Best Water Heater Brands In India

Are you looking forward to starting your day with a hot shower but then you do not have a heater which would give you surplus hot water in less time? Well, then you should definitely consider buying a heater which heats up quickly and stays hot for a long time. The following are the Best 5 water heater brands in India.

Have you ever come across a day, where you decide to take a long shower on a weekend and you get everything ready for it, half way through your shower the water turns cold? That’s the worst thing that could ever happen. I mean you have to wait for another 20 mins to get the hot water again. I have gone through such a tough time and that’s when I decided to get the best water heater ever for a substantial long shower. 

Been on your feet all day long and all you need is a hot shower or to soak your feet in hot water to feel rejuvenated, imagine waiting for the water heater to get the water all heated up taking a hell lot of time, to save your time and power the following are the list of Best 5 water heater brands you should know or consider buying.

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Crompton Heaters

AO Smith Geyser

Racold Geyser
V Guard Water Heater
Havells Heaters

Bottomline Introduction

Water heaters are very essential in our day to day lives. No matter if it’s winter or summer, we need hot water to relieve muscle spasms, aches and need it for dishwashing. When it plays a vital role in our lives, it is important we buy the best water heater for our needs than settling down for something less. Let’s see in detail an overview of each water heater and it’s uses. 

Best 5 Water heater brands in India

We heard you are looking for water heaters and we came to your rescue, to help you out with the best 5 water heaters to choose from after an extensive study and research of each of these. Let’s see in detail what those are. 

About CG power and industrial solutions limited :

Crompton Greaves was founded in 1878, yet it was established in the 1960s. Ever since, CG power has provided a number of electrical appliances including fans, geysers, water pumps, lights etc., They’ve been manufacturing trusted appliances for centuries and one such thing is water heaters. 

Technical details :

Note :  The features for small capacity and large capacity tank water heaters for the mentioned brands are more or less similar when it comes to corrosion resistance, inner coating and thermal cut out besides warranty. Any other differences are mentioned separately. 

Heating element : Powerful copper is used to heat water super fast. 

Thermal cut out : It has a pre set thermal cut out and hence saves the electricity. 

Inner coating of tank : It has a metallic body(stainless steel) to protect it from rusting. 

Warranty for large tank heaters (10-25L): 7 years warranty on inner tank 2 years comprehensive.

Warranty for small capacity heaters (3-5L):  2 years on product from the date of purchase.

Non technical features :

  • What do we look for in a water heater? Efficiency, power, hot water for a prolonged time, quick heating and safety use. A CG heater provides all of it under one roof. 
  • When it comes to capacity of 25L, 7-8 people can take a bath and use it for a half hour long dishwasher too. 
  • Whereas for an instant heater with 3L capacity, it’s perfect for a family of 4-5 members.

About A.O. Smith corporation :

A.O. Smith was founded in 1874, an American company founded by C.J. Smith. Although, their first manufacturing was a vehicle frame made of steel for car companies. 

It is only in the 1960s they started manufacturing boilers and heaters for public and commercial uses. Since then, they have actively manufactured pump tanks, boilers, solar tanks and storage tanks.

Technical details :

Heating element : The heating element is Glass coated which keeps the water warm for a long time. 

Thermal cut out : They have an adjustable heating knob along with thermal cut out. 

Inner coating of tank : Heavy gauge alloy steel tanks. Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology which provides solid corrosion resistance. 

Warranty for both large tank heaters (10-25L) & small tank heaters (3-6L) : 7 years warranty on inner tank 2 years comprehensive warranty. 

2+1* years extended warranty on glass coated heating element.

Non technical features :

  • This is a water heater brand which manufactures boilers and heaters for commercial purposes, they know what their product should deliver and it just does it perfectly. 
  • The A.O. Smith heaters provide super heating compared to other brands especially the instant heater which takes only a few minutes to heat up and is ideal for 3-4 people at one stretch. 

About Ariston Thermo (Racold) group:

 Ariston thermo group was founded in 1930, an Italian company founded by Francesco Merloni. Basically Ariston wanted to establish a manufacturing plant in India, so they acquired India’s famous heater company Racold, ever since then they have been manufacturing thermal products. Since then, they’ve been manufacturing solar thermal integrations, wall mount heaters, boilers and conventional water heaters. 

Technical details :

Heating element : Special Titanium enamelled heating element of this storage geyser gives better protection. 

Thermal cut out : Smart Bath Logic function allows you to customize your needs by adjusting the regulator to your preferred temperature. 

Inner coating of tank : Super Polymer Eterno has a unique polymer protective coating technology for the inner container for corrosion resistance. 

Warranty ranging from small to large tank heaters : 2 years comprehensive warranty.

Non technical features :

  • The Smart bath logic which is inbuilt in large tank heaters enables quick heating with less energy consumption and it could save upto 40% of electricity.
  • For a typical tank with 15L capacity, it takes just 10 minutes to get all heated up, ideal for 3-4 people for bathing and dishwashing.
  • A small instant heater, although is 1-5L, but the rate at which it gets heated up in a couple of minutes, it can go the extra mile for extra guests without a doubt.

V – guard was founded by Kochouseph Chittilappilly in 1977 in Kerala,India. The V guard company is the best stabilizer brand started out as a Voltage stabilizers. It’s a brand which needs no advertising, it’s popular for its products such as UPS, solar water heaters, stabilizers, electrical fans, cables, motors and pumps.

Technical details :

Heating element : Incoloy 840 heating element is used for anti-corrosive property making it last long.

Thermal cut out : Temperature control knob installed on the front panel to help you regulate water temperature according to your convenience. Thermal cut off and thermostat used. 

Inner coating of tank of large (10-25L) heaters : The inner tank is made of high quality steel with Glass lined Anti- Corrosive coating for durability and outer body has been made of high-quality mild steel. 

Inner coating of tank of 1-5 L tank heaters : The inner tank is made of 304 grade high quality stainless steel and long lasting outer body made of rust proof ABS material. 

Warranty for large capacity heaters (10-25L): 2 years comprehensive warranty.  

Warranty for small capacity heaters (1-5L): 5 Years inner tank warranty & 2 year product warranty. 

Non technical features :

  • The V guard brand has been in India for decades. The credibility and safety this brand has given to its customers is absolutely unsurpassed. You want to buy an Indian brand water heater, you could go for this one. 
  • The main goal of V guard water heaters is to provide maximum efficiency nevertheless if it’s a small or large capacity water heater. The largest capacity, a 25L heater, keeps the water hot for a long time and is ideal for 7-8 people. 
  • The small tank heaters (1-5L) provide quick and efficient heating in minutes, they are ideal for kitchen dishwashing and other small household purposes needing hot water.

About Havells India limited :

Havells, yet another Indian electrical company which was founded by Qimat Rai Gupta in 1958 with its headquarters based out of Noida. The company produces a variety of products ranging from capacitors to Air purifier and water heaters. Other products include Water pumps, Air coolers, Ceiling fans, LED bulbs and other domestic appliances. Havells is a well established brand which has increased its revenue and Net worth over the decades.

Technical details :

Heating element : Incoloy heating element has excellent resistance to both oxidation and carbonization at high temperature. 

Thermal cut out : The water tubes are fitted with Whirl Flow Technology. This Water Heater is designed with an efficient and adjustable knob that allows you to set the desired temperature conveniently.  

Inner coating of tank : Inner tank made of extra thick superior cold rolled steel and Feroglas technology with single weld line design. 

Warranty ranging from small to large tank heaters : 5 year warranty on inner container ; 2 year comprehensive warranty.

Non technical features :

  • Havells manufactures cables, wirings and other electrical products which gives protection to the electrical element, building and the people who use it. It’s shock proof, safety is their primary concern and hence their quality products speak for itself. 


  • For a large tank storage water heater, it takes around 20 minutes to get all heated up but due to its flexible pipes and whirl flow technology, the water gets heated faster and evenly, it stays hot for long. It is ideal for 7-8 people.


  • Havells manufactures their geysers with the same type of inner tank coating and heating element for both large and small tank water heaters. They strive to give their best quality product.

Final Verdict :

The journey has finally come to an end, hence our Dissected views about each best brand of water heaters in India has come to a conclusion too. We have seen different types of water heaters with the same power efficiency, energy saving, almost 4-5 star ratings and top of all that safety and protection. They all come neck to neck with each other. If you got to choose one among these, then the only thing that would make a difference amongst these heaters is their tank capacity. You could choose whichever capacity you want according to your necessity. 

The above listed water heater brands are Indian electrical companies, manufactured and sold in India. They have made their name well established over the decades and have given the best net worth and revenue consistently. You want to buy a water heater, you can undoubtedly go with any of the mentioned water heaters without worrying about a damn thing. Because I can assure you it’s going to be worth your money, time, power and efficiency. So what are you still waiting for?