Best Concealed Cistern In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Concealed cisterns are currently trending in the market nowadays. It is necessary to understand their features before purchasing them. There are multiple models and features available in the market, and before choosing them, you can read the passage below to understand them in detail.

A cistern is usually a technology used in the modern western toilet to provide water for flushing. When you press on the flash, this system will automatically allow the water to flow through the pipe and perform their job. Without a proper system, it is impossible to operate on the western toilet. Nowadays, even the Indian style toilet has a concealed cistern that is continuously used for cleaning the toilets. So without the help of a cistern, you can’t maintain a clean and efficient toilet. Initially, before a decade, their constant usage of open cisterns. But nowadays, people prefer using the concealed assistance present either within the wall behind the toilet or within a furniture system. This model is way better than the open model because it allows you to save a lot of space and makes the bathroom look more stylish and clean. There are a variety of models available in the market in varying sizes and shapes. Depending upon your structure, you have to choose a suitable cistern. But before selecting a suitable cistern, you have to make individual decisions and let us now read about them to understand them better. Before selecting a cistern, you have to choose one among the four types of common models available in the market. These models should be established even before constructing the college because proper spacing should be provided according to the design and structure. It’s not just the spacing, but the piping should also be proper. There are four types of Water closet available in the market. 

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Grohe Slim 80 MM Thick Concealed Flush Tank Cistern with Flush Plate

Belmonte Slim 80mm Thick Dual Flush Concealed Cistern/Flush Tank 

CERA Chevron Concealed Tank with KNOB Fitting Dual Flush Tank

Back to wall toilet models

In this particular back to wall toilet model, the entire toilet is mounted on the wall or placed near the wall. The pipe connection will be given to the system that is placed within the wall. These back to wall toilet models can be stylish and also completely functional. These models should need proper spacing within the wall to allow the placement of the cisterns. This model will enable you to enjoy a neat environment and decent placement of the system within the wall. Using a button model will allow you to save a lot of water, and they usually come in two-button systems. There are also flush model outlets present in the back to wall toilet system with a closed cistern if you are interested. While purchasing this model, make sure that the model has a good warranty period, and they should also last forever. Also, make a proper provision for fixing the cistern inside and having the ability to access them when required. If you are using furniture to hide the cistern, then it will be more comfortable. But in the case of walls, make sure that you have a proper technique. 

Close-coupled toilet model

This is the model where the cistern is placed outside near the toilet. The cistern can be fitted in furniture, but it is impossible to use them on a wall. This particular design also comes along with two different buttons for preserving water. This model has a cistern available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are large, small, thin, and wide. Depending upon their location, they can be placed in the furniture or fixed to the wall neatly with proper spacing. They provide proper back support and are more useful for large bathrooms. These close-coupled toilet types are present in the traditional model and also in modern design. So you can choose according to the requirement. You will have a perfect contemporary look in the bathroom if required. So depending upon your decor, you decide whether you want a modern design or traditional design. 

Water-saving toilets model

This particular water-saving toilets technique was initially introduced to preserve water and become an eco-friendly environment. If you live in an area with a low water allowance, you can go for this model, which allows you to use low and high water depending upon the requirement. It consists of two different button systems that allow you to choose the choices accordingly. This particular design is available in both fit in-wall type and the outside fitting type. So depending upon your requirement, you can make a final choice and fit them accordingly. On one end, they allow 6- 8 liters of water, while on the other end, they allow only half the water level to flow. They are mainly used in homes and public toilets for water preservation. 

Low-level toilet model

The low-level toilets are more suitable for both the traditional and modern toilet system. In this technique, the systems are made up of high-quality PVC material placed on the lower level, and they are connected to the pan using a special flush pipe. It allows you to use as much water as possible. And they are placed at the bottom rather than on the top. They are more suitable for regular usage. When the system is fitted within the wall, it will be impossible for you to gain access during the required situations. So try to set up a separate panel for access when required. Once they are fitted in the wall, they should last forever. They are suitable for both traditional and modern designs. When you are purchasing the concealed cistern, make sure that the lever is made up of high-quality steel so that they won’t break in the middle, especially in the interior part. 

Location and spacing

Using a concealed cistern is a good option if you have left proper spacing in the wall. Without adequate location and space availability, it is impossible to use such a concealed cistern system. So if you are currently constructing a house, leave proper space so that it would be easier for you to place the system inside while fixing the toilet. Otherwise, provide adequate space within the bathroom so that you can construct furniture to conceal the entire system. If you are using a partition technique for placing the cistern, you must check the partition’s height and depth with the sizes available in the market so that you can make a choice. This type of system is suitable only for wall hanging toilets, and they can be connected only to the nearest toilets. So make a wise choice before choosing the cistern and also while making a construction. 


The valves are responsible for maintaining the water flow in detail. They are responsible for restricting the flow to a certain level so that you will be able to have a proper water release. Normally there are two types of valve systems in the market, called the cable system, and the other one is the pneumatic system. The cable system is well known for producing continuous water supply without any restriction. And the pneumatic valve system can function normally, producing a certain amount of water for every flush. These pneumatic valves are mainly used for conserving water, and they are also powerful. These valves can last forever without affecting the quality of the cistern. This model will prevent you from opening the valves consistently for replacements. 


This model is an important part of the concealed cistern system. When you are trying to flush the water naturally, the cistern opens up, allowing the water to flow through them. But in certain cases like the pneumatic valve cistern, the water allowed is only up to a certain extent. These pneumatic valves are usually accompanied by two special buttons that allow you to preserve water according to your wish. While one button can allow nearly 6 liters of water, the next button will allow only 3 liters of water.  So this will permit you to have a choice which is not available in the standard flush system.Similarly, when you fix this particular pneumatic button type panel on the wall, it will also provide you a proper space for easy access on the cistern when required. When there is an issue in the cistern, which is quite rare for a pneumatic valve system, you can easily remove the button panel and make the required changes. This model is not possible in a cable cistern system with the flush model. They will consume a lot of water but are suitable for heavy flushing without any intervention. 


The next important quality that you should consider in this particular design model is the substance’s material. The cistern is mostly made up of high-quality plastic, and they can withstand extreme temperatures without withering away, which is common in certain plastics. The internal pipe fittings are mostly made up of PVC material. Purchasing from a well-branded company will ensure that all the quality is especially within and outside the systems, are perfect without any issue in the future. But sometimes, a low-quality system will result in Constant failure, and if you do not have proper access, you will have the requirement to break the wall every single time. 


The budget is an important feature when you are purchasing a close system model because they are available in various sizes and shapes. So before making a final choice choosing a particular budget will prevent you from losing a lot of money. Also, most of the time, you will choose the cistern before the house’s construction is complete. So spending money based upon the budget will allow you to balance the rest of the requirements perfectly. The decor is an important part, and hence the budget will help you decide on the decor not just on the system but the entire bathroom set. 

Colour and Decor

The color and decor of the system should be selected according to the decor of the house. Most people prefer selecting the decor after the construction of the house, but since you are going to choose the system before that, always choose a neutral color like white or black with either a modern or traditional look. This model will allow you to maintain neutrality even when there is a change in decor in the future. The designs should also be chosen similarly since there are a variety of choices available. So when you are trying to make the right choice, you need to consider the best option with all the features. 


When it comes to brands, there are only specific designs that you should keep in mind. The option present in the outer market are wider. But purchasing from a well-known brand will ensure that the product’s quality is good and that they will last forever.  So choose a model that belongs to a well-known brand like hindware. Some people think that choosing a cistern is a plumber’s work. But in reality, you have to understand their functioning in detail so that you can make a wise choice and follow up on it in the future if there is an issue. Searching for that particular plumber who was there during the construction might be a hectic task. Hence make all the choices in the construction and decoration by yourself rather than trusting others. All the above features should be taken into account while purchasing a closed cistern toilet. Along with these features, you should also consider your wish for a perfect combination. Most of the market designs are available on websites like Amazon that allow you to choose a better option. 

Grohe Slim 80 MM Thick Concealed Flush Tank Cistern with Flush Plate

Grohe is a company that is well known for producing luxury bathroom taps, showerheads, and a variety of other items related to plumbing and fixing. Most of their products are made up of high-quality material that avoids corrosion and can last for a lifetime without requiring any replacement. One of the major problems people face with bathroom accessories is that date fails over time, and hence replacement will be required, which is not the case in the product produced by this company. The company has a separate innovative team involved in creating products that are suitable for perfect decor and have advanced technology embedded within them. The company is also well known for producing and one of their most famous designs include Grohe Slim 80 MM Thick Concealed Flush Tank Cistern with Flush Plate. 

Concealed cisterns are essential for a perfect finish to the toilet. This product can hold at least 6-9 liters of water, and they use a specified pneumatic discharge valve that offers three different modes of operation. With the help of this, you can preserve water to a greater extent, and hence depending upon the usage, you can make a wise choice. They provide a low amount of noise, and hence most people prefer this wall embedded design that can be perfect for a wall-mounted toilet. This particular design comes with various features, and it is necessary to understand them before making a final choice. 

Flush technique – this particular flush system uses a special valve that allows three modes of operation to produce a dual flush, stop and start a flush, and finally provide a single flush water flow. The maximum capacity of this particular flush system is 6 to 9 liters of water. The water supply should be provided to the product from the top portion, and they provide less noise, making it a silent process. It also contains a special button system that can be pressed for effective operation. Now you can correctly work out an economic system in your bathroom to preserve a lot of water. 

This particular flush system is made up of a high quality half-inches angle valve that is half inches short and used for providing a proper fix on both the ends. This particular product offers a perfect ecosystem within your bathroom, and they come with a good warranty. Hence if there is an issue, you can serve them efficiently. The best option is to leave a proper space while fixing the button tile so that you can serve them efficiently just by removing the plate and working on them. They can be purchased from the Amazon website and also from the shops according to your wish.

Belmonte Slim 80mm Thick Dual Flush Concealed Cistern/Flush Tank with Push Flush Plate for Wall Mounted Commode/EWC

Belmonte is a company that is well known in the market for its high-quality sanitaryware product. The company has been well known in the market for its high-quality designs and elegance. If you are looking for a product with both technology and quality, this particular company is the best option. It’s not just the product, but they are also technologically innovative, making it easier to use. One of their famous products that were released recently is the Belmonte Slim 80mm Thick Dual Flush Concealed Cistern/Flush Tank with Push Flush Plate for Wall Mounted Commode/EWC. Most people nowadays who are into attaching up a different flush system for their bathroom can use this particular product. 

This product is made up of high-quality plastic embedded within the wall and used for connecting it with the flush. They are mainly used for bathrooms within the home and also for other areas like the public restrooms. The entire product’s weight is less than 5 kgs, and hence they can be easily lifted and mounted on the wall. They are not fitted within the furniture and suitable for all types of bathrooms. 

Flush systems – This particular design has a unique design made up of an 80mm thick cistern flush system to provide a continuous flow of water. It uses a specialized button system that allows easy flow of water and comes in two different modes. One mode can allow more flow of water while the next mode allows a low flow of water. These flush systems are the best options available in the market, and they allow free flow of water. They are made up of high-quality PVC plastic that can last forever without getting disturbed. When you are fixing the panel, make sure that they are parallel to the cistern so that if there is any error, they can be easily altered by just removing the panel. Placing them in the other areas might result in the breakage of the tiles. 

This particular product is available in a beautiful white color, and they are the perfect decor for your bathroom. These models are available for purchase from the Amazon website, and you can also purchase them from the shops. 

CERA Chevron Concealed Tank with KNOB Fitting Dual Flush Tank & Flush Plate Frame(White 8 L)

Cera group of companies is well known for manufacturing high-quality sanitarywares combined with other bathroom and home appliances. They are well known for manufacturing and designing high-quality washbasin, pipes, toilets, and cisterns. They have a separate technological team for creating these designs that people love all over the world. The company has also been producing a wide range of high-quality products like concealed cisterns. These cisterns are of high-quality, and they can be used continuously in home constructions because they will last forever without the need to alter them in the middle. Their recent product is the CERA Chevron Concealed Tank with KNOB Fitting Dual Flush Tank & Flush Plate Frame(White 8 L) 

One common problem faced by people worldwide who are constructing their houses is the necessity to remodel them in the middle because of the issues that constantly arise in the plumbing and the electrical region. So when you are purchasing a product for internal piping, they should be high-quality. It is necessary to have an adequately concealed cistern that can last for many years during such situations. One such plumbing system is the product, as mentioned above, that is available in a beautiful white color. 

Quality – This particular product is made up of high-quality white color that can be used for embedding within the wall. This particular system can hold at least 8 Liter of water, and they are operated by using a unique dual button system. The dual button system can allow two types of flow. The heavy and slow flow is suitable for all types of economical usage. It can control at least 8 liters of water. The button flush is made up of high-quality steel material that allows you to prevent corrosion and damage in the future. The buttons are easy to operate and can be used for proper operation. 

This product can be easily lifted and mounted on the wall, and it can be purchased from an online website like Amazon. This product can be used for a long time, and they come with a good warranty. All these products can be purchased easily for your toilets in the future.