Bag Vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

In today's modern world people prefer electronic equipment for work like vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc…. Select the best type of vacuum cleaner - bagless by reading the blog below.

The vacuum cleaners have been increasing in popularity and most of the people are now preferring to purchase these vacuum cleaners than hiring a maid or using a normal broom. Although the term vacuum cleaners seem like the simple name they come in varying sizes and features that create confusion, especially if you are looking for a clean purchase. Deciding on the features you want alone can help you in narrowing down your search. Every vacuum cleaner has a varying set of attachments, varying sizes, and colors and also other different features like bags attachments and power. One of the most important features among these vacuums is bag attachments. While cleaning using the vacuum cleaners, the dust particles are absorbed and they are stored in either bags or small cups. The vacuum cleaner with bags can store a large amount of dust while others can’t. 

Both these vacuum cleaners have their own purposes and purchasing them should be based on your requirements. 

Vacuum cleaners with bags

The vacuum cleaners that come along with bags can be used for heavy cleaning purposes. Here these vacuum cleaners are attached to a power inlet and once started they begin to absorb the dust particles present in the particular space. The absorbed dust particles are stored in a large bag-like structure that allows you to clean your house or industries peacefully without wondering about the overfilling of the dust bag. They can hold a large number of dust particles and they are mainly useful while cleaning outdoors and also used in heavy cleaning like industries. In the case of industrial applications, you can clean a large area continuously without having to worry about the process of emptying the bags now and then. These model vacuum cleaners with bags cones in varying sizes, (i.e) varying bag sizes that allow you to choose to depend upon your requirements. These bags can hold up to 2-5 liters of dust depending upon your choice. 

Vacuum cleaners without bags

There are certain models of vacuum cleaners that can be used for home cleaning purposes only. They include vacuum cleaners without bags. These vacuum cleaners cannot store a large number of dust particles. The dust particles collected are stored in some cup-like structure which needs to be emptied every now and then. These vacuum cleaners can be used for industrial cleaning purposes too, but the cups need to be constantly emptied every now and then before completing the entire cleaning. But these are more suitable for cleaning small areas with low to medium amounts of dust particles.  

So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it would be better to understand the features of both these types and their advantages and disadvantages. 


In terms of hygiene, the vacuum cleaner with bags is much more hygiene when compared to the other vacuum cleaner without bags. They have the ability to store a large number of dust particles within a closed bag that prevents the dust particles from getting out and suitable for people with dust allergies. The bag contains filters that trap small dust particles and allergens preventing them from escaping back into the air. Most of the vacuum cleaners with bags contain HEPA filters that can be used to trap 99% of allergens present in the air. So anyone with the allergy requirement can purchase these types of vacuum cleaners to clean your home from allergens. 

In the case of vacuum cleaners without bags, the dust particles are stored in a cup that needs to be cleaned every now and then. So most of the dust particles are released into the air while cleaning the cups and also so they are not suitable for cleaning the house with allergy particles. The HEPA filters cannot be fixed and they are not suitable for people with allergy.


Maintaining a vacuum cleaner with bags is much easier than the vacuum cleaner without the bags. These vacuum cleaner with bags comes along with a fitted filter that cleans the smallest of dust particles and prevents you from cleaning the bag every now and then. These filters should be changed after a certain period of time but they can last longer. These filters also prevent the small dust particles from entering into the air again. At the same time, these bags must be replaced every now then resulting in incurring charges constantly. 

But in the case of vacuum cleaners without bags, they lack filters and the cups should be cleaned regularly. Maintenance is a heavy work in these vacuum cleaners. But the cups need not be changed every now and then. 


The vacuum cleaners with bags are much costlier than the vacuum cleaners without bags. Most of the vacuum cleaners with bags come with the burden of constantly purchasing the bags every now and then once they are being filled. The filters should also be changed continuously for proper absorption and separation of dust particles.  With the increased purchase cost and constant maintenance cost, these vacuum cleaners with bags are a bit less economical than the other models available in the market. 

But in case of vacuum cleaners without bags, the cups can be simply washed and be re-inserted into the vacuum cleaners. 

Emptying the bags or cups

In case of a vacuum cleaner with the bag they need not be emptied constantly, but when more than half of the bag is being filled with dust particles then the absorbing power of the vacuum cleaner automatically slows down. So constant maintenance of the bag and also checking for the fill of the bag is essential. But in bagless vacuum cleaners, the cups are clearly visible through the glass frame and when filled they can be removed easily and washed. Though it is a constant work to wash these cups they are of less cost and can be used for a long period of time. 

The bagless vacuum cleaners are much more popular in home-usage. They are compact and less cost. But for larger homes and industrial applications, the vacuum cleaner with bags is the best choice available in the market.  Based on your requirements and health issues you can choose the best option available for you in the market.