Best Double Door Refrigerators In India

Are you looking to buy Double Door Refrigerator but confused with different models? Don't worry, we will help you to choose the best Double Door Refrigerators in India.

Are you looking for a Double Door Fridge for your home?

It is today’s necessity to have a refrigerator. It allows you to store your favorite cold drinks, veggies, fruits, and of-course to make fresh ice. Fridges are great, right? Yes, Fridges are the must-haves to keep suppleness and increase the life of your fruits, vegetables, and cooked foods.

It has many more uses and benefits than just the ones said above. For instance, it helps you make or prepare for your favorite ice creams, salads, cakes, pastries, and other foods that need icing before they can be served. We can assume that it is one of the several significant machines for our homes today.

As years passed by, the discovery of the fridge became a common benefit as anybody can now simply store their food items inside them without any troubles. The standard type of fridges available in the Indian market is single door refrigerators. However, the best buys are double door refrigerators, side by side fridges, French door refrigerators, mini-refrigerators, etc.

We are going to show you 5 Top cost-effective double door refrigerators in India. We have got the Standard Double Door refrigerators online at from top brands i.e. Haier, Samsung, LG, Godrej, and Whirlpool. This list gets updated with the launch of new refrigerators. In this article, we have tried our level best to cover the fridge capacity between 200L to 360L.

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Aren’t you even sure what size you should buy?

Purchasing a fridge is a generous deal. If you make the incorrect choice, you’ll have to remain with it for years, possibly for a decade or longer. It isn’t something that you buy every day. Buying a big machine such as a refrigerator needs a little research and then, you are good to go. This guide lays out the common blunders that people commit while deciding on buying a fridge.

No matter what fridge style you like, one huge misstep is not investigating the size. Make sure the latest appliance you choose will not pinch you into the same place as your current refrigerator. Do this by estimating the dimensions of your old fridge. Then match them with the new fridge that you plan to buy. Ideally, the replacement appliance will be equal to or more petite than the current model. This is very necessary if your current fridge lives in a recessed niche within built-in cabinets.

Don’t worry! all you need to do is, multiply the count of family members by 80. For instance, let’s assume you have 4 members in your family, so the fridge size you should buy would be (4*80) that is going to be 320L. If by any chance you have a big family you can go for the Double door refrigerator above 500 liters in India.

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Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator - 3 Star Model number HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E, Brush line silver, Bottom Freezer

253L -4 Star Samsung Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator Model number: RT28M3424S8/HL, Elegant Inox, Inverter Compressor

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Model Number: GL-I292RPZL - Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor

2 Star 255 L Godrej Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Model number: RF GF 2552PTH- Scarlet Dremin

Whirlpool 340 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator, Alpha Steel

Do BEE energy rating matter?

BEE translates to Beaureu Of Energy Efficiency which is an agency of the Government of India founded in March 2002 under the Ministry of electricity. It is an independent Government agency that took initiatives to promote the protection and productive use of electricity in several electrical machines throughout India. BEE star rating indicates the capacity of the machine according to the volume, storage volume, and power it utilizes per unit.

Certainly, star ratings in the fridge do matter. It lessens power consumption. After the endowment of the BEE rating for devices, it matters a lot to pick a refrigerator with a higher star rating. Now, the refrigerators are 70% more productive than they were 30 years before.

The BEE rating validates all the refrigerators available in Indian markets, and it really is a big deal to notice or ask for the Bee Energy ratings. For example, if you have a fridge that is 2-stars, it will consume more electricity but it may be cheaper to buy. However, if you buy one with 4-5 stars, they are costlier comparatively but will have low electricity consumption and will benefit you in the long run.

How to select the best double-door fridge?

Refrigerators or fridges are one of the several devices just like the televisions, which have grown everywhere now. Almost in each urban home, you will discover a fridge occupying a corner of the residence. It would not be an overstatement if it is stated that refrigerators have become an essential part of the urban lives now. It serves a myriad of purposes and contributes to making our lives extra comfortable. So, it goes without saying that one needs to do a lot of analysis before going forward with the purchase of a fridge that satisfies one’s requirements. If you are looking for the most reliable double door refrigerator/fridge in India, you must read this article completely.  

Further in this document, you will see the brief review for all Top 5 budget double-door freezer in India with their specifications and Pros and Cons.

1. Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator - 3 Star Model number HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E, Brush line silver, Bottom Freezer

Budget double-door fridge for the great experience and to get rid of the bendings to take out eatables from the fridge. With this New Haier 320L refrigerator, you would not have to bend at all to grab your things from the fridge. 

Your life will become more comfortable and convenient with the Hair 320L. 

The intelligent design including the frost-free double door refrigerator with the bottom freezer feature to reduce bending up to 90%.


  • Energy Efficiency 3 Star Rating

    This fridge is a 3 Start BEE Energy rating which will make sure it consumes less electricity and will definitely impact the electricity bills and your electricity bills will decrease for sure.

  • It has capacity of 320 Litres

    The Capacity of 320L is perfect for a family with 3 -4 members. This also means you can store more eatables in the fridge because of its bigger space.

  • Great Freezer Capacity 86 Litres

    it includes 86L of the freezer space that gives you more space to keep more items in the freezer.

  • No Frost Cooling Technology Refrigerator

    Frost-free double door feature make sure that the refrigerator remains frost-free at all times. It is fitted with more stable cool pads that keep the cooling for up to 10 -12 hours despite the power outage.

  • Has Toughened Glass Shelf Type

    It has a toughened glass that will maintain the stability of the shelves even if you put heavy weight or high pressure on it. They are designed as non-breakable shelves.

  • No Stabilizer Operation

    No Stabilizer Operation means you don’t need to spend money to buy a separate stabilizer as this fridge has an inbuilt stabilizer that guards the compressor against power fluctuations.

  • Super Top LED

    The new LED light is brighter than any other fridge in the market, It consumes very less power and lightens the entire inside of a refrigerator.

  • Technology of 360 Degree Cooling

    360-degree cooling technology is a great feature that revolves the cool air amazingly in the fridge. The air bounces back everywhere in all sections and directions. That’s how the cooling is maintained and keeps the eatables fresh and intact.

  • Feature of Twin Twist Ice Tray

    Now don’t fight to get the ice cubes out of the ice tray as this fridge comes with a Twin Twist Ice Tray. Just rotate it and all the ice will accumulate in the box below. Take the box out and use the ice.

  • One Hit Icing Technology

    The 1HIT technology Will help you frees the ice in 60 minutes all you need to do is hit a button.

  • Two Times Bigger & Crisper

    The fridge section is two times larger than any other refrigerator in the market and gives you the freedom to store more while storing your vegetables fresh and last longer.

  • Freezer Mounted at the bottom

    Bottom Mounted Freezer will help you reduce the bending by 90% as if you don’t use the freezer much as compared to the refrigerator section.

Let’s discuss some Pros and Cons: -




 Yes, it has an inbuilt stabilizer so you really don’t have to worry about any fluctuations.

The outside dimensions for the refrigerator are Gross Width x Height x Depth (cm): 66*165*75) respectively.

10 Years warranty on compressor

2. 253L -4 Star Samsung Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator Model number: RT28M3424S8/HL, Elegant Inox, Inverter Compressor​

4-star double door refrigerators Samsung 253L comes including an energy-efficient Digital Inverter Compressor. 

This fridge includes a Smart Inverter function for unusual power cuts and works with solar energy as well. 

4-star frost free double door refrigerator model comes with an inbuilt stabilizer free operation and Safe Clean Back. 


  • The Technology of Moist Fresh Zone

    Controls the air circulations to maintain optimal humidity.

  • Amazing Easy Slide Shelf

    Easy to find and reach food at the back.

  • Strong Toughened Glass Shelves

    Hold up to 150kg of heavy foods and pots.

  • LED light Highly Efficient

    LED lightens every corner inside the fridge so that the items are visible even though the room lights are off.

  • Great Recess Handle

    The door can be opened and closed easily with its excellent design which is totally user-friendly.

  • Known Digital Inverter Technology

    The fridge includes the digital inverter technology that helps you save energy and protects your food for a longer period, keeps your electric bills lower.

  • Stabilizer Free Function

    You don’t need to spend a single penny on a separate stabilizer as this fridge includes an inbuilt stabilizer to protects the compressor from power fluctuations.

  • Feature All around cooling

    It makes sure that every eatable on each shelf and in each box gets equal cooling and everything remains fresh.

  • Strong Movable Ice Maker

    With this movable ice Maker, it has reduced the efforts of taking ice cubes out of the ice tray. All you have to do is twist the nob and the cubes are out.

  • BEE Energy 4 Star rating

    4 Star Rating- The fridge comes with a 4-star power rating. This fridge is power efficient and will make assured that your electricity bills will not give you stress.

Let’s discuss some Pros and Cons: -




The length 68.8 Centimetres x Width 55.5 Centimetres x 1.54 meters

No, there is no need for a drain pan, because it is totally frost-free.

The refrigerant used is R-600a in this particular model.

There is no lock included in the fridge, you have to improvise by making one with vacuum suction.

very less, I cannot exactly tell its consumption in units but my electricity bill has been decreased by almost 500 rupees which is a pretty good saving.

3. LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Model Number: GL-I292RPZL - Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor

Online frost-free double-door refrigerator presents to you an ultimate blend of power, precision, and performance. 

This refrigerator offers stunning features with enhanced functionality. It forms a Smart Inverter Compressor that performs an energy-efficient performance. This 260-liter double door fridge runs on Ice Beam Door Cooling technology. 

The 3 racks units have been manufactured using toughened glass material. You can also buy double door refrigerators online.


  • Smart Inverter Compressor Technology

    LG Refrigerator with Smart Inverter Compressor is designed to give energy efficiency, longer freshness retention and less noise.

  • Multi Air Flow Cooling Feature

    Multiple cooling air vents circulate and distribute cold air to each corner of the fridge, ensuring proper cooling.

  • Smart Diagnosis

    LG's Smart Diagnosis assists diagnose and resolve several problems you may have with your refrigerator immediately and perfectly.

  • Auto Smart Connect

    Auto Smart Connect is a technology that assists connect your refrigerator to house inverter each time the electricity goes off.

  • Moist Balance Crisper

    Moist Balance Crisper incorporates an innovative lattice-pattern box cover that maintains an optimal level of moisture inside the refrigerator.

  • 2L bottle Storage

    LG Fridges come with an area to store as much as 2-liter jars in the refrigerator.

Let’s discuss some Pros and Cons: -




A normal LG warranty/ Guarantee will be applicable. You will get this from any authorized LG service center in your area.

Please contact LG customer care (1800 315 9999 Or 1800 180 9999) for this.

Yes, it can be connected with the inverter

4. 2 Star 255 L Godrej Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Model number: RF GF 2552PTH- Scarlet Dremin

Godrej RF GF 2552PTH is a Double Door refrigerator that comes with an innovative design with great features. The freezer is at the bottom and a bar handles make it easy to use. It comes with a capacity of 255 liters which makes it easy to store, food, vegetables. It has a 2-star rating. It has a high cooling capacity which makes helps in making frozen desserts and much more easily.


  • Super Bright LED Lighting

    Bright and power-efficient LED lighting ensures that the insides of the entire refrigerator stay illuminated.

  • Secured with a Door Lock

    This acts like a child lock to prevent the unnecessary opening of your refrigerator.

  • Gasket with Anti-Bacterial Function

    Silver ions in the air duct and anti-microbial resistance in the gasket keep food germ free and fresh.

  • Get 2.25L Aqua Space

    2.25-liter jug area guarantees you can put large-sized juices & aerated drinks.

  • Includes Aroma Lock technology

    The Aroma lock feature allows you to lock in the delicious freshness of your food.

  • Non- breakable Toughened Glass Shelves

    Made with toughened glass, each shelf has the strength to hold the weight of up to 120 kg.

  • Super Large Chiller Tray

    The chiller tray lets you fit in five 1 liter water bottles comfortably, giving you ample supply of chilled water.

  • Bigger Freezer Space

    It comes with a large freezer to accommodate all your frozen foods

Let’s discuss some Pros and Cons: -




Net Dimension (H x W X D) Cm = 152.5 x 59.7 x 72.4

 it’s a deep freezer

This is a 2 Star rated refrigerator, giving you Energy Savings of up to 20% approximately.

Power consumption is 6 Units per day

No need for an external stabilizer. It has stabilizer free operation.

Yes, it can be connected with the inverter

5. Whirlpool 340 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator, Alpha Steel

Smart double door fridge with most advanced 6th Sense Intellifresh Technology including Deep Freeze User Interface Panel

Latest technology double door freezer at optimum cost, Includes Intellisensors for fresh flow and Flexi-Vents, Tower Cooling to keep Garden Fresh Vegetable Crisp and has RC Lamp LED Dairy Fresh.



  • Micro block Technology in Fruit Crisper

    The unique storage space created for fruits comes with a Micro block that prevents up to 99.9% bacterial growth for product lifetime. Tangled in during a product’s production method, our antimicrobial additives act on the cellular level to continuously disrupt and limit the independent growth of the microorganism. Together, the separate zone for your fruit blocks smells mingling between fruits and vegetables. This guarantees you have the healthiest and the most sterile environment for your fruits and vegetables.

  • Amazing 6th Sense Intellifresh technology

    It's 3 IntelliSensors one on the UI of the fridge's outer panel, one inside the freezer section and one in the cooler section communicate with each other to control the ideal temperature for complete freshness. The 3 sensors work in tandem to sense the outside temperature evidence in which they conform and measure the inside temperature according to the internal load. This creates an excellent environment for your food to stay fresher for longer.

  • Everyday Fresh

    Presently you don’t have to drive within different food items and re-arrange them to pick up something. Between the easy flowing action of the "Everyday Fresh" tray, accessing something at the back and the corner becomes fast and simple.

  • Max Bottle Space

    The extra width of the door bin lets you store big bottles with a wide base or simply double layer the bottles of water wine and other beverages-making storage of bottles easy and smart.

  • Hex afresh moisture lock technology

    The special Hex afresh sheet has remained designed to compress the moisture vanishing from the fruits and vegetables. This assists in keeping maximum moisture levels for absolute freshness.

  • Tallest Air Tower

    The scientifically designed air tower- The scientifically designed air tower- the tallest in the category – has strategically placed vents that let out cool fresh air to different sections of the refrigerator so that there is consistent cooling in every section.

Let’s discuss some Pros and Cons: -




It works without it also. However, u can run it on the inverter

No. It runs on a normal compressor.

No, it’s not convertible

Gross Volume is 340 liters and Storage Volume is 310 Litres