Study Room

Study Room

study room sampleAn excellent study room is a must. It depends a lot on the age of the person whose study room it is. It needs to have a kid vibe if it is for a kid; a college student needs different things. A full adult study is needed for an adult who needs to study. These are three different categories.


We have to start with the main thing. A study room is not a study room without a table. You may have a proper desk, with a chair attached. We mean an appropriate table of the study. The next thing you may do is have a table that is attached to the wall and has the proper length. This will give you more study space.

We do suggest having a proper study table which is meant for studying.

If you’re saving space, there are foldable study tables available in the market. When using, you can set them in a particular setting. The disadvantage, however, is that you will have to empty it every time you fold it back and will have to set everything again when you need to use it.

Tables should have drawers or cabinets. In short, there should be some immediate storage in your study table where you can keep necessary things like pens, pencils and other stationery which will be needed while studying.

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People prefer printers, along with their study table. Do not mess up the tabletop space, rather have a smaller, different table explicitly attached for the printer so that your study table can have a neat and clean look.

People also need laptops, especially. Even kids these days require laptops for homework. You may have a computer on your desk, but it will be useful to have a drawer you can hide your laptop in there as it serves as a form of distraction too.

For better posture, people keep laptop stands on their tables. You can have them. You can prefer a standard stand or one with cooling features. These days laptop stands come with fans to offer to cool.

You could go for a Whiteboard attached to the wall; glass walls are suitable whiteboard substitutes, they double up as walls as well as a classy whiteboard.

A Bottle holder can come in handy. When you are about to concentrate and study, all things come to your mind; you will feel thirsty and even hungry when you have to study. So it is sensible to have a bottle holder along. You may hang it to one side of the table, or keep it on the table.

Another sensible thing is to keep snacks handy when about to study. So keep a designated place for snacks too.

It will be useful to have some fragrance devices in your study room so that you can keep feeling fresh.

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You should have a proper perpendicular seat which keeps your posture straight. You may keep a chair with wheels for good access to the room.

You should have more seats just in case. You could keep their style different from the main study chair. You could keep huge chairs – sofas or just stools for temporary seating.

Or one more thing you could experiment with has your cosy corner where you can have your favourite book in one hand and coffee or wine in the other sitting along with the window.

You could have floor seating; being close to the ground is also useful when you are tired of sitting on the study table. You could spread some layers of mats and sheets with a few cushions. Or you could cover a proper mattress with a few pillows.

If you have a window, you’re in luck. You could get a simple DIY space along with the window. The DIY will be less stable. It will be a lot better if you get it installed. A small bed type seat with the window. It can be the perfect cosy space. You could attach a small table along to keep immediate supplies too.

You could choose to have bean bags too. They are fun and straightforward, along with being comfortable. Follow the following link for our recommendations on how to select your seating.


It will be useful to have fresh light and wind in your room. Of course, these factors depend on the weather outside, but there should be proper ventilation and natural glow in a study room. Follow our blog’s link for more info.

Ground texture

You can do whatever you want. You may have tiles or even wooden flooring. Follow the following link for more info.


Do you want carpets at all? Do you want a rug? what shape or size or colour or texture? Should there be a rug or carpet under your study table? Follow the following link for more info.

Book shelves

There are simple bookshelves you could go with having a classic wooden symmetrical bookshelf. Or you could go crazy with the design and style. With various shapes, colours and sizes. You could give your books a hip home. The decision of having a bookshelf depends on how many do you own and if you want to display them at all. If you do not wish to display, you could buy a cupboard and stack them neatly there. Follow the following link for more info.

Supply closet

This doesn’t make sense if you have limited supplies. However, if you have a lot to keep that will not fit into your study table, then it is sensible to have one closet which will contain all your stationery.

It is good to have everything arranged in an order. All the pens and pencils together, all colours in one space, all notebooks and books in one area, and all the folders in one.  Follow the following link for more info.


These were our ways of telling you how you may decorate your study room.