Best Vacuum Cleaners For Carpets In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Carpet cleaning is no longer an option of dry cleaning. They can be easily cleaned from home using the latest model vacuum cleaners. Read below for detailed descriptions.

Even though it has not been a common practice, recently Indian people are changing the interiors of the house similar to the west side. The usage of carpets has been increasing considerably in the country and nowadays more people have changed their preference from plain tiles to semi carpeted and fully carpeted floors. Cleaning a carpet is a difficult task and not similar to normal hardwood or tile flooring. The normal floors can be easily cleaned by using a normal broomstick which is not possible in case of carpeted floors due to the presence of minute threads and carpet wool that can absorb the dust particles and cannot be let out easily just by a simple broomstick. Before a decade or two people preferred cleaning the carpet by taking them out and beating with a stick which is not possible when the carpet is large enough and also in case of wall-to-wall carpeting. So in order to clean the carpet, we need a special device. 

Right from the early 19th century when the vacuum cleaners were introduced people started using them for cleaning carpets. This new dust absorbing technique was so unique and effective it was widely used for cleaning carpets in palaces and other big houses despite their large size and cost. But later with the development in Technology and Science the size of the vacuum cleaners started reducing considerably and now the current vacuum cleaners are smaller and efficient. Most of the vacuum cleaners weigh less than 9 kg and the smallest weighs 1.5 kg. Using these vacuum cleaners the carpets can be easily cleaned every two days or on a daily basis instead of monthly cleaning. These vacuum cleaners are powerful and efficient. 

Our Top Pick Vacuum Cleaners For Carpet Cleaning In India

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Forbes Eureka Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner 

Aquabot 5.0 automatic vacuum cleaner

Bosch Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Gas 15 1100-Watt, Blue and Black

Black + Decker VM2825 2000-Watt Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

How do vacuum cleaners clean the carpet?

The vacuum cleaners are basic cleaning devices that can be used for cleaning floors, ceiling, carpets, and other objects in the house. These vacuum cleaners can absorb the dust particles present in the carpet or floor and absorb them through their suction power. After suction, the dust particles will pass through a filter that separates the dust from the air. The air is released out and the dust is stored in a bag or a container. For cleaning carpets, the vacuum cleaners should have high suction powers. Because in floors the dust particles are simply present and they can be easily moved or absorbed even by a slight movement of air. But in the case of carpets, the dust particles are embedded within the threads and the wool of the carpet. So to clean the carpet a vacuum cleaner with heavy absorbing capacity is required. Some vacuum cleaners also come out with a blowing technology that can be used to blow away some tough dust particles and then later absorbed.  These carpets require a vacuum cleaner with good suction power and are lightweight as they can be easily carried around without any difficulty. Some vacuum cleaners have wheels to assist the movement while vacuuming. 

What type of vacuum cleaner is best suited for carpets?

The market is filled with various models of vacuum cleaners but there are only certain models that are best suited for cleaning carpets. They include,

Upright vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners come to have good motor power and high suction power that allows absorbing the dust particles from the carpets easily. These vacuum cleaners are designed mainly to clean the floors and carpets, unlike the other vacuum cleaners which are built for multipurpose cleaning.  These upright vacuum cleaners weigh more than 4 kgs and can be easily moved around the house with the help of the wheels present in it. The upright vacuum cleaners are available with and without bags. The suction port of the vacuum cleaner contains a minute brush-like structure that allows easy cleaning of the dust particles without any leftovers. These upright vacuum cleaners come along with filters to separate the dust particles from the air and to store them. 

Canister vacuum cleaner

While the upright vacuum cleaner is mostly built for cleaning floors and carpets the canister vacuum cleaner is built for call types of cleaning. From ceilings to floors every object in the house can be cleaned efficiently with the help of this canister vacuum cleaner. The canister vacuum cleaner contains a canister like structure that contains the motor and the bag/containers for storing the unwanted dust particles. The canister is connected to a flexible tube which in turn connects to the floor nozzle and various other types of nozzles that can be used for cleaning the entire house. The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is decent and the canister can be easily moved throughout the house with the help of the wheels. Accessories of the main part of this vacuum cleaner as they allow you to clean multiple objects. The floor nozzle can be used to clean the floors and carpets. But they also come along with special carpet cleaning noses that contain some special bristles that can scrub the dirt off the carpet. They are also available as dry vacuum cleaners and wet and dry vacuum cleaners. The wet and dry vacuum cleaners can also remove the wet stains like water poured on carpets, coffee spills from carpets easily.

Automatic vacuum cleaner

The robotic or automatic vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning both floors and carpets. These vacuum cleaners do not require any type of manual intervention. These vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning all types of carpet and the latest model vacuum cleaners come with high suction power and also produce UV light that can be used for cleaning and killing germs. These automatic vacuum cleaners can also be operated with a remote and they are designed with powerful anti-collision technology and break-proof structure. The latest model vacuum cleaners come along with suction and moping technology that can be used for both sweeping and wiping the floors. The automatic vacuum cleaners are more suitable for cleaning carpet surfaces with dust and they can move freely on both surfaces.

Stick vacuum cleaner

The stick vacuum cleaner is also a type of vacuum cleaner that is slender in size and can absorb dust particles from both carpets and floors. Though these vacuum cleaners are not as effective as the other carpet cleaners they can still be used for cleaning. Most of the stick vacuum cleaners are bagless and they have special containers for storing the waste or dust.  This dust needs to be removed or emptied regularly.  They are lightweight vacuum cleaners and weigh less than 4 kgs. They also cost less than the other vacuum cleaners. 

Important Features in a carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner

Nozzles with a brush

The dust on the carpets can be pretty tough and they can be cleaned easily when the absorption of the dust particles is accompanied by cleaning with a brush. A simple absorption of dust particles will not be enough to clean the dust embedded within the carpet. So combing through them with a brush while performing suction will be efficient and can absorb a lot of dust particles when compared to the normal nozzle.

Adjustable height

The vacuum cleaner with adjustable height will allow the users to change the height of the vacuum cleaner according to the size of the carpet. Unlike olden days there are multiple numbers of carpets available in the market with varying sizes and thickness. So using a fixed height vacuum cleaner will not be suitable especially if you have carpet with varying sizes. Also, vacuum cleaner areas are an everlasting investment and if you change your carpet in the middle then without height adjustment technique the usage of these vacuum cleaners might be a bit difficult. Sofa chasing and automatic height adjustment vacuum cleaner will make it easy for you to move the vacuum cleaner across the home on all types of flooring including high and low height carpets.

Automatic cords

 The important feature while handling a heavy vacuum cleaner is the ability to move freely without any disturbance. If the vacuum cleaner operates through power then it will be necessary to connect them to the cords. When these cords have an automatic winding technique then it will be easier to move them around without any disturbance. This automatic winding technique will also prevent the formation of knots.

Variable suction power

Most of the vacuum cleaners nowadays come with varying suction powers that can be altered accordingly. All the carpets in the carpets will not be of the same size and materials. So to clean them efficiently the power of suction should be altered according to their requirements. In the modern vacuum cleaners, these suction powers can be altered with the help of the special knob-like structure present in them.

Electric vacuum cleaners

 Using a vacuum cleaner with electric power can be more efficient and powerful when compared to the normal charged cordless vacuum cleaners. For cleaning a carpet we need as much power as possible. So purchase an electric vacuum cleaner with high suction power than a normal cordless vacuum cleaner.

Forbes Eureka Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is one of the earliest companies that introduced the concept of vacuum cleaner in India. India has been it’s the primary source of marketing and they have been improving and producing models that can support the Indian market. Eureka Forbes is well known for its cleaning product and the vacuum cleaners are constructed with high durability and suction power with increased efficiency. They manufacture all types of vacuum cleaners in varying sizes and model designs. They have service centers all over the country and they provide proper repair and house call maintenance service. The Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel 1300 watt vacuum cleaner is stylish in design and lightweight. These vacuum cleaners can be moved from one place to another with the help of smooth wheels. The vacuum cleaner uses 230 V of power with a motor power of 1300 watt that can absorb both dust and water particles from the surface. The price and the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner are economical and suitable for all types of people. 

The Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel 1300 watt vacuum cleaner comes with a dust bag that can be reused after washing and the special indicator in the cleaner is used to indicate the amount of dust in the dust bag. They have automatic cord winding technology that prevents the tangling of the cords and allows free movement. The vacuum cleaners have excellent airflow rate and they weigh 8.9 kgs. The vacuum cleaner comes along with 13 different accessories. These accessories can be used for different types of cleaning, from fragile objects to carpets and floors. This model also has a blower technology that can be used to clean the dust particles by blowing them away towards the trash can. Then it can also be used for blowing fallen leaves in your small Gardens. Some of the common accessories include, 

Soft brush

This soft brush can be used to clean the dust particles on computer keyboards and other glass objects.


The vacuum cleaner comes along with the sprayer bottle that can be fitted and using the blower technology the water can be sprayed on plants and for a car wash.

For carpets

These vacuum cleaners cones along with nozzles with a special brush that allows easy cleaning of the carpets. This canister vacuum cleaner is highly powerful and has increased suction capacity. The brush along with the suction power allows you to clean the carpet easily.

Aquabot 5.0 automatic vacuum cleaner

The Aquabot 5.0 automatic vacuum cleaner is one of the modern technology vacuum cleaners that can easily clean the floors and carpets automatically without any manual intervention. This is one of the initial set of automatic vacuum cleaners that was introduced in India. The Aquabot 5.0 vacuum cleaner can be used for both cleaning and mopping the floors at the same time. Aquabot is one of the most famous robotic company that specializes in manufacturing robotic electronic products. This Aquabot 5.0 automatic vacuum cleaner has a special water reservoir that can store the water for mopping. 

This reservoir will keep the mob wet all the time. So the front portion of the mob can be used for cleaning the house while the back portion remains dry and intact. So the front part can mop while the back part can dry the floor. They have high suction power that can be used for absorbing dust particles. The vacuum cleaner has smart AI technology that allows you to perform and control the dual suction technology. This technology allows the suction to be 25W when the dirt is normal and when there is a lot of amount dirt is large the machine automatically changes to 45W. The vacuum cleaner comes along with a special remote control that allows you to change the suction power based on the area of dirt. The machine operates on battery and when charged this battery can last up to 120 minutes.

This lithium polymer battery can cover at least 3500 sq ft in a time. The vacuum is less than 2.5 kg of weight and can cover a large area within a short span of time. This 5th gen vacuum cleaner is highly powerful and useful. This vacuum cleaning is suitable for cleaning the floor and the dust particles along with pet hairs. They are also better for mopping the unwanted dirt from the floor and carpets. These vacuum cleaners are best suited for cleaning the carpets either dry or wet. The deep dust embedded within the carpets can be easily cleaned.

Bosch Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Gas 15 1100-Watt, Blue and Black

This Bosch Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Gas 15 vacuum cleaner is best suited for cleaning the carpets. The vacuum cleaner has 1100 watts of motor that can be used to clean both wet and dry surfaces. This vacuum cleaner weighs nearly 9.5 kgs and it can be easily moved around.  This vacuum cleaner can hold up to 10 liters of dry dust and 8 liters of wet dust while cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is best suited for cleaning sawdust and other types of light to heavy dust particles that can be easily removed. This blue and black model is well known among the current population for its beautiful design and effective function. The vacuum cleaner has multi accessories like, 

Floor nozzle – The floor nozzle can clean all types of dust on the floor. This nozzle is plain without any brushes and suitable for hardwood and other normal floors. 

Crevice nozzle – This nozzle is best suited for cleaning the dust particles present in the corners of the sofa and other small spaces that will be difficult for the floor nozzle to reach. 

Extension tubes – The extension tubes can be attached to the original tube to increase the length of the tube and reach the ceilings and other deep spaces without any problems. 

Elbow connector – This connector is used for connecting the tubes in the form of a right angle. 

These accessories are accompanied by a special brush for cleaning carpets. Their high suction power can be used to clean carpets efficiently.

Black + Decker VM2825 2000-Watt Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

This Black + Decker VM2825 2000-Watt Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner has a special cyclonic effect that can separate the dust particles from the filter effectively. This vacuum cleaner has a 6 stage filter that can clean the unwanted dust particles from the air. The cleaner uses a specialized HEPA filter for proper filtration. The bagless vacuum cleaner has a transparent plastic container that can be used for storing the dust particles. The container can be used to store unwanted dust particles. These containers are easily washable and can be replaced easily without any difficulties. The vacuum comes along with an auto winding technology that can be used to don’t the cords automatically and the cords are minimum 5 meters in length. These vacuum cleaners have high suction power that can be used on carpets. They are just lightweight and easy to move around. They are available in a beautiful blue color with an attractive design. 

Power requirement – The cleaner is made up of a powerful 2000 watt motor that can clean all types of dust. The vacuum consumes 200 V electricity which is economical. 

Tube – The vacuum is made of stainless steel telescopic tube that can be moved around the house freely for cleaning. The tube, unlike other plastic tubes, is strong and none breakable. 

Special wheels – The machine can be moved around freely throughout the house with special wheels that are smooth and do not lay marks on the floor. 

The vacuum cleaner comes along with a special holder and a strap that allows you to carry the vacuum cleaner around the house without using the wheels. The user can either push it around or carry it around. These vacuum cleaners are easy to carry and can clean the carpets at the same time. Along with these vacuum cleaners, there are other models in the market that are best suited for cleaning the house. But along with model, design and size, there are other features that should be taken into account while purchasing a vacuum cleaner for the carpet. 

  • The first thing you have to consider is the budget. Maintain a proper budget and always remember to not pay a high price for a vacuum cleaner unless they are from a good brand. 
  • Make sure the suction power of these vacuum cleaners are higher and accompanied by a brush for effective cleaning of the carpets. 
  • Also, purchase a vacuum cleaner that can run on batteries or the one with an automatic winding cord. These vacuum cleaners can move freely without any interventions or disturbances. 
  • So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner make sure the brand you’re purchasing has a local service center so that it can be easily serviced from time to time. 
  • Make sure the vacuum cleaner has at least 1 to 2 years of warranty. 

Nowadays vacuum cleaners are available in both online portals and also in shops. Through the online portals, you can also purchase certain vacuum cleaners that are of the foreign brand but servicing them might be a problem. So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner analyze all the models present and choose the best one in the market.