How To Choose Stabilizer For Refrigerator?

To help you people out there choose the best Stabilizer, we have handpicked some specifications that you should be looking at to buy the best Stabilizer for refrigerator.

Nowadays, people are not looking to buy the best Stabilizer for refrigerators because most refrigerators these days come with an in-built stabilizer. Most people think using a stabilizer these days isn’t worth it. Right? Well, if you think the same then sorry to say, but you are wrong here. Adding some extra protection to your refrigerator against voltage fluctuations isn’t a bad idea. 

Even though modern refrigerators have built-in stabilizers, it’s always a great idea to go for an external stabilizer for your refrigerator. You must be wondering why? Because in case if in-built Stabilizer stops working of fails to protect, it will make sure that your appliance still gets continuous prescribed voltage. So, you don’t need to worry about voltage fluctuations anymore, and you can continue to enjoy using your fridge without any hassle. Now you understand why stabilizers for refrigerators are important. 

Next step – you’ll be thinking about buying one now, right? But finding the best Stabilizer for refrigerators isn’t an easy task as there are so many available in the market. To help you out here, we have given the in-details stabilizer specifications that you should be looking for your fridge particularly.

Stabilizer Specifications For Refrigerators With Capacity Up To 300l

Following are the specifications that you should be looking for in Refrigerators with capacity up to 300L:

Seven-Segment Digital Display

For the refrigerators with capacity up to 300L, this one is a must-have feature. The seven-segment digital display will give you information about voltage fluctuations.

Thermal Overload Protection:

This feature protects both stabilizers and the connected appliance from high-temperature burnouts. Look for a stabilizer that has this feature as it will protect not only the connected device but also the Stabilizer.

Spike Range

The maximum spike current range in stabilizers for refrigerators with capacity up to 300 liters should be 2A.

Working Range

The working range of the best stabilizers for 300l-600l refrigerators should be between 130 volts – 290 volts.

Stabilizer Specifications For Refrigerators Ranging Between 300l-450l

Following are the features that you should be looking in stabilizers for refrigerators ranging between 300L to 450L:

High Voltage Cut-off feature:

This is a great feature, which cuts the power supply to the connected appliances during high voltages and enables Stabilizer to maintain the adequate power supply for the connected appliance’s optimal performance.

Overcurrent Protection:

This feature also cuts off the power supply to the connected electrical appliances if there is a dangerous surge in current supply.

Smart Time Delay:

This feature assists the compressor to get the power supply balance during the short power cuts. It also ensures the safety of the device connected to the Stabilizer.

Digital Display:

The digital display in Stabilizer displays the fluctuations in voltage. It also will give you a better understanding of voltage fluctuations happening in your area.

Spike Range:

The maximum spike current range in stabilizers for refrigerators with capacity ranging between 300-450 liters should be 4A.

Working Range

The working range of the best stabilizers for 300l-450l refrigerators should be between 100 volts – 280 volts.

Stabilizer Specifications for Refrigerator with Capacity Ranging In Between 450l to 600l

If you’re using a side by side or a double door refrigerator with the capacity ranging from 450 liters to 600 liters then Following are the features that you should be looking for in the best Stabilizer for refrigerators ranging from 450l to 600l:

High Voltage Cut-Off protection:

 ​This is the main feature of Stabilizer that helps it to protect the connected appliance from dangerous voltage fluctuations

Thermal Overload Protection

​As earlier said, Thermal Overload Protection is an important feature for stabilizers as it will protect the device against high-temperature burnouts.

Fail-Safe Circuit Protection

If there’s any component failure in the Stabilizer, the fail-safe circuit protection cuts off the power supply to the connected electrical appliance.

Digital Display

As said above, the stabilizers with digital display is very important as it shows the fluctuations in voltage caused and also gives you an idea of voltage fluctuations in your area.

Smart Time Delay:

This feature helps the Stabilizer to get the power supply balance during the short power cuts (4-5 minutes).

Spike Range:

The maximum spike current range in stabilizers for 450l-600l refrigerators should be 4A.

Working Range

​The working range of the best stabilizers for 450l-600l refrigerators should be between 130 volts – 290 volts.


Choosing the best Stabilizer for your refrigerator could be a daunting task. The key areas that you should always keep in mind are nature, power consumption range of your refrigerator, and the level of fluctuations in the voltage.
You will need to check the input voltage at your house too. The normal voltage supply in India is 230V. You will further be required to check the ratings. They are usually mentioned in KVA, Amps or KW. Besides this, you also need to know the nominal line voltage and its frequency. It will further help you in checking the range of voltage stabilizers.
For example, if you choose a stabilizer of 100V-290V, and if the input voltage goes below 100V or exceeds 290V, it will automatically switch off the current.

Check out the other important points that you should know when choosing the best Stabilizer for refrigerator:

  • Stabilizers are designed for hassle-free use of electrical appliances as per their needs. They are further categorized based on their features and energy limit of a particular electric appliance.
  • Make sure that your voltage stabilizer is equipped with spike guards or surge protection.
  • It should come with a feature to turn off the current supply during high voltage to protect the connected appliance.
  • Indicators show the voltage supply to adjust the power of the refrigerator. In all the modern stabilizers, you will find LED indicators.
  • Always choose the Stabilizer that comes with virgin ABS material, which will ensure the durability of the Stabilizer.
  • Budget and design are the two other things that you need to consider while choosing the right Stabilizer. Always keep in check that the Stabilizer you choose is in your budget range.
  • The design could also be an important factor for some people, because obviously, most people want their appliances not to look odd in their home setup. So choose one that will go with your home decor. 

Do look for these specifications when going to buy a stabilizer for your refrigerator. We hope that you will find the best suitable Stabilizer according to your needs.


As the name suggests, an automatic voltage stabilizer helps in stabilizing the voltage. This means, if the voltage supply fluctuates or changes suddenly, it automatically brings it back to the desired range. It can do this with the help of a combined mechanism of an electromechanical relay and autotransformer.

No, a stabilizer doesn’t give steady voltage output. But it helps to operate the connected electronic appliance in a safe voltage range.

Usually, the time delay is between 2 to 4 minutes.

All electronic appliances are sensitive to high voltage. If the input voltage of the connected appliances is more than 270V, it will harm the appliance. For some electronic appliances, even if the input voltage is above 250V, there can be malfunctioning. To guard the equipment, it makes it necessary to have a high voltage cut-off.

No, you shouldn’t be using TV stabilizers for refrigerators. A big reason for this is that both the appliances have different working voltage ranges. And Stabilizers for refrigerators are equipped with both high voltage and low voltage cut-off feature, and time-delay system. However, stabilizers for TV are equipped with high voltage cut-off only.

We always advise people to keep Stabilizer on a separate stand.

Yes, doesn’t matter what refrigerator you’re using, an external stabilizer is recommended because the in-built Stabilizer is not as powerful as external. In-built Stabilizer in refrigerators doesn’t come with voltage cut-off & high voltage cut-off. This is the main reason why major refrigerator brands insist users on using a good quality voltage stabilizer.

An inverter converts DC into AC and enables your electronic appliances to function during power cuts too. The inverter comes with a battery that enables you to store electricity and use it during power cuts. Whereas, voltage stabilizer does nothing like this.
The main function of a voltage stabilizer is to stabilize the input current and make sure that the connected appliances are receiving electricity within the prescribed voltage range. It doesn’t work during power cuts.

Stabilizer, as the name suggests, stabilizes the supply voltage. It can’t increase the power of any appliance. Well, no device can increase the power of any appliance. It’s called “AC voltage stabilizer”. They use an auto-transformer to increase or decrease the power supply as required, to keep power supply within the prescribed value of the appliance.