Best Shower Head In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The usage of showerheads are increasing day by day. So if you are thinking about installing a showerhead, then there are particular features you need to consider. The passage given below explains in detail the products and their services.

Purchasing a shower head has become a standard requirement these days because it is less work and provides a complete bathing feeling at the end. Using a showerhead is also economical and saves a lot of time and energy. When you purchase a showerhead for your bathrooms, and there are a variety of options available. You will be continuously exposed to models like hand showers, Wall-mounted showers, and other different options, including various sizes and shapes. So before finalising your selection you can read the passage below to easily understand how to quickly purchase a suitable shower head from the shop or online portal like the Amazon. This information will allow you to understand the functions before the purchase.

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Kohler - 75567IN-CP Enlighten 5-Spray Multifunction 5-inch Overhead Shower

ALTON Rainluxe 20520 ABS Over Head Shower, Chrome Finish

Gesto Ultra Slim SquareHigh Grade Stainless Steel Shower Over Head Showers

What is Showerhead?

The showerhead concept did not exist before a few years, and recently people have been continuously using this particular feature in their bathrooms for enjoying a relaxed bathing experience. If you are looking ahead, you have to understand three different models available in the market. Understanding them will allow you to make the right decision in the end. 

Adjustable shower head – this type of adjustable showerhead allows you to enjoy certain features and modes. With the help of the button on the showerhead, you will be able to understand and alter the spray options according to your wish. It also can adjust the water pressure amount. You can also change the shower direction by manually rotating the showerhead front or back; or in the left or right direction. Sometimes this model is combined with the Other modes, which allow you to enjoy a pressure-based massage experience. 

Rainshower head – this particular showerhead has a wide area typically with multiple pores so that the water flowing through them will provide rain like effect at the end. This particular model is preferred by most people because they are comforting and soothing for the skin. This model is usually installed in most high-profile hotels to provide a unique experience at the end. The water flowing is uniform, and they cover a large area. 

Hand shower head – All the other two models mentioned above come along the wall-mounted showerhead. This particular shower is based upon the concept of holding them in the hand while washing your body. They are also similar to the mountain wall shower heads in terms of function, but they are much closer and allow you to have a proper bath if you are not satisfied with the Wall mounting Technology. 

Low flow showerhead – this design was specifically created to save a lot of water and enjoy the shower. They come along with various options that help you preserve the water, especially in terms of spraying. Some of the most common features include rainfall and other options that save water and provide a good experience. 

Fixed shower head – This is nothing, but the wall-mounted technology-based shower is affixed to a pipe or a faucet hole attached to the wall. This technology allows you to shower from a single place, and you cannot move around in the washroom. But with the hand-held shower model, you will have the ability to move freely. 

ual shower heads – This particular showerhead can be fixed on a wall, and they can also be used as a hand-held model. Most people prefer this technique because they are flexible, and the mode is chosen depending upon your preference. So the final choice for the shower will be based upon your requirement. 

All the models, as mentioned earlier, are constantly available in the market. So before going for a purchase, you have to make a Final Decision on the type of showerhead you need so that you can have a restricted and quick search. This will allow you to make a clear choice without having any input from the shopkeeper. 


The next important thing you have to check for while purchasing a showerhead is its mode. For example, certain showerheads can provide two or three modes like rainfall mode, massage mode, and normal mode. But some of the models can produce only one feature. So you have to understand the number of modes present in the market before making a final choice. 

Rain mode – This particular spray pattern is the most preferred one as they provide perfect rain like experience by allowing the water to pass through the pores with low pressure. 

Massage mode- this particular spray pattern provides the water under high pressure to have a soothing massage-like experience. They are mainly used for relieving body pain and for providing perfect relaxation at the end. 

Full pattern mode – Here, you can choose multiple pressure options so that all the showerhead force is utilized to provide a unique experience. 

Jet mode – The water spray is more concentrated, and they offer more pressure in these modes. This model is suitable for having a relaxing experience combined with receiving pain. 

Pause mode – The water spray pattern is available in both On/Off patterns with a medium-sized pressure. They are mainly used for proper operations, especially for saving water. 

Installation type

The mode of installation is more critical when it comes to showers. If you are using a wall-mounted technology, the first thing that you need to do is have a proper pipe connection on the top area. This will allow a free flow of water without any interruption. Most of the shower heads present in the market are made up of high-quality materials that will enable easy DIY installation. So before purchasing a showerhead, decide whether you want a wall-mounted or hand-held technology-based installation. Then you can choose a perfect model according to your wish. 

Outer material

In showers, the metal where the water flows through is continuously exposed to water, both hot and cold. When exposed, the metal should have the ability to remain intact without getting affected by the rusting. Using a showerhead made up of steel and other non-rusting metals will be a better option. So when you choose a showerhead, the metal used should be made up of high-quality metal that can last forever without rusting over time. The material of the shower should also have the ability to withstand hard and soft water. 


The number of pores within the shower is directly proportional to the water flow. So if there is an increased amount of water flow, the shower pores will be higher and vice versa. One of the main reasons people choose a bath in the shower is because they cover the entire body and make the process much more comfortable. So having a shower head with more pores is the best option available in the market. Along with this feature, you should also take care of the pore size. The size should be perfect for allowing a proper set of water within the pore. When you choose a shower head, make sure that the pore is of decent size. When you select a model for experiencing rain flow and massages, the pore size should be decent. 


When you are using a wall-mounted technology-based shower, there might be some adjustments required according to your standing area and height. In order to make it efficient, the showerhead should have the ability to be tilted according to your wish. Most showerheads come along with this technology that allows easy tilting. They also come along with the ability to reduce and increase the water flow according to your wish. These changes can be easily made by using a simple knob in the shower. 


Before selecting the type of shower, there are specific requirements that you need to understand in detail. The first most important thing is the requirement of the pipeline. For most wall mounting showers, it is necessary to have perfect police on the top of the wall. Without the help of this pipeline, it is impossible to mount a showerhead and provide proper connections. So if you are building a home, make sure to give an appropriate line of connection for the shower. If you live in a pre-constructed house, then the best option is to go for a hand-held shower to make the connections even though some tap pipes. So depending upon the requirement, the choice of connection may vary. 


The shower you are using might need constant cleaning. The pores present in the shower might need constant cleaning to clean the salts present in the pore. Most of the time, using a stainless steel shower will make your cleaning process easier. Using a plastic shower will reduce the option for cleaning, and hence only certain techniques can be followed. So always choose stainless steel that will be easier for your cleaning. Though they weigh more and cost more than the plastic model, they are more preferred because of the quality. Most of the shower models present in the market are of high quality, and so before choosing the design, restrict your selections using the brand and price. The brand is an important concept that needs to be considered for a good warranty and assurance about the quality. Whether you’re purchasing a single shower or multiple showers, the budget should be fixed so that you can choose a suitable model. Given below are some models that are commonly preferred by most people. These models can be purchased from both online and offline shops. If you’re searching for a suitable wall mount model, then one of them will be a perfect match. You can choose one of them or select from the other options present in the market using these features as a guideline. 

Kohler - 75567IN-CP Enlighten 5-Spray Multifunction 5-inch Overhead Shower

Kohler’s group of companies has existed for a long time. Based in the USA, this particular company is well known for manufacturing high-quality bathroom accessories, including toilets and sinks. The company has created a huge name for itself in the industry. It has been trying to create designs that are preferred by people all over the world. The company has been manufacturing products with different designs and structures. Their products are well known for their quality and technology that has been embedded within them. Most modern designers and Architects nowadays prefer using these products to make the bathroom look beautiful and easy on the eyes. One of their products that has gained a huge name in the market is the shower head that most people prefer nowadays. When it comes to showerheads, there are multiple models available, and one such model is the Kohler – 75567IN-CP Enlighten 5-Spray Multifunction 5-inch Overhead Shower with Advanced Spray Engine and Easy-to-clean MasterClean Sprayface (Wall-mount). 

Most people nowadays prefer using showerheads instead of standard Pipe and buckets because they are time-consuming. If you are one such person, you understand the requirements for an extremely good shower head that will make you feel relaxed. While normal shower heads are good for a standard bath, having massage based showerheads are good for a long day of physical activity. As mentioned earlier, the product comes along with these features that can be used for a relaxing time in the bathroom. 

This showerhead is preferred by most people, not just because of their brand but also because of the design. The design comes along with a variety of features. 

Easy maintenance – These shower heads can be mounted on the wall through a simple screwing technique and connected easily to the pipeline. They can be easily washed, and pores can be easily cleaned using normal wash liquids and acids. The showerheads can be easily altered according to your wish using a simple plumbing technique, and they are not much technical. 

Modes – This particular showerhead comes with a special feature of Mod that allows you to enjoy both gentle and massage showers according to your wish. All you have to do is turn the knob present in the showerhead, and you will have the ability to easily change the mode. The shower direction can also be changed since they are flexible at the end, and the position is the best option available. The massage mode is assisted by a unique massage engine that helps you relieve body pains through proper massage. 

These showerheads are easy to operate, and most people prefer having them in their bathrooms because of their low price and good warranty. They are made up of high-quality stainless steel, and they do not rust with time. This particular showerhead is available for purchase on Amazon, and they can be easily purchased from the shops also. 

ALTON Rainluxe 20520 ABS Over Head Shower, Chrome Finish

The Alton group of companies from the UK is one of the most famous companies globally that has been well known for its bathroom products, including sanitary wares, pipes, and showerheads. Most of their products are made up of high-quality materials that can withstand multiple temperatures and exist for a long time without rusting. The company has a separate technological team for creating such designs that are innovative and technologically advanced. Recently the company has also been producing showerheads because of its popularity and increased usage. One such product is the ALTON Rainluxe 20520 ABS Over Head Shower, Chrome Finish.

When you are purchasing the showerhead, there are certain features that you will typically look at. This shower head-head is designed to meet your expectations, including the material quality and technologically innovative design. This product is well-known among the people because of its design and wide area that produces perfect rain like effect when you are trying to take a bath. The showerhead can be mounted on the wall and be used as a perfect source for a leisure bath. This particular showerhead can be easily cleaned using normal cleaning solutions, including acids. They come along with a set of features that has attracted a considerable mass. 

Wide area – The other showerheads present in the market have less amount of pores compared to this design. The design has a wide area, and hence the pores are also large. These pores can slow down the water pressure to a greater extent so that the water that falls will be like rain. So now you can have an excellent bathing experience with good quality water. 

Quality – this particular shower head is made up of high-quality Stainless Steel material that does not corrode over time despite the type of water passing through them. If you are using hard water, then it is necessary to clean the showerhead now and then in a soap solution to remove the unwanted salts deposited on them. The shower quality is good, and hence most people prefer them since they can be used for a long time without requiring changing them. 

The process of cleaning this particular design is much easier, and it can be adjusted at various levels according to your requirement. The flow of water will be the same, and it cannot be adjusted, but the head’s position can be. Come along with an easy Wall mounting Technology and available for sale on Amazon. You can also purchase them from the local stores since they are available in abundance because of their popularity. The warranty on the product is good, and the prices are reasonable. 

Gesto Ultra Slim SquareHigh Grade Stainless Steel Shower Over Head Showers (8 INCH Showers, Without ARM Showers)

Goes to is a brand that has been existing in the bathroom wares area for the past decade. The company has been well known for producing various showerheads, including wall mounting and hand-based Technologies. This particular company has a variety of designs with features that have attracted a lot of customers. They use high-quality materials for manufacturing products that can last forever with a good warranty. The company has also been producing a wide range of soft and technologically innovative showerheads to provide a good experience. One such product from their side is the Gesto Ultra Slim SquareHigh Grade Stainless Steel Shower Over Head Showers (8 INCH Showers, Without ARM Showers)

The wall-mounted showers have been gaining more popularity nowadays because of the comfort they provide. If you are looking for a good shower experience every day, then the best option is to choose this particular model because it has a broad square head filled with pores. This specific shower is suitable for a good bathing experience. The water is preserved to a certain extent but not much compared to the other designs present in the market. This particular device is also preferred for its wide range of advantages and let us now read below to understand them in detail. 

Showerhead – The main showerhead is designed in such a way to make it look elegant and functional. They have opted for an ultraslim model with a wide area to allow a lot of pores and water flow. The showerhead provides a perfect rainy effect for your bath, and now you can experience a complete shower within a period. They are made up of high-quality stainless steel metal tilted in all directions to provide a perfect shower. The pores and the entire design is made using high-quality laser technology for precision and quality. The pores are easy to clean, and the entire shower head is easy to maintain. This particular product is available on websites like Amazon for a low price, and you can enjoy a reasonable warranty period. 

This product is suitable for continuous usage, and it can last for a lifetime. It also has a precise stainless steel technology-based filter that can be used constantly for reducing unwanted dust particles. This product is suitable for all age types, and it can be used continuously, even for hard water, with constant cleaning.