How To Clean Marble Floor In Bathroom?

This blog discusses the various methods to clean your bathroom marble flooring. In addition, it also mentions precautions.

Marble flooring in bathrooms look magnificent. They have a unique cleanliness and appeal around them. Even though marble can sometimes be high maintenance, people still choose it for its elegance. In this blog we discuss the various methods to clean your bathroom marble flooring. We will also be informing you about the different precautions you must take in order to protect your bathroom marble flooring.

When we try to understand marble, we notice that even though it reflects light, its inherent nature is porous. Porosity is a problem because the usage of harsh detergents and acids causes the marble to deteriorate and get discoloured.

The cleaning process

The first step is to mop your bathroom floor. Do it with a good quality microfiber mop. Dip the mop into warm water, squeeze out the water, and mop properly. Since we have made it evident that you cannot be scrubbing the marble floor with harsh detergents, it becomes obvious that you must mop your bathroom floor at least once a week. This is to avoid any build-up that may prove to be stubborn later. Distilled water works great for marble cleaning. You should generally clean your bathroom marble floor with hot water. If that doesn’t work as well, you may mix some mild soap into the water to clean the floor properly. Dip a microfiber cloth into the solution. A good microfiber cloth is E-cloth (U. K.) microfiber kitchen cleaning cloth. Click here to check it out on amazon.

While mopping, keep squeezing the mop frequently and keep cleaning it with water so that the dirt is efficiently collected. A cold mop after a soap cleaning will bring extra cleanliness on your floor. It will collect any left out debris too. If you have used a cleaning agent, then dry your floor with a good towel. It will be best to absorb any sort of extra cleaning agent to avoid discolouration. Do not let out your floor air dry. Dry it with a towel. Scuff marks will need a felt pad to clean. Avoid cleaning in a circular motion as this is going to damage your marble. Instead of scrubbing, dab.

Cleaning a stain

To clean particular stains in your bathroom, take your floor cleaner and a good sponge to scrub the stain. Make a solution next. Mix 1 cup of talc or plaster or powdered white chalk, keep stirring in water until a thick consistency is obtained. Wet the stained area and evenly spread the paste over it. Cover each of these stains well with plastic wrap. Leave it to dry for a day or two. Then remove the cover and wipe it all thoroughly. Clean as usual with a commercial stone cleaner. The easiest way will be to buy the specific cleaner for your marble from the market. They will do their job well. If you have no clue about it, you may consult your tile manufacturer.


Wash your floor as soon as something spills, do not let it seep into the marble pores. Using a microfiber cloth, try to absorb every drop of the spill because if it sits, it will discolour the marble. If spilling is very common, seal your marble. But you will have to keep doing it periodically. Commercial marble sealers can be bought from the market and you may do the sealing yourself. Depending on the product, you will have to seal it every 3-4 years. If you are not comfortable doing the sealing yourself, you should consult professional sealers, or get the work done from specialized people.