Best Vacuum Cleaners Cordless In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Vacuum cleaners are a necessity these days with high dust and increased usage of carpets. The maids are not suitable for current working situations and so it is essential to purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home efficiently. Read below to know more.

Vacuum cleaners have become an essential utility in India and with the trend of a nuclear family increasing it has become a necessity. Long gone are the days with maids who were continuously used for cleaning, washing, and other works of the house. But with varying work schedules between the couples and maintaining the kids the use of maids had become a costlier service. So, in turn, they have now turned towards the electronic medium for assistance and help. The mixer, grinder, washing machine, and vacuum cleaners are the commonly used devices in an Indian housed for cleaning and other activities. 

A vacuum cleaner is a device used for absorbing the dust particles present in the surface and carpets. Nowadays the new model vacuum cleaners that are constructed can be used for both absorbing and wiping away the dust particles. These 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners are famous nowadays and they also come along with the steam vacuuming technology and UV light technology to clean the dirt and microbes in them. The design of the vacuum cleaners has been altered continuously for easy usage and function. One such function that has been done is making them cordless. Using a cordless vacuum cleaner can be useful in many situations.  They include, 

Free movements – The vacuum cleaners can be quite difficult to move around when it is connected to a cord. Using a cordless vacuum cleaner can increase the movements. The recent model vacuum cleaners have batteries that can be recharged when the vacuum cleaner is not under usage. In such situations, while working there is no need for usage of cords and this, in turn, will increase the speed of work as there is no problem of short cords and entanglement in the cords. 

Electricity dependence – Even though the cordless vacuum cleaners need electricity for charging they can be charged at any time. So while cleaning even if there is an absence of electricity the vacuum cleaner can function properly. The charging can be done when there is electricity. This allows for continuous uninterrupted cleaning.  

Even though there are multiple models of vacuum cleaners available in the market there are only a few models that are available as cordless vacuum cleaners. Such vacuum cleaners include,

Our Top Pick Cordless Vacuum Cleaners In India

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18 V-1

Philips MiniVac FC6132 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic robot vacuum cleaners

One of the most common and latest model vacuum cleaners available in the market is the automatic robot vacuum cleaners. These models can be charged while they are not operating. These models contain rechargeable batteries that can be charged every now and then. These batteries usually have high power holding capacity that can last up to 2 hours while running. These vacuum cleaners are cordless and can move all over the house without any disturbance and their special sensor Technology prevents them from getting hit by any objects or walls in the house. The sensors also prevent them from falling on the staircase. These vacuum cleaners are now available as both wet and dry vacuum cleaners and they can perform both cleaning and mopping. The dry dust is stored in a special container within the vacuum cleaner and the water for mopping is stored in a separate container that can wipe away the stains in the vacuum cleaners.

Stick vacuum cleaners

The stick vacuum cleaners also belong to the latest model vacuum cleaner that is lightweight. These vacuum cleaners were mainly built for their portability and easy movements.  These latest stick model vacuum cleaners have special Lithium batteries that can be recharged every now and then. These stick vacuum cleaners can run up to 2 hours and they are available as both cordless and cord model vacuum cleaners. The corded model vacuum cleaners now have automatic winding technology that allows free movement without the formation of any kind of tangles. These stick vacuum cleaners can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner just by changing the nozzle and they are highly powerful with good suction power and durability. The dust particles are mostly stored in a container and they can be easily removed and emptied on time. 

Handheld vacuum cleaner

The handheld vacuum cleaner is one of the latest model vacuum cleaners and they can be carried around throughout the house by hand or by strapping them to the shoulder. These handheld vacuum cleaners are powerful and have heavy suction power. They are mainly used for cleaning the objects placed on the stand and other types of places that are difficult to reach through normal vacuum cleaners. These handheld vacuum cleaners are available as both corded and cordless models. However, using the vacuum cleaners without a cord will be much beneficial because when they have cords there is a chance of knotting and the objects in the house might be knocked off while cleaning. So using a cordless vacuum cleaner will protect the valuable objects in the house and also will prevent you from falling. 

The other two models of vacuum cleaner include a canister vacuum cleaner and an upright vacuum cleaner. Normally these two vacuum cleaners come along with a corded technology. They utilize high volts of electricity which is difficult to maintain through batteries. 

While purchasing cordless vacuum cleaners there are certain features that need to be noted. These features include, 


Purchasing within a budget is one of the main challenges faced by most of the people these days. Sometimes it might be a challenge to find a high-quality vacuum cleaner within the budget. But recently with the development in technology and competition the market has been filled with vacuum cleaners of high models and brands. So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner look for a branded model with suitable features rather than purchasing a non-branded model with many features.  Purchasing a branded model will ensure durability and efficiency along with standard servicing. But if you purchase a non branded model then there is guaranteed durability and sometimes obtaining an original part of that particular model while servicing might get difficulty

Ease of use

While purchasing a vacuum cleaner make sure that they are easy to use and they can be easily moved around. A cordless vacuum cleaner can be moved around easily and if the vacuum cleaner is lightweight then it might be an added advantage. If the vacuum cleaners are used for household purposes then it is better to purchase one with low weight. If they are used for commercial cleaning then powerful vacuum cleaners might be a better choice. 


After absorbing the dust particles the vacuum cleaners usually store the dust particles within the dust bag. These dust bags are available in varying sizes depending upon the model of the vacuum cleaner used. Some vacuum cleaners have large dust bags while others have small ones or sometimes they also use containers. When the vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning a large house or a hotel then it is better to purchase a vacuum cleaner with large dust bags. If the vacuum cleaners are used for small and medium-sized houses the dust bags can be of small size and the containers can also be used. These containers are small in size and need to be cleaned or emptied after every cleaning. The latest model of dust bags can be easily removed and cleaned or washed. 

Battery charge maintenance

When we use a battery especially in a cordless vacuum cleaner it is necessary to check the life of the battery. Some batteries have the ability to function for years while some need to be replaced within 6 months. So before purchasing the vacuum cleaner check the life of the battery and its warranty. If you are using a non-rechargeable battery then make sure they last for a longer period of time. The rechargeable batteries should have the capacity to hold the charge for a longer period of time. Most of the rechargeable batteries after a particular period lose their ability to hold charges and sometimes they become repaired when there is a fluctuation in electricity while charging. So while purchasing a vacuum cleaner make sure that they have good battery power. 

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi is a brand well known for its stylish mobile models. But along with stylish mobile phones, the brand is also well known for manufacturing other electronic products related to lifestyle and home cleaning. Vacuum cleaners are also one among them. They have their very own Research and Development team for creating stylish design vacuum cleaners with innovative design. The vacuum cleaners developed have extended durability with increased efficiency. They also offer continuous free and paid services for the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner.

The latest invention of vacuum cleaners by Xiaomi includes the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner that can clean your entire house without any manual intervention. This vacuum cleaner has rechargeable batteries that can be charged when the vacuum is not in use. When charged the vacuum can run for at least two hours. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner can perform both cleaning and mopping your floor. This powerful vacuum cleaner comes along with a special laser technology that allows you to clean the dirt in the house without missing a spot. The sensors within the vacuum cleaner prevent the cleaner from getting hit on the walls and other objects in the house. 

LDS navigation – The vacuum cleaner comes along with a special navigation system called LDS navigation that can be used to move the cleaners across all parts of the house.  This particular laser technology can scan the entire house and clean them depending upon the dust content. They can also detect the presence of some tough stains on the floor and clean them. 

Special sensors – The vacuum cleaner comes along with 12 sets of special sensors that can detect the presence of walls around and protects itself from hitting on the wall. The vacuum cleaner can effectively stay away from the staircase and other objects in the house using this sensor.  This provides the vacuum cleaner with accurate navigation and extended durability. 

Suction – The vacuum cleaner comes along with a powerful suction capability which in turn is enhanced by the powerful suction capacity of 2100Pa. The 3000mA battery can power this powerful motor and helps in absorbing the dust particles easily. 

Smart app – The vacuum cleaner uses a special smart app for controlling the vacuum cleaner even from a distance. This allows you to set special timings for cleaning and also control the vacuum cleaner manually for cleaning a particular area. 

Special tank – The vacuum cleaner comes with a special smart electronic tank that can store a lot of water that can be used to mop the house. They also have an special water clogging prevention technique that offers free flow of water within the vacuum cleaner allowing easy cleaning of the house.  They also have a first box that can hold up to 550 ml of dust particles. 

Moping – Along with dust absorption, this vacuum cleaner also performs mopping equivalent to manual mopping. The moping provides a clean path and the device ensures complete mopping without leaving a spot. The mopping water flow can be adjusted by using special water adjustment technology. They have three different modes for three different types of mopping. 

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18 V-1

Bosch has been a successful and well-renowned company in the area of electronic products. There are multiple electronic products like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and other power tools used for mechanical prospects that are manufactured by Bosch. The Bosch products have gained immense trust among the people of our country and also from the people of other countries. 

They have extended durability with a powerful mechanism that ensures quality and effective results. Any product from Bosch can be trusted with quality and proper servicing throughout. 

The new Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18 V-1 is powerful and has been attracting a variety of customers from the market with its stylish designs and vibrant colors. This lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner can be stored even in a small space. The vacuum cleaner has good cleaning power and runs on a battery that can be charged. The cordless activity allows the vacuum cleaner to be moved freely without the problem of knots. Some of their features include, 

Container – This is a bagless vacuum cleaner model and instead of the bag the vacuum cleaner contains a special container to store the dust particles. The container has a capacity of 0.7 ml that can store the dust particles freely. The dust particles can be easily emptied and washed after every cleaning for proper maintenance. Since the vacuum cleaner does not have an indicator it is essential to clean the container every now and then for efficient functioning. To make up for the absence of the indicator the container is made transparent. 

Battery-powered – The vacuum cleaner is powered by an 18-volt battery that can be recharged easily when not in use. The battery is power full and can last for at least 1-2 hours after a complete recharge. The battery does increase the weight of the vacuum cleaner but not by much. 

Weight – The vacuum cleaner weighs less than 3 kgs, with a dimension of 142 X 184 X 121 Mm. This low makes it easy to be carried around and they can also be strapped along with your shoulders while cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is simple and elegant with a special holder that allows you to hold the vacuum cleaner by hand.

Filter – The vacuum cleaner uses a special filter that can be used to separate the dust particles from the gust of air and they can be reused efficiently by just washing. The filters can be used for a long period of time and no need to be replaced. 

These handheld vacuum cleaners by Bosch are simple, elegant, and easy to hold. They are the best form of vacuum cleaners available in the market. They are also supported by accessories that can aid you in cleaning various parts of the house effectively and efficiently.

Philips MiniVac FC6132 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Philips is a famous company and one of the companies to enter the country after independence. They are well known for their best and efficient products that have high durability. Along with vacuum cleaners they have also been known for manufacturing products like a razor and home appliances. Their vacuum cleaner models have been famous among the users now due to their use of innovative technology and powerful motors. 

The new Philips MiniVac FC6132 Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the latest model vacuum cleaner with cordless technology that can be used without any problems of tangling and knots. The vacuum cleaner is simple and lightweight with fast cleaning technology that can be used as both a handheld vacuum cleaner and a stick vacuum cleaner with a simple attachment technology. The stick vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning the floors and carpets. When converted back into a handheld vacuum cleaner they can be used for cleaning sofa cushions and car interiors. These vacuum cleaners are highly powerful and the motor comes along with high suction power and blower technology. 

Filters – The vacuum cleaner uses a three-stage filter technology that can separate the air from the dust. They use a modern HEPA filter that prevents the mix of dust particles back into the atmosphere. This vacuum cleaner is best suited for anyone with an allergy problem and other dust inhalation problems like Asthma.  

Battery – The vacuum cleaner has a special battery that can recharge when not in use. These vacuum cleaners use the cordless technology that allows you to handle the vacuum cleaner freely without any interruptions and also prevents the pain of changing the plugin for every room. 

Dust can –  These vacuum cleaners are bagless and the dust particles can be collected easily in a can that needs to be emptied every now and then. The container has a holding capacity of 0.9 liters that can hold the dust of a single cleaning. 

Suction power – The vacuum cleaner uses high power cyclone technology that can absorb a large number of dust particles within a short span of time. So moving the vacuum cleaner once or twice over the carpeted surface will ensure high-level absorption and cleanliness. The nozzles also come along with small brushes that can be used to clean the carpets effectively by combing through them. 

Accessories – The vacuum cleaner cones along with some accessories like, 

Hose Pipe – The hose pipe can be used for making the vacuum cleaner flexible and use them between the small gaps and holes. 

Extension Pipe – They are used for reaching the high-end ceilings and for cleaning within the cot. 

Floor cum Carpet Brush – This brush is used for cleaning unwanted dust present in the carpets and floors.

Upholstery & Crevice Nozzle – They are used for cleaning the dust embedded within the deep pores of the sofa and the gaps within the car interiors. 

The special nozzle used in the stick based vacuum cleaner can be easily removed and converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner make sure it is of good brand and quality. These vacuum cleaners should be of a good brand and also have the essential features that meet up your cleaning requirements. These vacuum cleaners are widely available in electronic shops and also in online portals. Most of the vacuum cleaner companies nowadays offer in-house servicing and there is no need for you to carry the vacuum cleaner to the service center. Also, make sure that the product has quality and durability along with the budget. If it is of a low budget make sure to buy the branded ones as they can last a lifetime.