feel the cool Breeze within seconds of switching it on. This beautiful white pedestal fan will go well along with your room decor and also decrease your temperature along with it. 

Orient has established itself as a powerful company in the area of fans and lighting. This conglomerate of the Birla company has been traveling with us all for the past 2 years. The company is also well known for its research and development program that allows them to be more creative.

Blade sweep

It is a determined fact that with the increase in blade speed the amount of air pushed away by the fan will be greater. This Orient 1330rpm Stand 31 White Pedestal Fan, comes with a sweep of 400mm which is a common speed available in most of the pedestal fans. This will allow you to push the air away to every corner of the room.


The Orient 1330rpm Stand 31 White Pedestal Fan, blades are made up of resin that pushes the air at a greater speed. These blades increase the motion of air and ensure great air thrust because of its special aerodynamic design. 


The fan is covered with a layer of powdered coated guard and polymer ring that prevents the corrosion of metals. The motor is also covered completely without any pores preventing it from external dust. The cables are tightly bound proper insulation techniques and this is one of the safest fan available in the market. The guards are safely constructed to prevent the children from getting hurt. Also, the fan has a thermal overload protection device that resets automatically when there is a heavy amount of heat produced by the motor. The fan also produces only less amount of noise which is easily tolerable. So, purchasing this fan will allow you to have a deep sleep without any disturbance. The stand of this fan is constructed in such a way that the alternate heads provide a stable footing for the fan. 

Orient Electric Stand 82 400 Mm 3 Blade Pedestal Fan.

Even though you live comfortably at your home without any disturbances it might be difficult to expect the same kind of comfort while going on a tour or attending any outdoor activity. In such situations, you can always Count On Orient electric stand 82 400mm 3 blade pedestal fan for enjoying a cool Breeze wherever you go. 

The fan is of lightweight and adjustable stand allowing you to take it everywhere you go. This highly portable fan can be used for all locations on the only requirement is an electric outlet. Purchase this fan for low cost and live comfortably without any sweat. 

The special pedestal fan made up of 3 blades with its beautiful white and blue color will add attraction to your house and also has the ability to go along with any kind of decoration present in the house. The noise-free fan will attract a lot of people and be ensured that people will only notice the fan only for its look rather than for the nose it is making. The fan consumes only a low amount of electricity of 50 watts and hence this beautiful looking fan can be easily purchased for a cheap price and also maintained easily without any excess cost. 

Blade sweep

This beautiful fan comes with a blade sweep of 400mm that pushes the air through each and every corner of the room and allows everyone to experience a cool Breeze of air regardless of their seating position. The blades are made up of resin material and are aerodynamically constructed to provide a maximum air thrust throughout. These fans can produce an airflow of 2966 cfm, which can normally cover an entire hall completely without any difficulty. 

Close guard

The fan is protected by a beautiful White colored closed guard that prevents the children from getting hurt. The grids are close to each other and they can be easily removed and cleaned. 


The Orient Electric Stand 82 400 Mm 3 Blade Pedestal Fan provides three different speed and the greatest speed provides an RPM of 1330. The fans switch is designed in an attractive way and it is easy to change them.

Other features

The Motors are fixed with thermal protection that prevents the excess heating of the motor and also has an automatic reset process. This allows you to enjoy the cool Breeze for a longer period of time without any difficulty. This fan comes in an attractive white and blue color that can fit in most of the places without any difficulty on these metals and can be easily cleaned. Also, the inside motor is elected from the external does bi a complete covering. The fan has an adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the height from 3 feet to 4 feet. You can also keep the fan in a still mode or allow the fan to rotate themselves so that the cool Breeze can spread throughout the room. Oscillations made by the fan are smooth without any jerks. So placing this noiseless fan in your home you can enjoy a fluid conversation without any disturbance and peaceful sleep. This Orient Electric Stand 82 400 Mm 3 Blade Pedestal fan also has a tightly bound insulated cable that protects you from short circuits and other external environmental damages like lightning or flow of water. These fans are also suitable for outdoor activities and other external usages. So purchasing these fans would be cost-efficient and useful. 

All the fans that are being stated above are within the price range of 3000 and also at the same time these fans are of great quality. Along with these fans, there are also other models available in the market that are of low price range and high quality. But before purchasing any fund whether they are costly or cheap it is essential to take into account certain features like safety and quality. Enjoy a safe and cool summer without any sweat.