Best Solar Water Heaters In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you wondering whether you should spend on getting a solar water heater or not? If so, this guide will help you know why investing in a solar heater is a good option. By reading this article, you will also learn the qualities of the best solar water heater in India and what you must look for in a good quality heater.

Are you looking to buy a solar heater for yourself this upcoming winter? If so, there are multiple things you have to consider before you make your purchase and bring a heater home. As suggested by the name, solar water heaters are powered by solar energy. The heater absorbs the sun’s energy and heat by directing it towards the water, thus heating the water in the process. 

Our Top Pick Solar Water Heaters In India

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Racold 200 LPD Alpha Plus Solar Water Heater

V-Guard Win Hot Series Solar Water Heater

V1 Solar Solutions Solar water heater

How does a solar water heater work?

The thermal energy of the sun heats the fluids present in the solar collectors. Next, these fluids transfer through a heat exchanger in the storage tank, moving the water’s heat, warming the cold water in the entire process. Along with that, most solar water heaters have an electric backup as well. You can use the electrical mechanism and access hot water without waiting for the sun on the cloudy days! 

Benefits of using a solar water heater

If you are an environmentally concerned person, you might already know several advantages that solar water heaters possess over other heaters. However, we are listing some of the major perks of using solar water heater as below: 

  • Buying a solar water heater is a great initiative to bring your electricity bills down. Mostly the water heating process takes lots of energy and can cost you much money. With a solar water heater, your electricity expenses will see a significant cut off as you will be using solar energy for your water heating needs. 
  • You can use the water for various purposes as it gets heated just as the same electrical heating mechanism and no other elements are added. Solar heaters are ideal for heating water for cooking use, bathing, washing, cleaning, and everything else too. 
  • Spending money on purchasing solar water is a long-term investment as you benefit from it even in the long run. 
  • Owning a solar water heater is the best way to adopt a sustainable life approach. 
  • It is an environmentally friendly device as it uses a renewable source of energy, and no fossil fuels are exploited. 
  • Solar water heater does not get damaged because of the water kind or the water being heated in hard water. An electrical geyser may damage because of the water quality. 
  • Solar heaters have a long life-span and are usually more durable than electrical geysers. 
  • They also give added safety as no electricity is involved in the heating process; you are safe from getting an electrical shock. 

Factors to consider

In a tropical country such as India, spending on a solar water heater is the right decision. As it is sunny most of the time in the country, you will get maximum out of your purchase. However, to get the best solar water heater in India, you have to take care of certain things and keep some essential points in mind. Here is the list of things that you must check before making your buying decision. 

Type of water heater

Usually, there are two main kinds of solar water heaters, namely: FPC and EPC. The FPC or flat heaters are more expensive than the other ones. But the water heaters of these categories are more durable than other kinds. Although the CTE or vacuum tube heaters are less stable, they instantly heat the water and evenly. You can choose among both types according to your budget. 

Size of the heater

When looking for a solar water heater, it is advisable to look for larger models. Although you might feel expensive, their performance and efficiency offset the price in the long run. 

Dual functionality

The conventional solar heaters only work in warm and sunny weather. However, if you are looking for a device that can perform well in all the conditions, settle for a dual functionality device. The dual-functional device assures that you benefit from the heater, even when the weather is not very hot or sunny.  


Although you may find very cheap alternatives from a less-known brand, their durability is questionable. It is recommendable to get a solar heater only from reliable sources and trustworthy brands and retailers. It will decide the performance, durability, and efficiency of the device.


One major factor to consider while purchasing a solar water heater is the warranty period. Generally, going for a water heater that does not have a warranty is not a good idea. As solar water heaters are a new technology product, you might often face difficulty finding a mechanic unless you have the warranty with you. Ideally, the best solar water heater must have a guarantee of up to 10 to 15 years. 


Before you narrow down to a particular heater, ensure that it has all the standard certifications. It will help you know the reliability and effectiveness of the product. 

Tank type

Another essential feature to consider is the tank type of the heater. It is best to get the heather that has an insulated tank. The insulation will prevent heat loss and will keep the water warm throughout the day. 


The budget is a factor that indirectly impacts all the features of the product. If you are on a flexible budget, always choose a water heater from a well-known retailer with the maximum warranty possible. Otherwise, carefully look for the features and services the product provides and then make a decision. 


Do not forget to consider the ratings given to the product before you pay for it. The reviews are generally from people who have already used the heater and know better about its functionality and quality. You must perform in-depth research about a solar heater before you buy one. Only go for products with high ratings and good reviews. 

Best three solar water heaters

Racold 200 LPD Alpha Plus Solar Water Heater

Racold 200 LPD water heater is a high-pressure resistant solar water heater that can heat water in just a few minutes. Its PFU insulation helps the water temperature stay high for a long time in the tank, and you will not have to wait for a long time after switching on the heater. The anti-siphon system of the water tank helps prevent the backflow of the water. 



V-Guard Win Hot Series Solar Water Heater 200 LPD

V-Guard solar water heaters come with a sturdy and durable build that will last you a long time. It comes with many safety functions, and energy efficiency ensures that your heater provides you hot water using better technology. The heater also makes use of temperature regulation and cuts of the supply to avoid overheating as it comes with a function to provide water at an optimal temperature. 



V1 Solar Solutions Solar water heater

V1 solar water heaters come with a no-maintenance technology that lasts for years, will not erode, and provide you hot water without any extra figures in your electricity bill. The water heater helps you with a sustainable hot water system that minimizes pollution. The water heater comes in 200 LPD capacity that can easily suffice in a large home. It also comes with installation.