How To Clean The Bathroom Floor Without a Mop

Hello readers! In this blog, we will tell you about all the methods through which you can clean your bathroom without using a mop.

Hello readers! You must have stumbled upon this blog looking for ways to clean your bathroom without using a mop. Even though a mop is a very important part of cleaning a bathroom, cleaning can still be done without it. In this blog, we will tell you about all the methods through which you can clean your bathroom without using a mop.

There are numerous ways to clean a bathroom and even more is the number of things you can do it with. Equipment includes brushes, sponges, electric scrubbers, soaps, detergents, commercial cleaners, bleach, vinegar, acid and a lot more. If you are not particularly interested in thoroughly cleaning with a mop, and are just looking for a substitute option, you can easily use a microfiber cloth as a mop. You may also even use an old towel or even any old clothing item that is absorbent enough. There are a number of substitutes you can use as a mop. We will be dividing the cleaning process into two parts. The first one is lightly cleaning and the second one is a thorough cleaning. 

Lightly cleaning

Thorough cleaning

How to clean bathroom floor tiles without a mop

In all honesty, your bathroom floor can be cleaned just fine without using a mop. There are a number of cleaners with which you can clean your bathroom floor. They are as follows –
You can easily use commercial cleaners to clean your bathroom floor. Some of them include Harpic Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner – Lemon, 1 L. Click here to buy this on amazon.
There is a full blog dedicated to cleaning the bathroom with this cleaner on our site. Do check it out if you are interested. 

You may substitute a mop with a viper. If all you needed to do with the mop was to clear out a layer of dirt or mud. You can simply pour water from a bucket of water. If you want to, you can also add some phenyl or any other cleaner to make the cleaning easier. After pouring the bucket of water, you may leave it there for five minutes and then wipe properly with the help of a viper. Click here to buy Cello Kleeno Standee Telescopic Floor Wiper (Blue).
If you Do not own a viper either, you may also wipe the water away with the help of a plastic bathroom broom such as Gala Plastic Floor Broom, Medium, (Assorted colours), 1 Piece. Click here to see its price on amazon.
If even that equipment is not available, then let the water air dry. In such a situation, the pressure of water is your only source of cleaning. In case there are still some parts that you would like to scrub, then just use one old cloth.

Using Vinegar

Just add a few cups of vinegar into a bucket full of water. Pour this solution all over the bathroom tiles and let it sit for about half an hour. You may change the duration of letting the vinegar sit on your tiles according to the porosity of your tiles and how well they are sealed. In case you are interested, there is a full blog which we have written on the topic ‘how to clean your bathroom with vinegar’ it will inform you in detail about the magical uses of vinegar. After letting the vinegar sit on the tiles, scrape off the grout from the floor and scrub the remaining dirty areas.  Pour a bucket full of hot water on the bathroom floor to get rid of the vinegar.  Use the viper or the plastic broom to clear out the water from the floor. If none of that equipment exists, let the floor air dry.

Using bleach

Bleach will do a great job at removing a layer of dirt from your bathroom floor. You need to be careful about using bleach at the same time as well. If your bathroom tiles are not sealed properly, bleach can cause a lot of damage to them. To clean your bathroom floor using bleach, add one cup of bleach in a bucket of water. Pour this water on the bathroom floor and let it sit for five minutes. You may scrub a few areas if you want to, especially the grout area. Once you are done, pour hot water to get rid of the bleach. Then to dry the floor easily, using a viper or a plastic broom, wipe the water away. If that is not possible, wash the floor once more and let it air dry. 

How to clean bathroom wall tiles without a mop

There are many products that you can use instead of a mop for cleaning your bathroom wall tiles. For any sort of scrubbing, you can use a brush or sponge or old cloth. Using a cleaner will make your task much more manageable, especially if you use a commercial cleaner such as church and Dwight 19 oz kaboom foamtastic 35270 tub and tile cleaners. Click here to check it on amazon
or you may also try bar keepers friend soft cleanser for stainless steel/porcelain / ceramic / tile/ copper – 13 oz each. Click here to check it on amazon
In case you do not own a cleaner and want to thoroughly clean your bathroom tiles, you can go ahead and make one on your own. You can very easily clean your tiles with vinegar or bleach. If you want to make a cleaner with vinegar, in a litre of water, add one cup vinegar. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it over your bathroom wall tiles. let it sit for a couple of minutes. You can also go ahead and scrub any dirt or stains using even a toothbrush. After that, wash the Vinegar off properly with hot water. On the other hand, if you want to use bleach, in a litre of water add one-eighth of a cup of bleach. Use the same procedure as the one used for vinegar.