Best Mixer Grinder Under 1500 Rs

We have researched various Mixer Grinders under 1500Rs. We have listed them with detailed analysis.

A mixer grinder is a revolutionary appliance that has brought ease in every household. You can never even imagine a house today using the conventional method for grinding and mixing things that needs a lot of manual efforts. It’s a versatile appliance that will help you to carry out your daily cooking needs. Not only for grinding, but you may also use it for making milkshakes, juices, etc. upon requirement. It will let you groom up your culinary skills easily. If you have a mixer grinder with you, the time you spend to deal with your grinding will be less. Gone the days of hardship where you spend a lot of effort on the Manual grinders mixing and rotating. You may grind cereals, coconut, nuts, etc.with this simple gadget. You may mix flours too. It has got multiple applications at an affordable price. When it comes to mixer grinders, our market is no way less in showcasing varieties. At present, there are many available at affordable prices with a variety of appealing features. Let us have a detailed review of the elements to be a must in mixer grinder when you opt for an affordable purchase.  A lot many options of mixers are present in online stores at reasonable levels of pricing.

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Baltra Promo (550 Watt) Mixer Grinder with 2 Stainless Steel Jars - Turquoise Green & White

Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars 

Singer Chefy cheffy 500 W Mixer Grinder (White, 3 Jar)

Types of Mixers and grinders

There exist mainly two types of mixers; one is stand mixers that are predominantly used in kneading dough, mixing flour, etc.This is for vast applications and is used in bakeries or cooking centers.The other type includes conventional grinders that are compact and are seen in households that are popular in the name ‘mixie.’ 

How to choose the best mixie?

Wattage and speed

The right watt will monitor the power consumption and the efficiency of the motor. For ideal kitchen use, a wattage of 500 and above are used. Always it is best to go for the one having the highest value of wattage. Another prominent factor that underlines the efficiency of a mixer grinder is the speed by which it rotates. The highest RPM will always offer better acceleration. Every mixer grinder will provide a reasonable range of speed settings. The regulator will let you control the speed according to the requirement. RPM tells the rotation that the device offers per minute when it is at its highest speed setting. However, an RPM of 1800 and above is found to be ideal for regular kitchen applications. You may use the higher speed option for grinding, and for juicing and for mixing can make use of the low to medium speeds. Usually, this price range offers a wattage of around 500 watts. 

The blade types

The types of the blade also matter the functioning of a mixer grinder. Some offer dry blades for grinding, and some offer wet blades. Some mixer grinders will have the provision of fitting both upon requirement. The leaves are often built from stainless steels of grade 302. The grades such as 302 and 304 have the least amount of carbon in it and will have long-lasting durability.

The number of jars

Always it is best to select mixer grinders that have 3 jars with it. You may make use of the jars for a variety of purposes. One for liquidizing, the other for grinding. The lids must be durable enough and should have a compact design. A rubber lid serves the purpose of giving a good grip to hold the jar. Some mixer brands have a feeder to feed the items that are to be ground.Others come with an option to change blades. Some will provide a juicer with the mixers so that if in need, you may use it to prepare milkshakes or to make juice. The selected range will offer three jars with no juicers usually. A mixer grinder with a safety lock will keep away the hustle in holding the jar while it carries out mixing or grinding. The chosen price range though doesn’t have the lock function but will usually have tight lids that are rubber lined.

Brand and warranty

People are more brand obsessed when it comes to the selection of mixer grinder. It is always the best to go for grinders of good brands rather than trying your luck on a local product that will later cost you much. Every popular brand offers good quality mixer grinders and vary in their design and features. There are even offers concerning some peculiar brands that can be accessed online. While you talk on warranty, every mixer grinder offers a warranty of almost two years. For mishandling and physical damages, however, warranty is not applicable. The other internal troubles arise due to the design issues .These will be rectified, and there are even chances to replace the item.

Additional features

Some additional features are also available for some specific brands in a particular price range. For most of people , mixer’s noise while grinding can be quite disappointing. There are novel mixer grinders in the market that offers silent functioning without creating any unpleasant sound. Such mixers are useful when it comes to homes with older adults, pets or children for the noise from the mixer grinder can create trouble for them. However, such additional features are not available for a price range of Rs .1500 and below 

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